Pre-Summer Rerun


Do not adjust your dial. There is nothing wrong with your screen.

This is indeed a rerun of a June 2011 post. Honestly, pinky swear, I never do this.

OK, maybe I’ve done it just one other time. Hey-It’s no crime. Haven’t we all re-read a good book on occasion?

Or worse, not even realized we’ve read a book until we’re too many pages in to admit it?!

But, here’s the thing; I’m traveling at the moment.

I promise to be back with a new post very shortly.

In the meantime, this should help to prime your Summer juices…


Don’t forget to start your summer inspiration board (this is my beach house one, also from June 2011)

Original post link:



and just to assuage my guilt a wee bit, I’m including my newest Summer cocktail;

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.31.32 PM

It couldn’t possibly be easier, more decadent or delightfully confuse childhood memories with naughty grown up pleasures more!

“The Creamsicle”

1 part Advocaat

2-3 parts 7-up or Sprite

small ice cubes

Fill small(ish) glass tumbler with ice, pour chilled Advocaat over cubes, add 7up & stir lightly.

The drink will froth up beautifully…

along with memories of sticky, sand covered popsicle sticks stuck to beach towels, miniscule bikinis, tan-line comparing and sun burned boys.Who amongst us cannot relate?? 🙂


Cheers and have a great weekend!!

PS. Instagram photo taken in my “new” old conservatory. Vintage lamp from the Marches aux Puces, Paris. Which, may I add, cost way more to rewire Stateside than the lamp itself.

That calls for a 2nd cocktail in my “Summer Reading” book, don’t you think?

PPS. Header image from my post on the The Maldives in the “Travel” section.



    • Thank you for your concern Ruth.The wild fire did not effect our area this time, Thank goodness. We did have a big jolt of an earthquake the other morning though! Just 12 miles west of Santa Barbara.

  1. Slim you have mixed up the best of the best for me with these images,, seaside chairs on the beach,tropical colored flowers and polish,beach inspiration! last of all , what will be my summer fun drink!

    Art by Karena

  2. I need a drink. Really tastes like a cremsicle? I’m all over it. Oh, the other stuff? LOVE it! Who wouldn’t.

    PS. You do know that your Home page is wonky, right? Printing over printing. Only a friend will tell you. But at least you don’t have spinach between your teeth. Enjoy your vacation. We’ll wait patiently for you.

  3. Some things are worthy of a second look! Can’t get enough of the blues.
    Enjoy your travels and hurry home to share with us!!

  4. Slim,
    You always have the best cocktail recipes. I hope you are vacationing somewhere wonderful. I’m happy to hear your area is not in harms way with the terrible fires in the Southern California this season.

  5. Some things are just worth repeating and I can see why you chose to do so with this post. Fun! Love the pictures, they so capture the essence of summer! The cocktail sounds fabulouso!

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