The Day After

The kitchen bathed in glorious Fall light.

Did you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Feast? I hope so! We certainly did. As you can see, the “dry run” flowers I bought over a week ago from the Farmer’s market lasted beautifully. Gerber daisies might not be the chicest bloom on the block but they’re like the good, steady husband of the flower kingdom-long lasting, reliable and always there when you need them. No flaky boyfriend type flowers to be found in mid November anyway-unless of course one is willing to pay dearly-but what else is new with flaky boyfriends??

We cooked a massive ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed brussel sprouts and candied bacon sautéed in lashings of butter, and my husband & younger son made a banana cream pie from scratch. In between the 700 games of football on yesterday. It was awfully sweet, in more ways than one. They made a crust my husband described as thicker than a deck of cards, but seriously, how bad can graham crackers, sugar and butter taste?!

We also had gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from the market that needed to be eaten quickly so I thought this delicious, Hawaiian inspired tomato, fresh pineapple & garlic chip salad would be nice with the ham.

Recipe from Food & Wine magazine HERE

Tomatoes the size of steaks. yum.

I concocted a glaze for the ham by heating Hediard’s Red Currant  fine jelly until it melted, then adding freshly (and this is a must) squeezed orange juice and Cointreau to taste.

OMG. I can’t begin to tell you how good this is, especially for being so ridiculously simple. I’m sure Martha would sieve those bits of orange out before serving, but whatever. This would be divine with Cornish game hens & duck as well.

If you cannot find “Hediard’s” red currant jelly, I’m sure Wilkin & Sons would be good too.


After dinner and dessert, there was a rousing game of “Scrabble” in which my father took umbrage at me using the letters “H” & “O” to spell “Ho” (to make two words for 15pts)

Dude, it’s a word;

 Merriam-Websters Dictionary; Ho (used as a call to attract attention, sometimes specially used after a word denoting a destination): Westward ho! Land ho!
(used as an exclamation of surprise or delight.)
or, according to;

A word Santa Clause says three times when he sees your wife, mother and sister together in the same room.

Ahhnnd we laughed…well, I did. Dad was not so amused.

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone and we all know what that means…

Are you partaking of “Black Friday”??   I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do less, but I will definitely be supporting “Small Shop Saturday” again this year. If we don’t all do the same,  I fear every main street in every city and town across America will soon look exactly the same. It’s starting to get that way already. More importantly, small, local shops are owned and run by our friends and neighbours- let’s do everything we can in this tough economic climate to help them stay open.

Christmas gift ideas coming soon.

You don’t actually expect to see them more than a month out do you?!

PS.   Please check out my piece in the December issue of “C” Magazine this month 🙂

Ho Ho Ho!



  1. Slim,
    What a wonderful post! We had a fun and tasty Thanksgiving with our youngest son and his fiance (why they wanted to host with one week until their wedding, is beyond me). She cooked a new pumpkin pie with apple butter that was fabulous. Such a great holiday, no gifts beyond the gift of family!
    Can’t wait for some gift ideas…I’m going to start behind the 8-ball with the wedding December 1st. Help!

  2. Ahhhhh- another thing to add to my list of things I’m grateful for….you! And your beautiful blog! Btw, don’t you love it when you can put an “x” on a triple? And use it twice! (xi is a Greek letter and xu is a monetary unit of Vietnam- but you probably knew that. 😉

  3. I am so loving your blog. And I am thrilled that you are supporting Small Shop or Small Business Saturday. The world needs more Slim Paleys!

    Many blessings and thanks.
    Gina aka Mrs. Green

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  4. I’m impressed with Mr. Paley’s cooking skills. I’d never dare baking a pie from scratch. I also love your header changes. Nice to see it change with the season. I love this time of year because I’ll never forget your words of wisdom 2 years ago when I needed help getting excited about Christmas. And thanks for reminding me about Small Shop Saturday. I need to visit the Temecula Lavender Company again. Happy Holidays!

  5. Hello my beautiful friend!

    Wow! Your home is always so warm, so inviting… Thank you for sharing!

    I’m happy to hear you guys had a great time and how adorable is having your boys baking for you?! Matthew is turning 1 tomorrow and I hope to see him baking with my husband someday too. My other two kids just baked some bread with me the other day. We can create so many beautiful memories in the kitchen… we should do that more often.

    Wishing you a blessed weekend!!


    Luciane at

  6. Thank you for your kind message about Small Business Saturday! If you want them to stay in business, your independent boutiques and restaurants need support. Please remember that they employ people in your area as well. And keep your community vibrant!

  7. I saw you in “C ” magazine!Lovely article!By chance is your Victorian on EAST VALLEY ROAD?My Aunt use to live there and well her daughter (and this was many years ago) had a Victorian just down the road a bit!I’m talking 30 years ago!I donot think of Montecito as having many VIctorians……….but maybe I’m wrong.It is a small world…………………….so I thought I would ask!It was abeautiful house as I recall.

  8. Nice post especially about the father/son pie. I also agree about the no Black Friday/ yes Small Shop Saturday! I had a small shop for 14 years and the holidays were bleak sometimes trying to compete with the big stores and all their huge sales……I got alot of last minute buyers looking for something unique that they couldn’t get at the big stores. My busiest month was January when the women had some CHristmas money and they could get what they didn’t get for Christmas!! Go small shops!! I saw that a new one just opened in our small town (antiques) so think I will speed over there tommorrow! Happy holidays and HO HO HO!!!

  9. The glaze sounds fabulous. I don’t eat meat so I’ll try it on a strong tasting fish like Salmon.
    My husband is a “words with friends” maniac on his Ipad, prides himself on knowing every two letter word in the universe and when I mentioned Ho… he balked, claiming it was not a word. What’s up with that??
    I totally support Small Shop Saturday…Black Friday holds no allure, not even online.

  10. Not a petal out of place. Very pretty…
    For those of you duty bound to shop your local main street tomorrow, try and pay with cash or check. When you pay with your credit card, the business owner gets hit with a ‘swipe fee’-starting at 2.7%, and up. In California, businesses are not allowed to pass that cost onto the consumer. So, try not to pass it onto them.

  11. Your ham glaze is reminiscent of Cumberland sauce…how very clever…can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  12. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your recipes. They sound delicious. I love that your hubbie & son bake. Your son will soon find out that it’s quite the chick magnet. I’m going to get a turkey broth simmering from Thursday’s carcass. Then I’m going in to our little town center to frequent the small businesses that I enjoy so much. Let’s all keep our town centers alive and vibrant!
    Best to you & yours,

  13. Love Wilkins & Sons Red Current Jelly — a staple in my house and one in my mother’s too (which is where I learned of it). Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely and fun. Today we are most definitely steering clear of chain stores and focusing our buying on local businesses. But we do that all the time, anyway! Fondest — Reggie

  14. I was thinking of you Tuesday night when “To Kill a Mockingbird” was on AMC. I had not sat down and watched beginning to end in a number of years. After the trial when Atticus is getting ready to leave the courtroom and the preacher admonishes Scout to get up on her feet – “Jean Louise, stand up. Your father is passin'” – wiped me out.

  15. ugh Scrabble drives me crazy for just that reason …”ho” ? but that urban dictionary definition was pretty funny:)

    I love that Small Shop Saturday idea, we don’t have that here in Canada. Or did you just make that up?

    This year the stores in Canada are trying to compete with all the Canadians flocking over the border this weekend for “Black Friday” sales. With our dollar so high and the limit you can bring across the border raised, it’s really been hurting the local businesses, and smaller shops are closing up left, right and center in the last couple of years, it’s such a drag:(

  16. Your dinner sounds delicious and a glaze is a fine idea, easy makes it even better.
    Black Friday has crept north and our local malls have taken the idea and run with it….the small shop Saturday is much more to my liking. Enjoy your beautiful home.

  17. What a gorgeous/festive table for the holidays… Well done!

    I’m all for Small Shop Saturdays, fashion on the street is so cookie-cutter these days with everyone wearing the latest big store items and forgetting about the uniqueness of the smaller places.

  18. HO! HO! HO!…hahaha……i still chuckle when i think of your “bitch is up” comment last Christmas”….read my “C” over Thanksgiving, nice to see you gracing their pages……..lovely 4 days with my 2 girls (college and high school) cooking up a storm, and eating for days without a calorie care, everything organically made, loved using all my fresh herbs from the garden, believe it or not my heirlooms are STILL growing and producing….crazy……forget about black Friday, not a fan, but LOVE small business Saturday, found some amazing presents in Old Town Temecula (do miss State St., Coast Village and Lillie Ave)…….did I see that you were in Portugal?….it is on my list of places to visit.., my father told me back in the 60’s (after a visit) that he wanted to move there. I have been using a wonderful soap since 1996 (not Claus Porto) I found while shopping in Newport, Rhode Island at a smalll apothecary, that has been made in Portugal forever and I can not find it here anymore… tis’ the season for a tawny PORT !

  19. It’s a wonderful piece in C magazine!! I loved all your tips. The orange slices on the tree must smell heavenly. What are you planning for a signature drink this year? I must admit I’ve never had a Marshmallow Martini, but I’m game.

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