Wanna Marrow?

marrow bones

Is there anything better, especially as the weather turns cooler, than a plate full of gorgeously roasted marrow bones accompanied by freshly toasted bread, rock salt, crunchy gherkins and a full-bodied, dare I say, buxom bottle of red wine?

Oh be still my little carnivore heart! Nothing better.

If you really wish to go full throttle decadent, sprinkle Dean & Deluca Truffle salt on dem bones!  (I seldom travel without my little jar of truffle salt. I was only half joking to my husband when I asked for a truffle salt holster for Christmas)  Not one of my more lady-like qualities, but I will knock family members down to get at the marrow-iest bones in the Osso Bucco, the Pope’s nose on a roasted turkey or chicken, the crackling on the pork, and all the dredgey bits at the bottom of the Sunday roast pan-Heaven!!

I believe there’s a lot of truth to what my friend Lucy Dahl says in her wonderful article about the “grisly bits”.  I’ve attached a link below.  And although Lucy says “Parson” and I say “Pope”, she says “Black” Pudding and I say “Blood”, I think we all agree that most of us strive to have a little adventure in our lives-why not with our food? Like one S.P. reader commented in an earlier post- “How can people hate something they’ve never tried??”

  Come on people!  It’s almost Halloween- a perfect time to suck on bones!!

Roasted Marrow Bones

Place marrow bones upright on a foil lined baking sheet.  drizzle a teeny teeny amount of good quality olive oil over the top and sprinkle with any herbs of your choosing.  Cover with more foil and roast for about 15 minutes.  Serve with an assortment of salts (sea, rock, black, truffle…), small crunchy gherkins, and freshly toasted french bread.

click here for Lucy Dahl’s article :My Dinners with Wally

dean-deluca-truffle-salt_1681677_175Best truffle salt ever.  Also delicious on steaks, eggs and popcorn.


Cambridge, Hanger Steak at Craigie on Main: Tony Maws takes a beautifully charred piece of beef, tops it with silky bone marrow, caramelized onion, and bits of smoked tongue confit-then adds an outrageously flavourful sauce amplified with walnuts and foie gras.


  1. Lord have mercy! That’s one good looking platter of bones. Marrow is sooooooooooo fine!! I feel an osso bucco night coming on

  2. Come on Mama C. Live it up! It is such a classic and oh so lovely fall/winter dish. I think I will make my Osso Bucco the night before Thanksgiving for my incoming family.

    And the next day I can nibble on the Pope’s nose!! Do you think it will tickle?

  3. Fantastic post SP.

    I laughed at your comment about knocking family members down to get to the marrow-iest part of the Osso Bucco. Lucy’s story about dinners with Wally, sharing cow tongue sandwiches and flying peas at the dinner table was just heart-warming.

    We like a splash of truffle oil in mushroom risotto and on top of cauliflower in our house. Unfortunately there is no freshly hung pheasant.

    How about doing a cookbook ~with tablescapes, flowers etc. Maybe throw in some of your mom’s receipes?

  4. the first time i everhad osso bucco was at a beautiful dinner table with all my girlfriends at your house in the fall. it was to die for. the popes nose reminds me of my mom at christmas. isn’t it funny that some food brings up memories just like scents do. whose are those naughty girls talking about sucking bones. tsk tsk. i’m hungry now, what’s for dinner?

    • Oh Yes, that was a wonderful meal, I microwaved the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Was that marrow we were eating?

  5. just had to add that i loved lucys article and boy can i remember having those manners-you would eat or drink anything offered to you AND say it was delicious when you were ready to throw up. goats milk brings back a memory.

  6. Once again one of my fav. ever meals. When we were kids I could not even look at it (perhaps the presentation not exactly the same !!) Another dish which I would not eat then, Sweet breads,my total treat to myself now. What did I know? I could go on and on.
    I loved Wally’s story. How sweet is that? Nothing to do with food, but somehow reminded me of “Tuesdays with Morrie” Do I have to tell you I am old and ramble a bit ? If I keep following S.P.’s blogs things may get better.

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