The New Year, Being 2012!!


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Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!!

Pretend the clock says midnight please



The ‘Best Laid Plans o’ Mice an Men’ finds me at home on New Year’s Eve with a sick husband and the Tragedy of a Totally Wasted Good Blow-dry.

   No party for Mr. & Mrs. Slim Paley.

And so, my dear friends, we meet again on the precipice of another New Year together.


I raise my glass to you


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We’re getting along super well, aren’t we? Who knew?! OK, one or two readers cranky over the Angel thing, but what’s Christmas without a little dust-up?!

Truly, I’ve ‘met’ so many lovely people through Slim Paley (ps. wouldn’t you think after two years of writing this, spell check would stop suggesting “Palsy” as an alternative for Paley?? but, there I go, digressing already)

  I know I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat myself;

 I simply couldn’t have done it without you

 I mean one could, hypothetically, be the blog that falls in the woods…

But somehow that singular act suits the noble tree much more than me.

I like  company 🙂

Part of the pleasure of friendship comes from sharing the highs and lows of challenges, successes, failures and general “life lessons” we encounter on “The Journey” (definitely one of the most over-used words of 2011, right?)

Yes, we walk our own path, but celebrating and occasionally commiserating together helps to remind us that we converge more often than not.


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 I realize that’s a ‘Very Special Oprah’ moment for me, but it’s true.

So I’m going to be completely forthright and admit that I totally sucked at keeping up my resolutions in 2011.

omg-HOPEless! but who cares, if I don’t?

 Tomorrow is another year…

So here’s to that,

with some new and some re-cycled resolutions, in utterly random order because let’s get real; why would I want to start the New Year off organized? That would be way too much pressure.


New Resolutions

1. Don’t put pressure on myself.

2. Wear sunscreen religiously.

3. Do at least 1 creative thing EVERY DAY and keep a list so I’m accountable.

Possible Creative Activities; paint, work on Younger Son’s scrapbooks ( he graduates high school this June and it’s his present), take photos, print my photos (there’s a concept!), garden, write, cook, invent new drink recipes.

4. Learn 1 new thing EVERY DAY. Again, keep list in an effort to stay accountable.

5. Take a little time out at least a few times a week to actually enjoy all the beautiful coffee table books I’ve acquired over the years and then donate all books that no longer speak to the place I’m at now.

8. This is also going to be my year for purging not just books, but all my drawers, cupboards & closets. After 19 years in this beautiful house, it’s time for a  little residential lipo as it were.

9. Watch more movies. Dare I say for me they’re a bit like sex-takes some effort but then you think, actually, this is kind of fun. (my kids don’t read the blog)

10. Use my Clarsonic at least 2 or 3 times a week. I warned you the list was random.

11. Start running. Nah, just kidding. I did consider it though after watching “Mission Impossible 4” the other night. Tom Cruise likes to run doesn’t he? and he does that locomotive thing with his arms crazy fast.  I thought; hmmm, some upper arm work there-could be a good thing. But then my sister told me running is super bad for your joints so, phew…dodged a bullet there.

12. I WILL practice yoga more often.

I had a few more resolutions… In fact, I thought of so many good ones as I was trying to go to sleep last night, but poof! they’re gone. That does remind me that #13 is to get more sleep. I’m getting custom fitted ear plugs and staying off screens at least an hour before bedtime starting tomorrow. I went on a site for the earplugs and somehow managed to find cute pants. I’m telling you, I have a special talent.

14. Drink Green tea, but not at night.

15. Look for some changes on Slim Paley in 2012 too, although I guess that’s not really a resolution but it does get me up to 15, which is a good place to stop for now.



I wish you multiple blessings in the New Year-good health, happiness,  a grand adventure or two, laughter and the love of good friends and family.


2012- Bring IT!



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Oh wait! I almost forgot… remember my Toasted Marshmallow Martini from last week?


S.P. photo

Be Careful!!

Check this out; Click here



  1. I am home with a sniffle too; it’s going around. Nice to read this fun post just before midnight! Great job on your beautiful blog. Happy New Year, SP. Will look forward to your 2012 posts~

  2. You ended the year beautifully…congrats on finishing well! And Happy New Year to you and your family (sorry to hear your husband is sick!)

    Did you hear the fireworks from there? There were big ones down here on the west side (or is it north? It feels north, but I know it’s not in SB!) My husband is reading the Hobbit aloud to my 13 and 10 year old–they paused for midnight–but back to reading. Gollum is a captivating character. haha… this is a different NYE even for us.

  3. I’m as sick as mr paley. I got to watch fireworks from my bedroom window after they woke me up. Now I can’t sleep.

    Great resolutions. I can only think of one which is take one day a time. One martini that is. 🙂

  4. Happy healthy New Year Slim. I live for your posts. They make me smile and make me so happy. I am done with my breast cancer treatment YAYYYYYYYY and feeling great!!!!!
    I so identify with you in reading the coffee table books and purging! I am in the cleaning out closets and donating to charity too. Less chaos and clutter in my mind.
    Have all these Carolyn Roehme books and I do love her but we have so many books and our small house is getting smaller from the books. Going to donate some to the library!
    Wishing you, your husband, sons and entire family a healthy and fun filled 2012. I know I intend to laugh out loud a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best, Leslie

    • Yaaayyyyyy! What wonderful news to commence 2012!
      Thrilled to hear you are feeling great Leslie!
      Keep laughing 🙂


  5. I have loved your blog. Particularly this one. I watched the Waterfront fireworks over the docks in Cape TOwn from the bedroom window too.I am still thinking of my resolutions and we are already half way through day one of 2012. But I suspect I will use some of yours, I like the idea of being ‘accountable’ (and my youngest son finishes high school this year too!). Enjoy your new year. Hope it is peaceful, fun, rewarding and filled with happiness. Hope Mr Paley is better. Wishes from sunny summery South Africa.

  6. Slim, Happy New Year!!! Thanks for all your posts this year and OMG, the story about the Marshmallow Vodka!! The burglar must read Slim Paley!!

    • Those are wonderful resolutions, Lianne – may I kindly ask permission to repost that? Maybe add my own personal 3rd resolution – work my way thru Amy Butler’s Style Stitches sewing book.

  7. Slim, your blog brings me oodles of happiness but also a reminder to just. Be. Yourself. Kind of like your resolution for accountability. You have made me laugh out loud more times than I can count (yes, especially over the Angel thing) and that is a great gift, non?

    Wishing you a fantastic year ahead and I will look forward to following along…

  8. Hi Slim, You always make me laugh!! The Newly Revised Resolutions List…I couldn’t agree more about the running thing. And if you get Green Tea Capsules (on-line and they come right to your door) you do not have to drink more tea…..and they work for colds, flu, etc. Wishing you all of the best for 2012–I know that this is going to be a super amazing year for all of us (forget about the Mayan Calendar). xoxo Mary

  9. OOPs—I love the keeping lists idea, learn something new every day (I do), and be creative everyday—I think those are the two keys for the fountain of youth!! Thanks for the reminder. Mary

  10. Happy New Year to you too! May your year be Magical!!
    I love your blog , you are such good company and really put me in a good mood, which is so needed at times.
    Resolution Number # 10 Use My Clairsonic made my laugh , I was suckered into buying one too and I used twice! It stares at me with its big head all the time reminding what an expensive mistake it was. It doesn’t help that here in London we don’t have plugs in the bathroom so there is no where to put it, I have to plug it in the hallway along with my toothbrush. Just does not look right.

    Resolution Number # 4 Made me think of the book The Artist ‘s Way by Julia Cameron, which suggested you do all these creative things which included the Morning Pages, which is to do 3 pages of writing in longhand every morning! Then The Artist’s Date which is a once weekly solo expedition to explore something that interests you. Its great but I started to feel like it was pressure instead of pleasure! But still its a very clever book for Creativity, now she has a website which helps.

    Lots of love xo

    • Happy New Year to you too Anouchka!
      I have the book “The Artist’s Way” so I will be interested in checking out her website. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Happy New Year Slim! What a long list of resolutions you have. I was so slack that I haven’t made any, but I might steal a few off your list. Good luck with the scrapbook. My youngest daughter just graduated from high school in Nov ( we do things upside down, Down Under), so the New Year is certainly going to be strange for me – no more ironing uniforms and making school lunches, no more mum’s taxi service and the rest… 🙂 I’m feeling rather liberated!

  12. Happy New Year, Slim! Best of luck with those resolutions. I have to say my new year is off to a good start with a post from you. Wishing you, Mr. P. and sons a happy and healthy 2012!

  13. Happy New Year Slim! Sorry about your husband and hope he gets better, I think this means he gets to watch football all day long doesn’t it (poor thing). The bartender at the ranch we were at kept trying to get me to try the marshmallow vodka……….it was bad enough that I stuck to the peach flavored one. It may happen yet, the year is young. Have a wonderful New Years Day. XO

  14. Here’s to a very successful year at SP, and many more!
    You have one of the best blogs out there, and you did it on your OWN!
    Saw this blog yesterday and thought you might enjoy it Slim.
    Scroll through lots of pages to get a sense of her goodness!
    Looking forward to reading more SP in 2012!

  15. The Angel item to which you refer here was a real highlight for me and I completely commiserated. It was one of the ‘ah ha’ moments when you find someone else thinks like me but isn’t afraid to say it! An ornament, is after all, an ornament. Yeah for Slim!

  16. I really enjoy your blog. I love your writing style. I also have resolution # 8 on my list. Being in our home 20 years I need to clear out allot of things this year. I am loving the clean Scandinavian look. I will really need to purge.

  17. Slim, Slim, Slim…I ADORE your column! You REALLY ARE my morning cup of fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR, etc! franki

  18. PLEASE don’t become politically correct! You are a hoot and a joy.
    Thanks for all your time and effort putting together this blog – I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to those near and dear about marshmallow vodka (didn’t know it existed). And I had a laugh with my sister about the bitch story.
    Wishing you the best new year.

  19. Hi Slim,
    Nice to unexpectedly find a post from you – sorry it’s because your husband isn’t feeling well. Being a sunscreen freak myself (ever since my doc burned a few spots off my face), I was glad to discover Environmental Working Group, the definitive source on the best sunscreens. I thought you might like it too. The section on sunscreens is
    I wish you well with your resolutions – they are all worthy endeavors. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.
    All the best,

  20. NBD that you missed doing some of your resolutions for 2011. The big deal is the abundance of wit and taste you shared with us. I’m starting my happy hour with your
    blog daily in 2012.

  21. Totally fabulous!! Slim you make my day! Nothing like a good chuckle to start the New Year. Think I just used up all my exclamation points, Sorry about Mr SP being sick and your blow dry.. The up side is you gave all your readers a wonderful gift… another post.
    (Are you kidding you got flack for that Angel bitch?)

    My resolutions this year….well I just might adopt some from your list…again.

    Hope your 2012 is full of love, good health, joy and all kinds of wonderful adventures you will share.

    Thank you for a year of great posts, and drop in to check on my garden from time.

  22. Happy New Year to Slim Paley! Thanks for all the inspirations, gorgeous photos and most of all making me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I am in search of Marshmallow Vodka as soon as the stores open tomorrow. Hot chocolate anyone?!

  23. Dear Slim,

    Thank you for all of the wonderful posts this year. I am a relatively new reader, but I’ve enjoyed going back and reading many of your older essays. I look forward to another fabulous year of your ideas, photographs and delightful stories!

  24. I admire your 2012 resolution list! I now feel guilty for my Anti-Resolution theme I have going this year (I’ve written about it on my blog). My 2012 challenge to my readers is to love themselves the way they are, and embrace their imperfections. If we must make changes then value the small ones because they can become significant over the year. Thanks Slim for your inspiration and I’m looking forward to the fun and pleasure you’ll bring to us this year!

  25. Happy New Year to you too. Hope Mr. Paley is on the road to good health. I don’t make resolutions. I try to live every day to the best without stepping on someone else’s toes.

    Your # 6 & 7 must be very special. Do we dare ask?

    Looking forward to each and every one of your 2012 musings.

    Cheers, Spirit

  26. Love your post today. Good luck with your resolutions. Funny story about the boy and the martini. I have yet to taste one.
    The pic. of the oak tree so very beautiful.
    Happy new Year to you and yours xo

  27. Love your blogs – other commenter was absolutely correct in saying your humor and willingness to share that is a huge part of your charm. I “borrowed” your angel comment and made many people smile. Keep em coming! Also met a neighbor last night – and we discovered we are both SP followers – you have a growing fan club in Winter Park FL – come visit!

  28. Thank-you for your wonderful blog, it always makes me smile. Even though I am miles away I feel I know you.

    So Happy New Year girlfriend, may someday we meet.

    A good Canadian 50 something girl!


  29. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Slim!!!!! Wishing you a splendid 2012 filled with great promise.
    Love your blog – can’t start the day without it. I too began a scrapbook for my youngest when she graduated from high school (5 years ago). Adding a resolution to finish hers this year – I gave it to her unfinished then took it back to add more. #8 is at the top of my list. My closets and drawers are such a mess. Don’t know how they got into such disarray, just one day they were a disaster…..
    I spent a very quiet New Year’s eve in Colorado. The Mr. and 3 children returned home on the 31st leaving me with our youngest. She is a jewel and we will have much fun together this week before returning home. She on the other hand met friends in town and had a grand time!!!! Oh to be young again….. well maybe not that young.

  30. Sorry about your wasted blow dry, so much work. Wow what a list of resolutions, I tend not to make them anymore because I get so disappointed when I don’t keep them. Maybe get on my computer more and keep in touch with friends. Cheers!

  31. So sorry about your thwarted New Year’s Eve plans. Hopefully your blow out lasts a few days so you can at least enjoy it out of the house!! Yours and Vicki’s New Years posts were my favorites – I relate to almost of your resolutions (‘fraud I’m just not a marshmallow fan) and your failed ones from last year. Wishing you a wonderful 2012 and look forward to your new plans for the blog!

  32. Happy New Year and a big thank you for your wonderful blog!
    I resolved to never again do resolutions so that I don’t have to berate myself for not doing something that I didn’t want to do in the first place!! Whew!
    I thought “the bitch” you were referring to was getting the tree up so shows what I know!!HA!

  33. Some people just don’t have much of a sense of humor. I LOVED the angel post! Thanks for your wonderful blog….your photos are amazing. Happy New Year!

  34. Happy New Year!
    I actually stayed up for the first time this year. Not by choice. Teenager induced insomnia.
    I’m looking forward to spending another year with you, being inspired by your beautiful and unique outlook on life.
    Hope everyone is feeling better today.
    Here’s to a 2012 filled with meaningful moments and a few more downward facing dogs!


  35. Slim,
    Happy 2012!

    So happy I can visit your site and always leave smiling. I have some of the same “resolutions” on my list…I hope to get through a few drawers and closets before losing my resolution momentum!


  36. Happy New Year Slim!
    I think I might acquire some of your resolutions because they basically
    are about always learning…not letting yourself get stale!

    Your blog is so very much more than a blog, I think you know.
    Your humor and perspective touches a lot of people, and what a
    wonderful thought for you to lay your head down on your pillow with.

    (ps. Resolution #16: Stop ending sentences with prepositions like the nuns taught me!)
    Cheers to 2012!

  37. I have read many, many, too many blogs this year but I have to say yours is right up there at the top of the list, so entertaining that I look forward to your sense of style and humor everyday. Can’t get enough so I was thinking you should think of writing a yourself a book girl? Another thing and this is quite something, every single thing on your new years resloutions is on mine….I mean even the clarsonic…ok and the hot yoga groupon I got at the beginining of LAST year got pulled out today….too weird! Happy New Year *friend* to you and yours!

  38. Happy New Year, Slim! Your blog is such a JOY. Thank you for sharing your charming life in beautiful photos and witty words. I enjoyed every post in 2011 and look forward to many more in 2012. (AND…hoping one of your resolutions – at some point – is to write a Slim Paley coffee table book – which I vow would NEVER get tossed in any winter/spring cleaning!)

  39. Inspiring and entertaining as always – but that “accountability” caveat to the resolutions is always my downfall! I think you are made of sturdier stuff than me, however, so I believe you will achieve these goals elegantly – and more! Happy new year!

  40. #11 – the running in MI4 made me lol! We took the kids to see it and when Tom Cruise went all “arm-crazy” while running, the audience erupted in laughter (I think my kids were the loudest, being 14 and 17). I don’t think that was the effect they were going for, but it made it even that much more entertaining (and worth my $39). It also gave me another reason not to run (besides the shinsplints I still have from running cross-country in high school and learning that I hate running). Happy New Year, Slim!

  41. Wishing you all the best in this leap year! I never read or take time to read anything like your blog but I now find myself checking my email to see if you have done another posting at least twice a day. It s truly a joy and inspiration! Even thought about it through fireworks at the Beach Club last night. Please don’t stop. Happy new year and thank you.

  42. Oh my stars, you are too funny today! I loved this post. # 11 made me laugh out loud. I paused the TV and made my husband listen to me read and then #13. You are my kind of resolution maker! Rock on sistah!

  43. I’ve thought about this all day. Of course, I wish everyone well on their endeavors, I really do. But for me, resolutions are silly. Being resoLUTE is bitchen, though. A fine character trait. I resolve to be more resolute. (wait–is that a resolution?)

  44. Ah the good ol *&#+” of an Angel! Glad you took that one in your stride Slim. Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to lots more of Slim Paley in 2012. Hope the hubby is getting better, I spend New Years Eve sick as well, woke up just in time to watch the fireworks from Edinburgh Castle out of my living room window.

  45. Happy New Years Slim!

    Like your husband I’m feeling a little under the weather but I managed to go snowshoeing for the first time ever on New Years Day, I’ve never seen my dog have so much fun!

    Thanks for all the great posts in 2011, and looking forward to seeing what you bring us in 2012!

    i can’t believe you just totally skipped/missed #6 & #7 🙂

  46. Happy New Years! Wonderful, inspiring resolutions. I haven’t quite gotten that far yet. However ~ I have bestowed upon you The Versatile Blogger award! I love reading your blog, love your ability to put together amazing themes which include fashion {new and vintage}, food, nature and fun. I always learn about the best products from your blog. This is why I named you for this award. Please stop by to learn more. Keep up the great work! xo ebh

    • So nice S.M.! I’m very honored that you would choose me for The Versatile Blogger award- I will wear my crown with pride 🙂

  47. HNY 2012! I resolute to Not resolute that is my resolution!….o.k. maybe more kegels, I’m tired of peeing while laughing from reading your blog 😉

  48. Hey Slim, Happy New Year! I left you a reply, but it’s not here, knowing me, I left it in the wrong place? thanks, Pam

  49. 2012 Yeah! We had blackeyed peas with a (washed)dime thrown in(southern tradition) and I got the dime( good luck for the year) have a delicious sense of humor. Happy New Year

  50. Okay, I’m curious because I’ve have been debating buying one of these. Does the Clarsonic suck and you are forcing yourself to use it because you spent the money on it or are you like me and hoping that it will force you into washing your face every single night even tho you are bone tired and there aren’t any other sides left on your pillowcase to turn over to the non-mascara smudged side ?
    Happy New Year !

  51. No Carol, it doesn’t suck at all, I’m just lazy about using it 🙁
    Mostly everyone I know who actually use their clarsonics really like them.

    Happy New Year to you as well!

  52. Slim,
    Your’s was the first blog I ever read. I now have about 20 on my “favorites” but you are the true favorite. Your eye for beauty and your sense of humor make my day!

  53. wow. i’ve been away. definitely have some catching up to do and can think of nothing more fun than going from post to post seeing what i’ve missed! like a movable feast. eat your heart out hemingway. move over for slim paley.
    keep us laughing through 2012 dear heart. i think you have out reached both of your ‘namesakes.’ yes they had style and wit. but they weren’t near the fun girl you are!
    love and happy merry new year!
    tammy j

  54. I too will take up jogging. I too am also kidding. *broad grin* Nope, not gonna. My two favorite positions are prone and supine.

    You are my fav blog/style guru, Slim. Keep up the good blogging! ~~ Dawne

    Oh, and also…my husband gave me a Leica camera for Christmas! “just like Slim’s” he said. Love that guy.

  55. Thank you ALL for all your AWWEsome comments.
    How are we doing with our New Year’s “Alterations” so far??!
    Remember- It’s a “Pressure-less” year 🙂


  56. Your blog is such a treat! Such wit, such wry, such….where’s the marshmallow martini cause I forgot what’s next! Thanks for making me (and apparently the rest of your readers!) laugh out loud. YOU are the best! Happy New Year.

  57. oh, you use a Leica? Is that the secret to capturing those great images?! (that…and a little talent!) Guess I need to ditch the iPhone photos if I want to take a decent shot, eh?!!!

  58. Hi Slim.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Loved all of your New Years resolutions, and good luck with them. Looking fwd. to a great 2012, and all of your new posts.

    B J

  59. I’ve been meaning to tell you and thank you Slim for inspiring my last minute New Year’s resolution (I wasn’t going to make any until I read your post right before the New Year). I only made one (keeping it simple this year) and it is to use my Clarosonic at least twice a week. For some reason it always ends up back on the charger and I forget about it. My skin always feels and looks better when I incorporate it into my routine. So far week one has been a success! 53 more weeks to go 😉

  60. Happy NYE Slim. I am a bit late on the well wishes, but I wanted to tip my vintage Chanel hat directly to you! You are a prize and the blogosphere is so lucky to have you, as am I. And a big fat snooooooooze to Angelgate. Let’s leave the content management to the fun readers! I almost spit out my latte in mirth when I saw her staring mockingly from atop her lovely perch. Cheers to 2012.

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