Slim Paley Daily #2


A Crusty Avocado Tart

in the gardens of “Maisons Des Reves” Dar Ahlam, Ouarzazete, Morocco

It’s Tart Tuesday!

(see what I did there?)

This was one of the most delicious dishes we ate inhaled during our entire holiday in Morocco.

The combination of melty, yet slightly grainy short crust pastry, creamy fresh avocado filling and crunchy baby lettuce & pomegranate seeds was positively dreamy.

So, Yay! Who’s your Mama?? I got the recipe and I’m sharing it with youse guys.


L1150099It took literally every ounce of will power (and the fact that I wasn’t alone) to not ask for a second tart.

L1150096Serve with some freshly toasted french bread, chilled white wine

(do not look at that Coke-it’s a mirage-we were in the desert)

and you’ll feel like you are …



Until tomorrow.


All photos Slim Paley, recipe filched from “Maison Des Reves”*

*Proper props will be proffered in an upcoming post. Promise.


  1. Slim, Can’t wait to try this. A combination of all my favorite things and a perfect California dish too. I will never tire of your Morocco photos. Keep them coming! Also, so funny about the Moo cards. I just ordered some last week with the photos as well. I agree a really cool company! Yours look amazing!


  2. hhhhmmm – am I crazy or is that hammock in the garden of a place (can’t remember the name at the moment) run by no other than FABIAN?! As i recall, when it is hot in the garden, they will set up your table by that little stream of running water so that you can actually dip your feet into the cool water as you dine. As it should be…and I’m going to make that damn avocado tart! I was actually called a “tart” in college. But never on Tuesdays. (jk)

    • I must say, I didn’t see “Fabian” around the hotel anywhere- though I’m not sure if he is a singer or a romance novel model!

  3. A complete joy to read. I actually love being an armchair traveler whenever this amazing blogger shares her journeys–it blunts the pain of the daily grind. The aesthetic and the writing is crisp, authentic, and delightful. Well done!

  4. Oh, you had me at avocado. Aaahhhhvacado. Love it! Truthfully though, I would probably enjoy this tart more if someone else made it for me…and served it to me…in Morocco. 😉
    Thanks for sharing and for these mini Friday Favorites!

  5. i know it’s a bit off topic, but i cannot see the word “avocado” without remembering my grandmother’s swingin’ 70’s kitchen and all of its wonderful appliances in….. (you guessed it) avocado green. she loved her kitchen. from the speckled linoleum to the mod orange formica countertops. jiffy-pop never tasted so good as when we shook it on that avocado electric stove………. thanks for the word-association memory jog!

  6. Outstanding!
    What coke? I don’t see no coke.
    Seriously fabulous recipe. Keep ’em coming. Now to find a recipe for the harrisa. Seems like that might be a critical ingredient. Even though its only a “knife point” full.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  7. What a way to start the day!! You saved me (once again from going nuts) with this recipe since I’m serving “club.” Rock that hammock! franki

  8. Totally trying these Tuesday Tarts tout suite. : ) Delicious and gorgeous idea. Loving these daily sharesies. Looking forward to #3!!

  9. Lordie that looks Y*U*M*M*Y!!! (Wish I “cooked”~~~ think my hubby can make this for us?)…

    We’re just getting ready to build our “mountain house”, so we can escape the summer heat here in AZ… I DEFINITELY put that hammock pick in my mountain house file… what a greaaaat way to relax there when it’s GOOD weather (vs H*O*T here in the Tucson area!)…

    Thanks, girlfriend!

    Linda in AZ

  10. Howdy Slim!…my avocados are ready for pickin’ so i’m gonna make meself a tart, with just a little tweak of that pastry crust recipe, (I will use cornmeal, wheat flour, with some herbs in the pastry dough , possibly cilantro w/lime)…just in time for Cinco de Mayo…….thank you for the inspiration and respite from my own emotions on the recent events…..

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