Friday Favourites #… Let’s Just Say March




I took this photo of my flowers yesterday with the “Pure” setting on my camera. I must say I’m sort of loving the cooler tones and though I wasn’t aware my regular photos were “impure”  I’m thinking  one of these days I must get around to reading the manual that came with the camera. One of these days.

Just need more time. Seriously.

I did and do intend to post more than I have lately, but re-entry has been a process, let me tell you.

Did I mention it rained?  So, you know, that made things even busier…

But, all excuses aside, I’m happy to be back and revisiting  “Friday Favourites” again!

 It’s been awhile I know.

As usual, it’s a completely random potpourri

but variety is the spice of life, right?



and speaking of spicy, (oh how I love my bad segues 🙂 )


Slim Paley photo

I have a new obsession.

Roasted Shishito peppers.

Now, first let me say I’m well aware “obsession” is a word getting tossed around a little too cavalierly these days, but I don’t know how else to describe something, a mere vegetable no less, that I can’t stop thinking about since discovering them a scant week ago. I thank my ever chic friend Kendall Conrad, for introducing/addicting me to these at  Soho House in L.A.  Kendall says the secret is anchovy (paste?) which you don’t really taste, but she should know, considering she has a cookbook under her belt and happens to be the only person I know besides me that carries her own salt in her bag.  Honestly, these peppers were out of this world. How many times can one casually glance down at a side plate and count stems inconspicuously? As I was out pacing Kendall 3 to 1, I think I now hold the world record.



I also enjoyed  a romantic dinner with my husband at the always wonderful “Bouchon”  in Beverly Hills.

Don’t we all, men and women alike, have a little collective crush on Thomas Keller?

His  olives…


Slim Paley photo



Slim Paley photo

His  “Ile  Flottante”- The BEST I’ve ever had and it’s one of my favourite desserts so I know from Floating Islands.

If you ever find yourself at Bouchon, it’s a must.



Then I went to Costco.

Plain and simple, I just shouldn’t be allowed to go there alone.

Anytime you’re buying bathing suits on clear plastic torsos that stick out of your shopping cart like a headless porno doll, you have to acknowledge you’ve lost all control.

 Naturally it doesn’t fit  (it looked so much better on the doll) and the question is; does it need to be returned on the plastic body or can I just hide my shame in a brown paper bag??

I guess the upside is I can drive in the carpool lane on the way there.


What was I thinking? I thought it looked vaguely 70’s Swimming Safari.


Then there were the memory foam pillows with built-in gel cooling systems.

The jury’s still out on those.



Wait, where was I going with this?

Oh right- I do have two Friday Favourites from Costco;




Not only did I buy swimwear and pillows, but I also bought mascara.

Borghese Mascara and guess what? Once you wrestle it out of the packaging (give yourself a good 1/2 hour) it’s really good!

I even put it on my bottom lashes (the true test) and it didn’t budge all day.

Two tubes for only $14.99 (God forbid you should ever buy one item in Costco) so I wouldn’t wait.

 I’m picking up more when I return the swimsuit.



 I know this is terrible- I SO rarely drink sodas-maybe 3 times a year and never, ever diet ones,

but gosh I’m a sucker for these old fashioned cokes, ice cold, in the glass bottles.

I just couldn’t resist!


Slim Paley Hipstamatic photo



Lastly, as “Mad Men” made it’s return this week ( mortified to admit, a newbie and hooked already) I’m reminded of one of the most stylish men of them all…







You might have spied this book in the tulip photo on my previous post.


I really felt my husband just had to have it…




You know we all need a little inspiration sometimes when we’re getting dressed…


Not to mention a friend/spotter at Costco 



Slim Paley photo



Happy Weekend All!






  1. Dear Slim

    Loved this Slimtastic post. Is that rose Julia’s rose? Or not? Can’t tell with your pure-whatsy camera filter thingy.

    I luff it that you took the plastic body from Cost-co. What are you going to do with it may I ask?

    I’ve noticed that you like to trip the light fantastic about the traps in a Global Sense but never visit Australia. Is there a reason for this????

    Love Me x

    • I know I HAVE to get to Australia!
      I’m sorry I don’t know what the name of the rose is FF-I’m dreadful with rose names.

      I’m taking both the bathing suit and the plastic form it rode in on back. So short waisted and hugely unflattering. Remember when trying on bathing suits was fun? 🙁

  2. Beautiful photographs, Slim. Thanks for the Costco tip — the mascara, not the swimsuit. Gosh, I forgot how gorgeous Gary Cooper was. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Slim, You sure have fun at Costco! I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried Whole Foods Brand 365 Cola. I discovered it while looking for flu recovery “foods”. To me, it tastes like the old soda fountain colas when they actually mixed the cola syrup with the soda water as you sat on a twirly stool and watched.
    Have a great weekend, Ruth

  4. After some gorgeous photos of delicious food, here I am commenting on the soda bottles (??!) I only drink about 2 sodas a year, usually on an airplane, but somehow it does look so much more appealing in the old-fashioned glass bottles. Especially when they are in a crate together! Thank goodness Costco doesn’t sell them like that ! And thanks for the tip on the mascara.

  5. Slim: Try the “Eyes to Kill” mascara (Google it)
    – not at Costco just yet, but it’s killer. And Lancombe’s “Rouge in Love” lipstick is on this top cosmetic list, too.

  6. Gary…be still my heart…loved your blog…laughed (one of my many) COSTCO socks off!! franki

  7. Since many of us can’t get enough of SP, sooo glad you are back in the swing of posting again. Love the “pure” fleur pics.. New camera? Do tell specifics so we can have “pure” pics as well. Surely a new trend.

    • Nope, no new camera- it’s the same little point & shoot Leica. Just decided to cruise around with the settings. My girlfriend has the same camera and she’s inspired me to experiment with it a little more.
      What’s next? Maybe an SLR if I can pull the trigger on which one to get.

  8. Slim,
    Love your flowers, wish it was flower season here, in my yard that is! What are the small purple flowers in fore front of photo?

    I also agree w/ the Costco(BJs, Sams) comments, I should never ever bring my other half, let alone go by myself. $$$$$!

  9. Hey Slim
    Love Costco too. Does the Borghese mascara come in waterproof? L”Oreal just discontinued my favorite and I’m looking for a new one……. Speaking of beauty…what’s your take on plastic surgery? How about a post on that? pros/cons… To go under the knife or not…that is the question:)

    • A post on plastic surgery?! that could be interesting- I’m sure the comments would, as usual, be half the fun!
      I don’t think the mascara came in a waterproof version. I will say it lasts super well though and yet comes off with water and cleanser really easily.

  10. Beautiful and funny… as usual.
    LOVED the Costco bit. (The bathing suit is cute, and seems like it would look good on you.)
    Thanks for the mascara tip.

  11. Gorgeous florals!! I had to laugh about your swimsuit experience at Costco, well the suit does look cute…those plastic forms , I mean who thought of that?

    Art by Karena

  12. I KNEW we had a deeper connection. This is the third person you know who carries salt in her purse!
    Now breaking piggy and calling Bouchon. Sri Lanka will have to wait.
    I would have bought that suit. (love the racerback)

  13. You had me laughing out loud…again! Glad my kids are still asleep or I’d have to tell them about the headless porno doll and then explain that I’d done the same thing and it is so embarrassing! You can return it to any Costco though so no need to drive back to L.A. for it. Bleck. Ok, if you are willing to put on cheap mascara from Costco and like it, I’ll do it. Thanks for the tip! I sighed at Gary Cooper photos…and mmm…Bouchon! Love the “pure” setting too! Must be a Nikon b/c my Canon is impure.

  14. Aha! Angelina’s leg move was inspired by old Hollywood. Gary Cooper’s left leg looks quite fetching, also!

    Love a fella that can be well-dressed AND have the “I don’t give a damn look.” Classic style.

    • Meaux – I also spotted that leg move! Has anyone confirmed if Brad and Angie had some goofy bet between them – that she wouldn’t/couldn’t pose each time she stood still – and maybe how much the pose would be talked about after?
      Cooper in Zebra skin has some humor behind it as well I think. 🙂

  15. Love the headless porno doll – hee hee hee. Your flowers are fantastic, we are just putting dirt in our pots outside, no sign of flower life up here, I’m so jealous, I can’t wait till we get spring. Going to try that mascara.

  16. Another fan of the plastic torso. I sometimes feel like the last person in town without a Costco membership, and your post is another excellent example of why: Too much random, good stuff. And Target already gets enough of my money!

    • Exactly- that’s it in a nutshell Kelly; TOO MUCH RANDOM, GOOD STUFF.

      Of course we really don’t “need” any of it, but it’s hard to resist because the prices are so low.

  17. OMG…they sent you home with the plastic form that bathing suit was on??? That is hilarious. (And it also got me thinking about whether you could dry out swimsuits on the form to keep them in shape. I am guessing that that answer is “NO” since it would be (1) very weird and (2) ineffectual on account of the plastic. But the thought of it still tickles me.)

    No shame in loving the shape of a classic coke bottle. They are fantastic. As are the flowers and the rest of the post.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Dahling……You have a far more rockin body than THIS bathing suit calls for. I, on the other hand, do not. I’ll buy it from you. As a matter of fact I’ll take the manaquin off your hands, too. Xoxo

  19. I’m laughing about the abrupt 180 you made going from Bouchon to Costco. I almost bought that swimsuit but I didn’t have room in the cart for an entire torso. I haven’t tried the mascara but I love the serum ($15.99). My teenagers and husband kept stealing it so I bought them some with the caveat that they have to open their own packages (memories of opening toys at Christmas – grrr…). My son loves the real coke from Mexico and the price is right. I hardly ever drink any (I buy the cases of Pelligrino and Perrier) but when I do drink the real stuff, this is the best. I don’t know if its the real cane sugar or the glass bottle, but it tastes better. Thanks for bringing us the Friday Faves again. I always find something I need ;/

    • Most welcome Melissa
      Thank YOU for the thumbs up on the serum- I saw it there and almost bought it, but went for the mascara instead. Now, I’ll exchange the bathing suit for the serum and pick up more mascara while I’m at it.

  20. Adorable, funny post slim. Loved your trip to Costco. i will buy the mascara for sure, the bathing suit, well that would be a certain No. Though on you i bet it looked good.
    Happy weekend .

  21. Slim, Sitting here laughing by myself. Love the freaky bathing suit torso. That suit was actually very cute with the brown print. Hate having to take things back. Such a bummer.

    I’ll have to check out the Borghese mascara. About a million years ago, I was a Borghese rep at Nordstrom and if they are still using the old formulas, the products are excellent! I had no idea Costco bought it. Kind of sad.

    Love the Bouchon pics. You always go the most fabulous places.


  22. So glad the Friday Faves is back! I love Coke in the glass bottles, also. Reminds me of sitting on the porch at my grandmother’s house in South Carolina when I was little. Those roasted peppers look divine! There is a tapas restaurant in Boston that does something similar and I could really eat the whole bowl. Soooo good! I picked up a couple things in Trader Joe’s the other day that you should try -Quinoa & Black Bean chips and/with their edamame hummus. Dangerous! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  23. The swimsuit alone, your killing me. I cannot go to that store either. So funny. Visit A Tropical Affair. I’m partial, but there is some great new suits there. Have good weekend.

  24. We just bought Tommy Bahama beach chairs with back packs and coolers attached from Costco. I love being able to throw all our beach things on our backs instead of carting every last thing. I also enjoy the long camisole tank tops, yoga pants, practically everything for women at Costco. Ooh, and Healthy Choice fudge bars!

  25. What a great buy on the Borghese – I’ve been using their cosmetics/skin care for years, and Borghese is the only mascara that doesn’t smudge on me. Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. you crack me up! I actually think that bathing suit looks good—or it would look good on someone in your age bracket, meaning I refuse to wear a swimsuit anymore…seriously, know when to fold ’em. I love Costco but you’re right, any plausible purchase of clothing comes with the handicap of having to return it if it doesn’t fit.

    I love the mascara tip…I’m making my husband pick some up on his next Costco run…I avoid the store because everything is such a bargain I’d buy too much.

    Your flowers look amazing and “pure”…what?

    Happy weekend, I hope your energized again so you’ll post for your groupies.

  27. Very funny post:)

    I’m pretty sure you weren’t supposed to take the body with the bathing suit, at least that’s not the way it works in Canada.

    All the food shots look fab!

  28. Vintage SP! Although I haven’t had one in over a year (and I think I have earned one for good behavior!), nothing beats those Mexican Cokes. They may be toxic but they sure are good!

  29. Such fun knowing there is another person with no Costco control! Thought I was the only one who had to have all those double jars of everything when there is only my husband and myself at home now. AND…. We have friends in London that say season three of Downton Abby is already out….have you heard this? And didn’t you say your camera is a Leica? Fabilous pics!

  30. Hi Slim, What a fabulously fun post, as usual! I loved Bouchon, soooo pretty! I am going to have to try the peppers, I’ve never even heard of them, and I thought I knew my peppers. I ordered white anchovies this afternoon from Amazon, no less, as I can’t find any here. I can eat them like candy when I can get my hands on them, but I am not putting them in my peppers! Don’t feel bad, the very first time I went to Costco I bought so much that I bent the gas tank in the Volvo station wagon that I had at the time! It was all too much, too many choices, and I decided while shopping that I never wanted to buy another juice box…who does? This was in the days before bathing suits, so i worked with what they had. Gorgeous flowers, and welcome to Mad Men! You have to rent the past episodes if you haven’t already done so. January Jones and her 60’s wardrobe are fun to watch. Swoon for Don Draper, we will have to drape him in Zebra…the actor was on a talk show the other day giving his full on opinion of the Kardashions….let’s just say he was spot on! Thank you so much, I always look forward to your entertaining Posts, hilarious! Take care.

  31. Have I ever mentioned that I love your blog? I think I have every time I post a comment!
    That swimsuit girl just cracks me up. I can just see you browsing around costco with her stickin out of the buggy.
    have a great one!!!

  32. i caught myself contorting my costco bimbo into the trash can because i couldn’t face what the recycling truck guys would say if i put it out in the plastic bin right on the sidewalk!

  33. LOOOVVVEEEE anchovy paste, I could brush my teeth with’s the best secret ingredient for us salty lovers, ever!!!!! Me thinks you had one too many of those peppers before your Costco trip……hmmm april fools is tomorrow, I am imagining something with that plastic torso ! 🙂

  34. Thomas Keller – there’s a palette cleanser. Last weekend we purchased dinner for 6 at the French Laundry at our son’s school’s annual auction. When my husband won the bid I jumped up and shrieked (demurely, of course). I’ve been dreaming of truffles, butter, and foie gras ever since. Not to mention getting up every morning we’re in Napa and heading over over to the Bouchon Bakery for croissants and coffee. I can’t schedule this trip soon enough.

    • Congrats Kris!
      We are also hoping to get up to Napa (and The Laundry of course) to celebrate our anniversary this month. Can’t wait either!

  35. I buy clothes at Costco when I see a good deal. One weekend I was out to dinner with my daughter and SOL and realized we all had on at least one of my bargains from Costco. If the price is right, I buy stuff for everyone whether they want it or not! I estimated we had on less than $100 dollars worth of wardrobe with the exception of shoes. Our dinner was more than all of our clothing. I had to think about that for a while. Maybe that should not be my goal. I tried one of their chocolate cakes at Christmas that you posted. It took us forever to eat that gigantic cake. That was a tasty bargain.

  36. I’ve missed Friday Favourites! I am laughing so hard over the swimsuit form they sent you home with! I’m always trying to arrange my Costco goods neatly in my trunk and I have a feeling I would have been struggling (and cursing) with how to place that one in so I could close the door. My favorite mascara is Lancome Definicils and my favorite drug store brand is still the pink and green tube by Maybelline but I will try out the one you suggest because it wouldn’t be a Costco trip if I didn’t throw a bunch of random stuff in my cart. My Costco receipt from last week went like this: socks, printer, blueberries, baby wipes, tin foil and water. Not to mention that I got my eyes checked and contacts on the way out! AND we can feed our family of four for $6 at the food court. How’s that for Costco?!

  37. I am just fact-checking here……..(boring as it is)!!!
    Love this post……always searching for good mascara…….this mascara is made by whomever (KIrkland is the Costco label) right? It is called “Borghese”? It isn’t the same as the “Borghese” cosmetics label… it? Or is it??

    I used to LOVE “Borghese” (I think the word “countess; or Marcella, or something like that ” was involved??? But I think this may be different! Please clarify. I am already on my way to Costco for a good mascara!!!


    ps that plastic form with the bathing suit “sent me around the bend!” Lordy!

    Great post!

  38. HI Penelope
    I believe it is the same “Borghese” Perhaps they have been bought by Kirkland, but I have no idea.
    In any case, the mascara is definitely worth a try.

  39. Hi Slim, Leicas are fabulous cameras. They have the best lenses, almost as good as the old Hasselblads. If you want to go the SLR route but don’t want to spend a lot of money, try a Canon 5D Mark III. Most of the pro photographers I know have one, usually as a back-up to their 1D, but the 5D is actually just as good. (It has a staggering 22 megapixels!) The only thing is, Canon’s lenses aren’t as good as Leica’s. But Leica digitals are SO expensive.
    I’m only posting this because I’m going through the same dilemma… Let me know what you choose!

  40. OMG, so funny! I’ve bought exactly two items of clothing at Costco and they didn’t even come close to fitting. Never again.
    Oh, I wonder if they have Mexican Coke here on the East Coast. I love that stuff.

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