Postcard From Marrakech



Dear Faithful Readers

I’m still here.

I’ve been neither felled by a travel bug or run amok in a souk.

Just soaking in all the sights, sounds & scents that Marrakech has to offer…

It’s everything you would imagine.

I’m only sorry I can’t share the sensory overload in more ways than one.


We’ve eaten like this every morning.

Yes, that’s cheese at breakfast.

That’s how I spell H O L I D A Y


Grilled asparagus with truffle creme fraiche

and here’s lunch on any given day


We’ve shopped like this


and this


and this…

but not like this

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.50.14 PM

(Not winning the Souk Award for Best Merchandising)


We’ve sipped mint tea in so many beautiful spots


you can’t imagine…

But the hour grows late, internet access here is limited and an early cheese breakfast awaits me.

So I bid you adieu for now

and promise there will be much more to follow.


xoxo from the Medina


All photos Slim Paley


  1. Looks like a terrific journey…have a great time and thanks for sharing your photographs with us!

  2. How fun is this?! I could totally go for brie each morning and I’d probably be too large to travel without buying 2 airline tickets. Safe travels and keep sharing.

  3. Love your blog Slim. But I’m trying to figure out how you don’t weigh 1000 pounds… In middle age (hate the term but truth is harsh) I find that to stay slim I have to live on arugula and maybe a handful of almonds (well and a lil vodka) Well, whatever… you look fabulous and I love all of your gorgeous pics. (the hanging blonde dolls were a bit scary but loved the contrast to the other sumptuous pics) Safe and fun travels!

  4. Wow Slim, the first installment of the “cheese for breakfast” posting.
    In that breakfast spread, are those butter curls in the bowl?
    Enjoy your visit..looks amazing!

  5. I know exactly where you are… have fun and lots of cheese 🙂
    Beautiful snaps… by the way your photographs are looking better and better… loving them…
    Can’t wait for more… Happy travelling… xv

  6. So nice to see u there having a wonderful holiday. Great pics! Looking forward to more when u get back. I might have cheese with breakfast tomorrow!

  7. It sounds and looks fantastic. You look even better….how the heck do you stay so skinny with all that food? That’s not the Leica 5 Delux hanging off your shoulder?? Pray-tell. I need a good camera.

    • I’m NOT skinny Melissa, but who in their right mind shares photos of themselves looking…well, you know…the opposite of skinny?!
      That is the Canon camera I got for my birthday last year hanging off my shoulder.

  8. You are such a cutie cute Slimie! Was wondering cause you are so tall, beautiful and blonde, do you have any trouble with the men bothering you all the time?

    • That’s so sweet K.T., but omg-NO! Not a problem!
      However, I do have one special fella that still thinks I’m kinda cute.

      PS. Didn’t realize how “Blonde” I had become until I saw the photos from this trip. Isn’t it just amazing how our hair gets blonder as we age?! I guess it’s a Silver Lining (no pun intended) 🙂

  9. It all looks magical. I did laugh at the hanging blondes,, though put them in a gallery and……………

  10. Bring me back one of those gorgeous
    Faux throws only you could turn
    Into a scarf! Xx

  11. Happy to hear that you didn’t fall off of the end of the world! You look amazing…just like a model! Sounds like a more romantic trip than your last one with a girlfriend….glad that hubby is there with you this time. How many extra suitcases can you bring back? I love all those bright colors and know they would translate well in California. Have fun! Thank you for the update! Linda from Idaho where we had hailstones the size of nickels and 62mph winds yesterday!

  12. Oh enjoy. Your shot of the blue lanterns is astounding. It looks like such a wonderful adventure, one I hope to take one day. So looking forward to future posts. The shot of you is beautiful.

  13. Oh my goodness….gorgeous pics- especially the one with the lanterns- your eye for color and composition is AMAZING- love it

    Thank you!

  14. I swear my immediate response for the first photo was, “No, she didn’t!” but oh yes, she did.
    Hold tight to your Canon, Slim and keep on rockin’ in the free world… 😉

  15. A Slim post ~ almost as good as having cheese and butter curls for breakfast! It was worth the wait. Love all the sights {except for the hanging children. Shudder! And yet, hilarious.}. Keep having a blast and let us see/hear from you again!

  16. S.P. – So HE has heard your plea to be your portrait maker. GOOD Man! 🙂

    Looks colder than you were packing for this second phase? Enjoy the food – looks like small, delicious portions and your walking all day. No worries!

    The blond Western children hanging…. I’m thinking that message is not very hidden.

    Thanks for the update – we love tagging along with you! 🙂

  17. Yeah, I thought my ‘blonde’ hair was looking pretty good…until the grands said, “Whoa, Grandma! Your hair is so white!” What!!??? Moi??!! But you, Slimmy, you are looking mighty stylin’… Thanks for more great shots!!

  18. Ha! I really laughed when I saw the pic of the hanging, track-suited dolls – I took the self-same picture when I was there last July. Your other pics are miles better than mine, though, especially the food ones. I loved Marrakech, but my family thought it too hot and ‘foreign’ (they all got tummy bugs, so I can see why they wouldn’t want to rush back). Had lots of plans to buy homewares but it was too hot to haggle and I ended up by grossly over-priced slippers and bowls at the airport.

  19. How was London, weren’t you cold with just those thin jeans and a raincoat.? Do share please


  20. OOOOOOhhhhhh i love those hanging lanterns with the cut out designs, I bet they are amazing at night!…bring some home on the plane!!!!….on another note you look so SPICEY (dont get those white jeans dirty…and btw, you do NOT own a “muffin top” don’t even have a naan or a pita! 🙂 chip chip and cheerio, have fun, can’t wait to see your pix when you have the time to post…..TTFN

  21. Slim you had me at breakfast ! That’s all I needed to see. What an amazing trip. Glamorous picture! Love it. Have a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to see London!


  22. Beautiful beautiful pix … so evocative…. My senses have been stirred.
    Your last pix might just be the best of all – you look like you are having such a great time, Slim!
    Continued safe travels!
    Looking forward to next post…
    JJT 🙂

  23. These pictures are beautiful. As I always say to our clients taking their desert tour of Morocco, don’t forget your camera. Morocco is very picturesque, photographer’s paradise.

  24. Oh my! Laughed out loud scrolling down to each place you shopped, only to see the hanging American, track suited dolls and your hilarious merchandising comment. Between you and the husband, that’s gotta be one freaking, funny household! I’m also blessed with a funny guy–he makes me laugh every day!
    Thanks for sharing your incredible adventures!

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