Hot Hot Hot . It’s Really Hot.



Heat warnings have been in effect across Southern California since Thursday. Yesterday the temperature reached 100 in Los Angeles, no doubt even higher in the valley.  We are luckier up here in Santa Barbara,  wedged between the mountains and the sea, the 90 miles farther north usually registers a sweet 10 degrees cooler.

That being said, it’s still hot and I LOVE it!

Lerv, Lerv, LERV


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.46.36 PM


It’s wonderful for my father’s tomato garden



Sun flowers from the market, in a silver ice bucket from Georg Jensen


Why do I enjoy the heat so much?  Well, for one thing, the temperature here, unlike back east, drops like crazy the moment the sun goes down, so sleeping is not a problem.

No, let me take that back. Sleeping for me is problematic but heat isn’t one of the 7-9 factors that inhibit my  passage to REMsville on any given night.




Secondly, there is nothing to be done with one’s hair in this heat. So…you just have to let go and make your peace with it. No point in blow drying.  Do I get the occasional fright when I pass by a mirror? Yes. I march upstairs, apply more Moroccan Oil and act like nothing happened.

In my mind I look like Marisa Berenson on a sultry night in Tangier.

Pass the tagine.




Lemon Chicken Tagine


Seriously though, we have just a few more weeks before the days begin to shorten and that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the air dissipates into the ether.

As always, I will go kicking and screaming, until the moment I first fall in love with a coat or fab pair of boots and, as sudden as a summer storm, I’ll embrace the change like the fickle fashion victim I can still occasionally be.



But for now? NO way girlfuhrennn.  It’s still straw and stripes all the way!



Kate the Great.


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 6.57.09 PM


a gift of peaches on my kitchen counter yesterday morning.


It’s peach season too. Time to pull out the ice-cream maker (where oh where did that get packed??)  and/or slice these beauties up and put them on the grill for a nice salad.





Grilled peach & sweet potato salad


Crazy Lady Hair, heat wave, drought conditions and all (I save the corn on the cob water to throw in the garden), we’re loving this summer in beautiful Santa Barbara.



Farmer’s Market on Cota St, Saturday mornings.


The BEST part is having our younger son home from college.

Every   single   floor,  every  wet  towel (all 300 of them…a week) every surface he vaguely comes in contact with is covered in a fine coating of sand.

It’s actually a talent.

If he gets in our bed to watch TV I figure I don’t need to exfoliate for a full year.




Oh, but It’s truly lovely to relive those sweet, Halcyon Summer Days once again, albeit vicariously through your kids, isn’t it?

Though I wish the sunscreen disappeared as fast as my imported rose lemonade, but whadyagonnado??  :-O



Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 2.00.03 PM


Young love crushes…aren’t they grand?!  (wonder whatever happened to this one…I heard he became a Mountie… I guess that’s where Facebook comes in handy, right?! 🙂  )

If you care to really take a stroll down Memory Lane with me…

Young Hearts Run Free

SIGH, this song makes my heart melt just a little.


Our son’s enjoying gloriously sun-baked days at the beach with all his friends. Nights are spent at barbecues, concerts, going to the drive-in (yes, we actually have a drive-in theatre in Santa Barbara- how great is that?!)  He’s worked hard at school, as well as holding down an almost full time job at the same time, so we are happy to see him relaxing and having so much fun.






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This week even involved some baking, then grabbing blankets and pillows and heading off to the watch the meteor shower …does it get much better than that?!

It’s a Ray Bradbury novel come alive. Who could wish for more than that in a summer? Not me.




What are you doing to make these last couple of weeks of summer last as long as you can??



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xoxo SP.





  1. So true. I just returned home (Florida!) from Switzerland, Germany, Austria & Hungary. They too were in the grips of a sweltering heat wave, and every ounce of my Lovey Howell went straight out the window into the Danube. It’s hard to feel “pretty, oh so pretty” (even in the prettiest places) when it’s 100 degrees :/

    But it was well worth it.

  2. *Hautie, haute, haute, haute. The whole lot. Thank you Ms. Paley.

    Now. Can you PLEASE do a piece on drapery & why it seems implausible to measure correctly?

  3. You know what they say … ” there’s just so many summers baby, just so many springs.” Have had a glorious summer .. but you know me. I am looking forward to the cool days of fall and yes, I am a boots and sweaters girl all the way home!!

  4. peach ice cream that is soooo peachy
    8 peaches washed, halved and pitted (skin on) baked at 400′ 30 min. sprinkle on a little sugar and cinnamon
    in Vitamix: !/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 cup whole milk run to dissolve sugar…add cooked peaches and puree. Add 6 egg yolks with Vitamix running..on hot soup speed. Pour into a bowl to cool.
    In Vitamix; 2 cups heavy cream, pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Turn on and whip
    Combine all and freeze in 2 plastic 1 qt. cartons.
    Wonderful peach taste!

  5. Loved reading this and the pictures are wonderful! Especially the food, salads, and flowers. I hate the heat and humidity, but you made me see the beauty it brings.
    I’ll hang in there till Fall

  6. Love this languid post, how nice to have your baby home. Next week I settle my baby in at college, then go settle #1 son….. then Orcas Island through the end of the month and then??? Our peaches are at their prime now, I just finished a bowl full of ripe slices soused in a little port with sliced almonds, yum.

  7. Another great post! Ah……….summer days and salads. Love the comments about sand in the bed. Boys, aren’t they the greatest, had four of my own. They are all grown and away and I miss them so. Cut off jeans…………..magic man had his on today. The thought came to mind about you writing a book about your travels, blog contents, etc. is this in the works? You make life look easy and fun! Thanks

  8. LOVED this post…have the same REM problem but I am pretty sure you are younger than I. My “kids” are now 31 & 35 but I do remember the college summers…ENJOY…they grow up way too fast!!

  9. Hurray! A toast to all my favorite things. Beaches, drive in theaters, meteor showers, music, summers, sunflowers all bring a smile to my face. I feel young and happy thinking of those things. Forever young!!!!!!

  10. Wonderful summer memories! Making new ones, watching the young generation make their own…it’s all good. I’m loving it too, Slim and I won’t be going easy into the fall sweaters.

  11. So loved this post! we were at our last family dinner before Jack goes to Singapore and your family came up…Jack said how great it was to see you He also asked about M and what he is doing….They grow up so fast! Lots of love..

  12. I think he was my boyfriend too. Same hair, shorts, chest.
    Tell your Dad bravo on the tomatoes.
    Must grill peaches.
    Marisa Berenson closest thing I’ve seen to Barbie.
    Sunflowers in Georg Jensen. I missed it.
    It’s been a wonderful summer and it’s not over yet so let’s not give in.

  13. I took a photograph of nearly gone to seed fireweed, while waiting at a stoplight this afternoon. That and those big Vs oh Canada geese flying and honking overhead are making us all a little sad, here in Alaska. I live at 61 degrees n. latitude. It’s coming…Lovely post. Thanks for letting me whine a little.

  14. Please give alerts before those meteor showers happen! YIKES! We were right here! Oblivious!

    But we cherish every day here in Paradise!
    I just read a very funny thing; from my friend , Ellie (
    Go peek! You will love; I think!!!

  15. i don’t mind the heat as long as I have access to a pool otherwise it is wasted on me. How much do we all love that photo of you enamoured with the guy who didn’t make the cut to Dukes of Hazard? So sweet! Any more where that came from? x

  16. Best thing about jet lag is waking at 2am to find a new Slim Paley! Love the post – especially the young crush pic. Thanks!

    Buono sera!

  17. Thanks for this Slim, here in Canada, on the Niagara Escarpment, the stray fallen leaf is beginning to appear, and my morning coffee on the terrace , isn’t as comfy as it used to be, fall is in the air!

  18. Ever single thing you’ve talked about says summer to me, one long weekend at the lake over Labor Day weekend and maybe our heat wave will slowly go into cooler days and evenings. I will fully embrace Autumn as well!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  19. Have you tried eating some cherries to help you sleep? I have about fifteen per day and sleep comes easily and a deep sleep at that. Give it a try. Oh, and I don’t mean maraschino cherries.

  20. Love this! You have the right attitude Slim. I’ll embrace the heat though we are getting some extremes this week and cool nights didn’t come the last few evenings. We are lucky though aren’t we to always get them. Love California! That photo is darling with you…Perfect song. Enjoy your son. Mine oldest just began senior year today! Sniff. xo

  21. I’m sorry, I was forming some witty little comment in my head and then…wha? Cherries to help one sleep? Could life really be that beautiful? Just maybe. Let’s take one for the Gipper and give it a go, what do you say, SP? Because I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in about…oh, the whole summer…because we have had more 100° days and nights than I can shake a stick at here in yee ol’ “No Airconditioning Unless in a Luxury Hotel” Provence!
    But I still love it. We have a whole “Make Summer Last” vibe going on at our house which means a go-free pass to have a glass of white wine at lunch. What is not to like?
    Bisous to you, one fabulous beauty, then and now… 😉

    • Yes, cherries. I kid you not. Just found out about them myself, a few months ago. And with cherry season ending here in NY, I am buying them in bulk. Have about 15-20 during the day and sleep should come your way. This, from someone who has a hard time falling asleep and then staying asleep. Give it a try and let me know how you fair. Best to you.

  22. A post of sizzling perfection! As another song goes…oh, those summer nights! Truth be told, it has been a steam bath of heat and humidity in Chicago these past several days, and there really is no hope for the hair. Oh to go back to the days of frizzy hair, don’t care-it’s just another day at the beach. Your adorable summer crush picture resonated and made me smile, and your son’s adventures are, as you say, the stuff of life! You have a way with words and pictures that always takes me on a journey outside of myself. Hot, cold, or in between, I truly appreciate the escapism…thank you, Slim.

  23. So nice. I wish it was hot hot hot over here in Oxfordshire. Just now the weather people are calling it “fresh” and I’m calling ti positively autumnal! Back to Vancouver in a couple weeks where I hope the hot hot hot will wait for me to have some. In the meantime, that lemon chicken tagine might bring some summer back. X

  24. Heat advisory in Ontario, TOO!! Just back from Niagara Falls…WHAT A WEEK…waterfalls, rainbows, butterflies, fireflies, fireworks AND shooting stars (meteors!) Did I forget the horse n carriage…WHAT A WEEK!!! franki

  25. It’s hot up here in northern Cal, too Slim. I’m about 16 miles east of San Francisco in a little town called Orinda, just on the eastern side of the Berkeley Hills. The weather here is almost close to perfection – warm enough, and in the evening we actually get just enough SF fog rolling over the hill to cool us off, but lately it’s become almost unbearably hot, and we don’t have the beautiful beaches that you have in southern Cal. So lucky you are to live in beautiful Santa Barbara! God’s country.

    (If I can’t sleep I always turn on the golf channel. It works like a charm.)

  26. Let me say this….. I started drinking organic, no caffeine, green tea cherry juice every day, (about two years ago), along with a large glass of concentrate organic tart cherry juice (weirdest pucker face, ever, and hair on arms stands up straight after consuming).. ..and pounds of Washington state cherries (I spit the pits out the car window, sometimes I am a good shot, sometimes, I am not) ….and the only wine I purchase, must have cherry!… (undertones lol)….and I am still wide awake, ……………the only time I get to experience deep REM is during surgery…….which hasn’t been since 2008…..I do LOVE cherries, they are my fav, and my birthday cake my whole entire life, is not a cake, but a cherry pie,…….even though they are a great, natural, anti-inflammatory, they fall short in helping me sleep…….( I had a great weekend visiting my daughter in SB this past weekend, she is all moved in her first apartment and it’s so sweet to see her wear her big girl pants)… it is nice to see her relax too, especially since the last 4 years she has been so studious, so dedicated and so obedient in her pursuit of education…I just love her, and it was fun to watch my little foodie baby girl at the SB farmers market, she ate two whole baskets of figs by herself lol…….and then she slept like a baby…. 😉

  27. Hi- hope you can help…I’ve subscribed to your blog by email for a long time, but haven’t gotten the last few posts. Not going to my spam folder…and I just tried to re subscribe, but it gives an error message. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  28. Jeez. Have not been on your site for awhile. Family and life woes and have been feeling my A-G-E. Your post made me happy and laugh. Led to trolling YouTube for music memories and ended up in an extended listen to 1970s FUNK. Visions of halter tops, jeans slightly bell and faded, flip flops, a long standing adolescent (fantasy) crush on Jackson Browne and dancing (lots of dancing to disco and funk). And lushness. Your blog is that to me–wit, humor, and lushness (in photos and an amazing connection of disparate pieces and parts into an amazing whole). Love you Slim Paley.

    • Dear N from VA
      I ‘m sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with family and life woes 🙁
      Thank you for stopping in again and taking the time to leave me this lovely comment. Honestly, it’s comments like this that make keeping up my blog so worthwhile and rewarding for me.
      I hope things are looking up now and thank you again!

  29. Good grief! Cherries for sleep!!??!!

    Off I go to Whole Foods for organic cherries (after I check out the Farmer’s Market…..we do have the best one!)

    And scarfing them! Cherries and lobster salad roll are my two favorite foods!
    Thank you so much Slim and your followers!

    and then really good Chicken Pot Pie!!!!

    Off to get cherries! Goody!!


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