Slim Paley Daily #5


Cest Cheese” (says she, sheepishly inching into the room two and 1/2 days later)

You see the thing I think I failed to mention is that “Slim Paley Daily” isn’t actually, necessarily daily.

Dang 🙁

 I had such good intentions too (not to mention house guests that led me astray! )

L1020085In any case, I’m really making it up to you for dallying with the ‘daily’s

by sharing a GREAT selection of delicious cheeses.

Oh Yee of little faith-I told you these were coming eventually!



Ossau Iraty

Ossau-Iraty is complex and includes an edible slightly white-moldy tart rind which adds considerably to the experience. This is a creamy, not bitter, not overly sweet, slightly nutty cheese. A producer of Ossau-Iraty won the World Cheese Awards in 2011, in Birmingham, England (Wikipedia)


Red Hawk

You had me at “triple cream”, washed in a brine solution with sunset red rind. A real stinker, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.


Midnight Moon

“Aged six months or more, this blushing ivory colored cheese is dense and smooth with a slight crunch of protein crystals that form naturally with aging. Nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish.”


Pittig Gouda

An intense gouda, Himalyan rock salt-hard, with a rich caramel colour and flavour. Crystalized shards of lactic acid in-bedded in each bite are like little gifts of wonderfulness.



Created in 1930 and named after the famous 18th century gourmet, this is another triple cream extravaganza of a cheese. gorgeous with champagne & dates.



Technically a gouda, Parrano is an Italian style cheese, with the flavour of aged  parmesan, but a mushier texture.


Naked Goat

 6-month-aged goat cheese from Spain is produced with raw Murciana goat’s milk. Naked Goat® is mild and creamy with a tangy, sweet finish. The cheese is perfect for melting. Pair with almonds in honey and a crisp white wine.


 Cheese plate with netting cover from Summerill & Bishop  London



Because, really, is there anything better than cheese?!

and reading about cheese



Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 7.51.24 PMFulvio Bonavia photo

So grab your bag and get shopping

Feel free to leave your cheese recommendations in a comment

and if you’re ever in Santa Barbara, Please C’est Cheese !

(PS. They also have an online store)


photo of girl in cheese frock  Tim Walker

 (et merci Benedicte et Kendall! xx)


  1. I ate at a restaurant in Normandy once that had so many cheeses in stock they had to bring TWO carts replete with the best France had to offer to the table…and it was lunch! Fromage, truly one of the world’s great pleasures. Almost as rich as your blog, Slim!

  2. Slim,
    I love cheese! I love humbolt fog and I just read about a new Cowgirl cheese called Mt. Tam. I will add some of these to the list. Thanks.

  3. The Brillat-Savarin is one of my weaknesses… seriously good… with everything. We often do the French thing and eat it with a crisp green salad… or the total reverse and glacé fruit… either way… wickedly sublime… Can’t beat a triple creme… Which brings me to the Saint André Triple creme… Unbelievably good too! xv

  4. YUM!!! One of my favorite things on earth! Thank you, what a great list! I have gone to Artisinal since they opened their doors and love that they keep a list for you of your choices. I love it so much that we spent a Thanksgiving there once eating cheese…I was seriously grateful for that! Murray’s on Bleeker is the recipient of my list as they ship everywhere and we have cheese waiting for us when we get home. I wanted to tell you that your Post on your night in the desert was exquisite! With your photos, and music, I was completely transported. Without a grain of sand! I love your almost dailys, a dose of Slim all the time!

  5. Slim, a belated Happy Anniversary! I love great cheeses. A platter with various cheeses, almonds, dates, apricots, crackers, and a crisp white wine can be a wonderful dinner!

    PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  6. Thank you, Slim, from the bottom of my heart for doing the “Cheese Post”. I am going to really enjoy
    sampling the ones I haven’t tried before. Merci’

  7. Loved all your suggestions Slim. We have just found a delicious addition Bavarian Red Rougette.. . Enjoy. xo

  8. MyCheese Fave is the seasonally (sometimes) available Sir Francis Drake triple cream cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. It is more buttery and nutty than even my second-most-fave, Mt. Tam from Cowgirl. Love to spread ‘Drake’ on a baguette or a slice of crusty Meyer Lemon Rosemary Bread from Della Fattoria.(To die and go to heaven, butter the outside of two slices of Meyer Lemon Rosemary bread, slip some Sir Francis Drake and fig jam in the middle and grill on a hot pan)
    The cheese is very difficult to find, because it is made so rarely—actually it is only made as a result of a happy accident during the aging of Mt. Tam cheese. Whenever aging Mt. Tam cheese exhibits an uncharacteristic, slightly slimy bloom on the rind–usually March and April—Cowgirl will pull it from the aging process,soak the cheese in a French dessert wine, Beaume de Venise, top it with a sprinkle of dried currents, and ship it to a few select cheese shops, where it is snapped up by cheese-lovers in-the-know. You should ask C’est Cheese to special order Sir Francis Drake, and then start marking off the days until next Spring!

  9. Being a Wisconsin girl makes me swoon at this post. Our favorites back home is anything from the Merck’s Cheese Castle. Their port wine cheddar is divine

  10. The cheese plate from Tre Lune looks divine. Always enjoy your posts and sense of humor. Where on earth did you find this perfect fashion editorial photo of the cheese dress with mice?

  11. mmmmmmmCHEEZE………..I love to bite right into the italian consortium wedge of reggiana and then grab the glass of red wine and chug, most excellent…….my daughter, Alexandra (sophomore in college) was born with an unusual palate, she had her own cheese monger when we lived in Boston (she was 2 yrs. old), Santa and the Easter Bunny were sure to leave her favorite, the most potent, stinkiest (and expensive $25/lb. French Import, no less) she never did go for milk chocolate or jelly beans, Give Her Cheese or Give Her Death!!!!!

  12. We are perfectly happy to wait for your posts and lucky to do so. Make mine a tripple cream, please. Might as well rub it right on the thighs, though:(

  13. If you don’t love cheese, I don’t want to know you. This post is delicious, creamy and oh-so stinky. Thanks for the taste recommendations and books. There is something sensual and fascinating about cheese and its productions. Great idea for a post!

  14. Notes: A relatively mild style of a Dutch Gouda cow’s milk cheese that is aged for one year. It has a distinctly soft texture and and a sweet, nutty flavor with a caramel aftertaste.

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