The Violet Hour


Hello and Happy May!

The garden’s awash with lavender and violet hued goodness.

I want to invite you all over for a stroll (glass of wine included with admission price 😉 )


The sweet peas planted just last year??  The Loose Woman of the garden and God bless her, she does get around.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.


But I didn’t plant any of this.  It just sort of wandered about in the wind, flirting and chatting up different areas around the property.

Who am I to judge? Live and let live I say (except for snails & aphids – sorry, not sorry)


The original sweet pea plantings began last Spring with a single packet of English seeds from a friend .  I planted  them in the corners of the new raised vegetable beds for some colour (and because really I had NO idea what to expect)

At the end of the season I harvested new seeds from the pods (apparently I didn’t harvest all of them!) and the plan was to hand paint little seed packets and give them to friends.

How’d that go? you might ask.  Then I would pretend I didn’t hear your question.


The garden path leading up to the pool house.


Let’s change the subject and move on to the wisteria.  What a show stopper.


via Vogue

Making off like a bandit with my garden basket filled with booty for arrangements.



Our new rose “Neptune” a gorgeous new addition to the garden, also from a friend. (whose now moved to the top of the list of  hand-painted sweet pea seed packet recipients  🙂  )


The Spanish Lavender- whoa.



The happiest I’ve seen any of our lavender since we planted several years ago. So much for it liking dry conditions.

Yes, it might well indeed be drought tolerant but truth be told, it’s a drinker!

Probably best to keep the partying sweet peas and Spanish lavender gals apart or we might have complete chaos on our hands if we get another wet winter.


Here French Lavender mixing with Spanish and very happy (also drought tolerant) rock roses.

Another little garden tip in the vein of repurposing absolutely everything… Using dead wood that doesn’t burn well to stop debris from going into your drains, especially on a downward slope.


Hello there Spring!



Wedding bouquet by @olga_gaydukevich


Such a divine flower with a glorious scent. Shame it’s so stingy with its blooming season.


I mean…all these colours and scents…  I do wish you were here!


New Scent for 2019 from Yves Saint Laurent. A spicy leather scent that blends black peppercorn and coriander with violet leaves and sage, rounded out with suede accord and musk.




Then there’s the purple Agapanthus. Trusty and strong.  Not terribly exciting, nor does it have any scent but it’s a real workhorse in the garden. Also comes in white (love) and a much darker purple.


A friend visiting from the east coast hanging out in our wisteria heaven.


Did you know that wisteria blossoms are edible??

They make such a colourful addition to a salad or anything really. Sprinkle them over ice-cream, float them in drinks, fancify waffles or pancakes…just make sure you separate the flowers carefully from any seeds as the seeds are POISONOUS !


I like to live pretty and dangerously 🙂



Yet another lavender hued edible from the garden is Society Garlic.

Even though gardening sites say this plant thrives in sandy soil, Uh, no.  It grows on rocks in water, here you see it growing in our stream, so don’t believe everything you read.

But you knew that already.

Yummy fresh from the garden salad (except for the cabbage & cucumber) including  Society Garlic. The leaves are also edible and may be used as one would use chives and Spring onions.


Use Society garlic to garnish sour cream or creme fraiche.



Photo by @olga_gaydykevich


Lastly, may we now just review, lest you get confused with all this amazing information I’m sharing with you?!

Society Garlic:  Yes, eat it all (don’t plant it too close to seating areas or where it will be brushed up against as it does have a faint smell of garlic)

Wisteria: Only eat the flowers NOT the seeds.  Seeds POISON

Spanish Lavender : Yes, edible, but doesn’t taste very good. Unless you care for the taste of perfume, it’s best to steer clear of French & Spanish lavender and stick with the English lavs for culinary purposes.

Sweet Pea;  Definitely do NOT EAT. Flowers, leaves or seed pods- All POISONOUS



Happy May and have a wonderful Mother’s Day Week! (Don’t we deserve more than just one day?!)




All photos mine except where otherwise stated.

YSL perfume NOT an AD

Olga’s photos via her Instagram




  1. Love that Loose woman of the garden, what a treasure, is she fragrant. Also, the Neptune rose, is that one of those violet shaded roses with that rich, fragrant scent? Looks like it, enjoy!!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely post – your garden/yard is beautiful!! I love the various shades of purple.

  3. Well Slim, it is so great having you back. I thought we lost you to the Iron throne. Your lavender blue dilly dilly is even lovelier in your stunning photos and I have missed your smart/funny prose.
    love ya.

  4. I am obsessed with lavender at the moment. Why? Because there is this app called Calm. I downloaded it and listened to this story every night called Blue/Gold. The narrator walks you through the lavender fields in Provence. I was too cheap to buy the whole app so I was listening to it every night😳. Finally bought the app and I STILL listen to it every. single. night.😂😂😂 So, I turn 60 this year and that’s what I’m doing for my 60th this summer. Going to see the lavender fields in Provence!

  5. Lovely and inspiring on many levels. Off to my local green house/garden shop on a buying spree! Thank you for sharing …

  6. Slim, just love the “Violet Hour” and the fashion photos etc. . Your home is so beautiful.

  7. I’ve missed your beautiful posts! This was just what I needed today… Thank you for letting us visit your world. xo xo


  8. WOW, inhaling all that beautifulness. As we get older I still cant believe that there is always more that we have in common. All shades of purple flowers are my favourites, just loved every photo, cant wait to get there this Summer.

  9. So happy to see pictures of your glorious garden! You must have such happy, busy bees! 🐝

  10. You are good at so many things. Gardening, writing, teaching, making us laugh. This was better than any gardening book. I went from sighs to gasps. The photos of your home and garden are stunning. STUNNING. Thanks as always for such a fun, informative ~ and sigh-worthy ~ treat! Happy May and Mother’s Day/Week to you as well! P.S. HOW do you also find the most gorgeous fashion photos to go with your posts? Amazing, actually.

    • Thank you so much Phyllis!! The fashion photos…I just store ones I think might be apropos of posts I have building in my head. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend too! xx

  11. Just love your photos and witty chat. Your garden is gorgeous and incites such envy in me! Wisteria is a knockout and I guess, it’s brevity in bloom is a reminder about life or something like that….

    • Thanks Lisa. The garden can and does remind us of many things, certainly not the least of them being the brevity and fleeting nature of beauty and life.

  12. The essence beauty! Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven. LOVE your arrangements. My dear Mom would have approved 😌 💐 Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. I see “scratch n sniff” seed packet mailers in your future 🙂 (send royalties if you create this LOL) happy mommy day!

  14. I’d love to have an arbor of wisteria, but alas… It’s not good for dogs but then neither are flatscreen TVs. Annie knocked my flatscreen over Sunday night and shattered it into a dozen pieces. Good thing she wasn’t hurt, but she is looking for a part-time job to pay for a replacement. All offers will be considered.

  15. The wisteria….off the hook. I simply love my plants…and everyone elses! Have a glorious spring and an even better summer. XO

  16. Love getting your photos of flowers ,it just makes me smile. May is my favorite month, after our long New England winters, the snow starts melting away and by Mothers Day the daffodils have bloomed and the tulips are up and my favorite thing to do is look for violas coming to life in a crack in our sidewalk, they come back every year and last and last…I love them the most!
    Then a week later is my birthday and everyone brings me ….FLOWERS! May is the BEST!!

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