Vitamin C Type A

blood oranges,

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I picked these from my garden this afternoon   ~  Don’t be jealous- we do get earthquakes, fires and floods…

‘Tis  the season for Blood Oranges! 

The colour simply delights me every time I slice into them and the intensity and tangy-ness is incomparable.

I’ll share my Secret Recipe;  Freshly squeezed juice of blood oranges + Miller’s Gin. The secret is in the gin and the blood oranges.    

Don’t tell anyone who doesn’t read Slim Paley.

blood orange juice & gin

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Miller’s is a very nice clean tasting gin that doesn’t interfere with the flavour of the juice.  In fact it runs interference for just about everything after a few sips.


Blood oranges, like all citrus fruits, are a good source of vitamin C. One medium-sized orange contains 260 milligrams of potassium, 15 percent of the FDA’s daily recommendation. The fruit’s red pigment, anthocyanin, is an antioxidant that reduces the risks associated with many ailments, including age-related illnesses.
Blood oranges diminish the risk of heart disease, some types of cancer and bad cholesterol build-up. They may also reduce the risk of cataracts, and aid in the body’s healing process.
Eating a medium-sized orange provides 28 percent of the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber[citation needed]. Oranges can also be a valuable source of iron, calcium and vitamin A.  (nicked from Wikipedia)

blood orange sorbet

Blood Orange Sorbet

1. Juice your blood oranges. Then measure the juice.

2. For each 1 cup (250ml) of juice, figure 1/4 cup (50g) of granulated sugar to be added.

For example: Use 1/2 cup (100g) sugar for 2 cups juice (500ml).

3. Put the sugar in a small, non-reactive saucepan. Add just enough juice to saturate it very well. Heat, stirring frequently, until the sugar is completely dissolved.

4. Stir the sugar back into the reserved blood orange juice.

5. Chill thoroughly, then freeze in your ice cream maker.

(Adapted (word for word) from a David Lebovitz recipe)

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Candied Orange Peel


Makes 1/2 cup
3 oranges
1 cup sugar

Using a citrus zester or vegetable peeler, shred long strips of orange peel.
Place strips in a medium saucepan. Cover with cold water, and bring to a boil over medium heat. Drain; repeat two more times with fresh water.
Place sugar in a clean saucepan with 1 1/2 cups water; stir to combine. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar has dissolved, about 3 minutes. Add the citrus strips to the boiling syrup; reduce heat, and simmer until strips are translucent, about 12 minutes. Remove from heat; let strips cool in syrup, at least 1 hour. Remove from syrup when ready to use.   (
dead lift from Martha Stewart)

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I  don’t really care for candied orange peel but I think they are beautiful and I must say these ones look delicious and downright chic. Roll orange peels in sugar before serving if desired, or dip into tempered dark chocolate.  Grapefruit, lemon or limes may be substituted.  Wouldn’t all of them together be gorgeous?! I’d be tempted to make them just to go with my decor!

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Jo Malone Orange Blossom perfume.  Still the BEST orange blossom I’ve found.  Free shipping from

orange tree, slimpaleySlim Paley Photo

My buxom blood orange tree



  1. Sounds yummy but I would hope that the blood orange juice didn’t interfere with the taste of the gin, but that could just be me.

  2. What about Orangina Rouge? It’s made with the juice of blood oranges, well okay in a 10% concentration. I have found it in Paris, liter bottles only.

  3. Oh my, I’m looking forward for this Blood Orange Season to be over :D.

    I don’t mind the Candied Peels, but that’s just because there’s no red in sight.

    I know it’s childish but I had an Aunt who used to frighten us as kids by saying that our neighbours’ blood oranges were like that because our neighbour had killed the cat and buried it under the Orange Tree and I can’t get over shuddering with the thought – I told you it was childish 😉

    I might give a try to Joe Malone Orange Blossom.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Teresa, you just never heard the rest of the story… your Aunt’s neighbor didn’t mention happy old Uncle Miller who drank gin until a ripe old age and napped under that blood orange tree, hence Slim’s cocktail. Uncle Miller’s happy naps cancel out the whole creepy murdered cat vibe, as long as the juice and gin are consumed together 🙂

  4. Living in deep South Texas on the Mexico border, we have no orchards of blood oranges. However, our Rio Ruby Red is grapefruit perfected (well – at least from my viewpoint). Mixed with lemon juice, sea salt and EVOO – a tasty salad dressing. You have given me the idea of mixing it with gin or maybe making sorbet. Thanks for the ideas – going to give it a whirl!

  5. WOW, I can’t believe the amount of oranges on your orange tree – You should sell them on Amazon to fund your book buying!

  6. I see that you have marble counters. I am trying to make a decision on marble and have read all of the reasons why I shouldn’t have it but I see it so often in magazines and real working kitchens. I know you have to be more careful than you do with granite but I love the look.

    • Do it Bridget!! I never understand the negative rap that marble gets as a kitchen surface. I smell conspiracy! After all, what have all the boulangeries and patisseries in Europe used for hundreds of years?! And they look wonderful! For me, nothing beats honed Calacutta marble for a beautiful and timeless kitchen surface. I have had mine for 16 years and it still looks great. I’m about to use it again in a new project. You might want to check out my post “Kitchen Remodel” from the September archive and read the comment section. Yes, you have to be a wee bit careful with acidic things like citrus juice and I wouldn’t leave a red wine ring sitting for a whole day, but other than that, as long as you have it sealed once every couple of years, I’m sure you will be happy. 🙂
      (I use Harbour Seal)

  7. That tree is loaded…What a beautiful sight…more color therapy! Speaking of color, I’m loving that living room wall color! Can you tell me what it is?

    • Dear Marcia- I really wish I could give you a name but to be honest, if it had a name it would be “If You Don’t Stop Changing Your Fricking Mind On This Colour I will Never Paint Your Home Again!”
      That should sum up my painter’s feelings about me by the time I was happy with this “not persimmon/NOT pumpkin/ kinda cantaloupe, but not literally/ see that third shade from the bottom of the sunset/only with more violet”colour.
      Ya…he loves me deep down though.

      • Hahahahah! Been there with paint colors! Thanks anyway…it looks beautiful.I thought my LR paint was too dark, so after living with it for waaaaaay too long, I changed it while my husband was out of town. It looks great now, but he didn’t even notice. Those subtleties just don’t bother some people like they do me.
        Unrelated, but you talked in an earlier post about your fingernails..I have the worlds worst and hate the fake nail look, so I am always wishing there was something that worked for me and I think I just found it! I went in for a manicure and was talked into trying the new OPI Axxium nail gel. It is amazing so far! It didn’t add any length… just goes on over your natural nails like 3 coats of polish. You can get clear or a few color choices…I got a very pale color called bubble bath. It’s been a week and they look like they were just done….She said they should be fine for about 3 weeks and then I will need a touch up. I think that’s a plan I can live with, expecially if they continue to look this good. Of course, gardening season isn’t here yet…

  8. Does anybody know how Jo Malone Orange Blossom compares to Annick Goutal Les Nuits d’Hadrien? I wear Les Nuits and I loooooove it, but it doesn’t last very long. 🙁

  9. Mmmm… Blood Oranges are my favorite!
    I’ve never tried them with Miller’s Gin.
    Hello cocktail hour, my age-related illness needs vitamin C healing.

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  11. Slim! I just got caught up on your last four posts. A few quick thoughts…

    1. So it wasn’t just me with “The Help” then? It’s not a book, it’s an affliction. My tastes run much more to Louise Penny and Agatha Christie. My mother-in-law loved it and thought I should read it because I live in the south. I think not.

    2. Sawyer simply has too many physical gifts. And then that voice on top of it? If I bumped into him in Macy’s or any other venue he would be lucky to escape with all his clothing.

    3. I have one of those GoGo Bags and it’s quite useful. Keeps my Guerlain Meteorites from leaving dust all over the bottom of every bag I own.

    Now, back to the Australian Open. I have a schoolgirl crush on Roger Federer and if I have to watch matches until 3am, so be it.


    PS Have been telling all my friends to read your blog and posted you on Twitter – not that you need the promotion!

  12. I am so jealous of your really red blood oranges and your beautiful tree. Unfortunately here in Ireland we do not get much sun and cannot avail of the wonderful fresh fruit. Could you bottle it and send it on!! I use the Joe Malone Grapefruit and I find it really beautiful and refreshing and lasts all day. I would love to try the Orange Blossom some time. Slim I love all your photos on your blog – keep them coming.

  13. Books are so interesting, I adored “The Hours” – when I was done – devoured it, I loaned my copy to a friend. I missed the book while it was gone and clutched it like a child to my breast when it was finally returned to me.

    Fortunately we don’t all have to like all the same things. A dear friend told me she can’t wait to see “Avatar” and “Nine”. Would rather do my taxes than see either movie, such is life.

  14. Hi Slim!
    You’ve got to be one stylish Babe…and I LOVE your blog! My friend Emily just
    emailed me about it so here I am. I just brought home blood oranges the other day…unbeknownst to me….I thought they were a small paper bag of regular oranges. I cut one in half to use the juice for my beef/ginger/orange stir-fry
    and was quite surprised to see the red juice and pulp. They ARE delicious and
    so good for you. I’ve never heard of Miller gin, but you can bet it will be
    stocked in my bar by this weekend! Thanks for your beautiful photos and recipes!
    Warmly, K.

    If you are like me and don’t have a blood orange tree in your back garden, go to Milestones and ask for their Blood Orange Margeurita (shaken, not blended).

  16. Oh Slim-you are beyond amazing! i am SO grateful because after sitting in the hotel bar in washington dc, expecting snow and having a little gin myself while catching up on your recent blogs, i feel totally rejuvenated! thank you for drawing our attention to the joys associated with blood oranges, Miller’s and guilt free shopping (not in that order) i too have been a VERY good wife lately!

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