Coconut Fever


king coconuts, Sri Lanka

King coconuts for sale, Train station, Sri Lanka



coconut treeMuller von Ruffach, 1861



I‘m coocoo for coconuts right now.

Just can’t seem to get enough of this wonderful fruit!

 I started drinking coconut water a few years back, then cooking with it a year or so ago,

as well as using it on my skin and hair.

More recently, I’ve been practicing the Ayurvedic treatment

of “Oil Pulling”



A list of only some of the supposed benefits of Oil Pulling

-Whiter teeth and healthier gums

-decreased allergy symptoms

-Improved sleep and better energy

-clearer skin

-clearing of sinuses

-diminishing of headaches


Pulling should be practiced every morning, when you first get up and on an empty stomach. Use 1 tablespoon of oil. Sesame oil is most commonly used in traditional ayurvedic pulling  but you may also use vegetable or coconut oil.

 I heat it in a tiny cup in the microwave for 20 seconds to melt and bring to a warm temperature that I find most pleasant.

 Swish the oil around your mouth for a minimum of 5 minutes, max. 30! ( I’m doing about 7)

make sure you push the oil through your teeth, under the tongue, etc. but

 do not swallow any of the oil (it is filling with bacteria 🙁 )

Spit out after time is up and brush your teeth. Simple dimple.

The coconut oil leaves such a pleasant taste in your mouth (as well as moisturising your lips) that I honestly don’t even want to brush right away. I’d rather have my morning cuppa tea first, but that’s just me.

Truthfully, I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin or energy levels yet, but it’s only been just over two weeks and I’m giving it at least a  month. I actually sort of look forward to my little morning ritual and what could it hurt?


Slim Paley photo



fresh king coconut water

Sharing fresh King coconut water creatures with friends in Sri Lanka


cultured almond milkSlim Paley photo..

Coconut flavoured Cultured Almond milk is not bad at all.

With some chopped tropical fruit and a sprinkling of toasted coconut flakes, I could easily have this for breakfast twice a week.



palm trees, Sri Lanka


SO Delicious coconut milkSlim Paley photo

Also happy to find this coconut chia & flax seed oil to add to smoothies and why not try coconut milk instead of dairy for awhile?

I like it just as much as almond milk with my granola-

not sure which is healthier, but variety is the spice of life!

(yes, that’s what constitutes ‘variety’ for me now. cue violin)



fresh King coconut water



ONE coconut waterSlim Paley photo

I have a standing order with Amazon for O.N.E. coconut water to be delivered every month

but have you tried fresh “Baby coconut” water? It’s sooo good-much sweeter than “O.N.E.”



.coconut tree drawing



Kara coconut cream

Coconut cream for desserts, creamy curries, and of course… cocktails 🙂

Another great idea I read about but haven’t tried yet is making ‘whipped coconut cream’ instead of traditional dairy whipped cream.

Simply put a can of coconut milk in the fridge for a couple of hours, skim the thickened part from the top of the can, and whip.

see full instructions here;

Whip that Coconut!


bar, Amanwella hotel, Sri Lanka

The Amanwella hotel bar, Sri Lanka


king coconuts



We’ve been looking for Haagen Dazs Coconut and Pineapple ice-cream, but so far no luck 🙁



Are you of the coconut body??

It seems to be one of those flavours that people either love or hate.


coconut cake

But seriously, WHO can resist a divine Coconut Cream cake?!

oh wait…

we were talking about being healthy and Ayurvedic medicine, why did you lead me astray like that?!







  1. Yum! My wonderful neighbor just brought over treats from the freezer – tiny treat size coconut oil frozen around dark chocolate covered almonds sprinkled with coconut. Delicious!

  2. I have been eating coconut manna by the spoonful. I have low good cholesterol so my doctor recommended coconut oil and butter. The butter is divine.

  3. Great post~ can’t get enough coconut either! I’ve been cooking with it and now using on my face twice a day for a couple of months now as well as feet, elbows and other dry spots. Can’t wait to try the pulling. Is it hard to keep swishing for 7 min.? Did you have to work up to that? Gorgeous pictures as always and hunky bartender~ xx

    • wondering how long it would take for someone to comment on the bartender…only 3 comments in…not bad!
      I didn’t have to work up to 7 minutes. It’s really not unpleasant in the least. I swish while I’m getting my tea ready in the morning, and reading my emails etc.
      If you’re engaged in doing something else the time goes by easily.

      • I’m liking the coconut bartender’s aspect…nice to see someone with this much on looks so…healthy.


      • So, it’s been a month. Did you notice any difference with the pulling?

        I loved the king coconuts in Sri Lanka. Did you cut them open and have the fruit? I have been a coconut addict since I was born, since our garden had four coconut trees. South Asians use coconuts for a lot of things, especially to treat their hair with coconut oil. Maybe you should try that too.

        Interestingly, in Switzerland, in a fusion Asian restaurant, I came across a canned serving of coconut water with roasted pieces of coconut inside. I loved it. Have you come across that in the US?

  4. I love coconut everything…. Check out Harmless Harvest. 100% organic pure coconut water. The only coconut water that is NOT heated. Therefore it tastes just like the baby coconut water that comes strait from the coconut. All of the others are brought to a boil and then packaged. Basically they are being pastuerized. I found this at Whole Foods. The rep was there and I learned alot from her. I buy it by the case and have one bottle a day.

    • Hi Lesley! Thanks for this-I’m going to go get some today-although I’m always a little afraid to go out during Summer Solstice Weekend in Santa Barbara!

  5. Very interesting post. I’m going to look into this coconut healing thing. Thanks for the brand suggestions, too. At least I know what to look for. Nice pic’s. I’d like to go to Sri Lanka now that I’ve seen so many of your beautiful pictures.

  6. Gelson’s coconut macaroons dipped in Dark chocolate!

    But only 4-5 times a year. (weird huh?)

    I’ve never tried the water (except as a kid on our first trip to Hawaii) – think I’ll start with Leslie’s suggestion of Harmless Harvest.

    Wonder what Hubby will say when he sees me spitting out the bacteria oil? 🙂

  7. Do you think I could ‘pull’ that Coconut Cream cake instead? Though I would have to ignore your instructions to avoid swallowing…

    Bounty bars are my guilty pleasure – one of the few chocolate bars that translated from my childhood in England to my teens in Canada.

  8. I love coconut water, coconut whip and coconut butter lotion…
    my darling husband just wants to eat a slice of coconut cream pie.

    Coconuts are truly versatile what will we do with them next?

  9. How do you all manage to read this blog before me AND leave comments. I must have minimum five hours on everyone being across the pond. Today’s quest is for coconuts.
    Oh, and I did have a coconut bra once upon a time.

  10. Ooh, thanks for the good reminder, Slim. When I was in the States in January I was all for jumping on the cooking with coco bandwagon and then promptly forgot about it when I got home! Although who knows if I can find any of these products in France. Maybe creme fraiche à la coco?

    And because of your edict to “read your face off”, I went out yesterday and bought the biggest book I could find–Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair” which for some odd reason I’ve never read–thank you!

  11. Dear Slim-

    I luff coconut with every fibre of my being- I oil cleanse my skin in it, I use the milk hand cream in Thai curries, I love Laura Mercier’s coconut and almond moisturiser, I love to bake with dessicated coconut. And do not get me started on the Wonder of bounty bars!
    I am freezing half to death here.
    Hope all is well with you xxxx

  12. Hey Slim! This is too strange…my husband just made me a fresh Pina Colada last Sat. I have no idea why I wanted one (or 2-3 it turned out!), and I couldn’t get that terrible song out of my head. “If you like Pina Coladas…”, but wow was it good. everything was fresh, except of the rum..hehe! I am going to try the trick with the oil…why not? The more I read and watch Dr. Oz, I am willing to try most things, if they make a bit of sense. Thank you so much, fun as usual, I really look forward to your posts! Take care, Pam

  13. Love, Love and love coconut… they have the best coconut yogurt in France… delish… I must start on your other recommendations… the oil and the water… As for coconut ice cream… that is really a weakness of mine… xv

  14. I, too, am a lover of coconut in many different forms, especially oil, milk & water. I want to open a young coconut myself, as I’ve heard that’s really tasty & healthy. Any tips on doing that?
    Best regards, Ruth

  15. I’ve been a coconut fan for years also… I use coconut oil in oatmeal and rice regularly, it’s great for bread crumb chicken. McConnell’s makes Island Coconut Ice cream that is ridiculous! Coconut water is perfect after a workout… kind of a natural sport drink. Oh, and if that isn’t enough… it is a wonderful metabolic regulator.

    I make a coconut cake that looks just like the picture, It’s a recipe by the Barefoot Contessa.

    Yay for coconut anything!!!

    • Thanks for all these JP! Is the Barefoot Contessa cake difficult to make?? It looks so fricking good and just the right amount of layers for me 🙂

  16. I too am coco for coconuts. I cook with it, drink it, bake with it and can “pull” with it. It is a magic gift from the earth. Love, love, love me some coconut.

  17. Is it wrong that I mostly keep coconut water on hand to make sure no one gets a hangover at my house on weekends? I think of it as simply a good precaution. But your post has me thinking that I am selling that water short. This may cut into my kombucha drinking, but I think I shall give it a whirl. Thanks for the inspiring post! xx

  18. When I was a kid I used to ask my Mom for a coconut and a pineapple for
    my birthday treat instead of a birthday cake. Did that for years and loved
    every bite!

  19. Darling Faux, i hope that “milk hand creme” you’re using in curries tastes good. And for some reason “dessicated” anything doesnt appeal to me personally. Must be a down under thing? Usually i agree with you always! Years ago, Almond Joy used to be a favorite. So i am def on the side of those big hairy things. But honestly Slim I cant get myself to use anything but regular old whole milk in my cuppa. What do you use in your cuppa? I feel saintly if i use 2%.

    • I too have to stick with the humble cow when it comes to my cuppa Julie. However I switched to 2% a few years ago and now whole milk in my tea tastes too much like I’ve put cream in it.

  20. For all coconut enthusiasts, you must see this video on coconut oil in treating Alzheimer’s….I’ve sent it to several people, including a well-known interior designer who I spoke to on the phone several months ago about a paint color she used in her home. During our conversation, she told me that her husband is suffering from the disease and she was interested in any and all suggestions to help him. I can’t vouch for the validity of this report, however, if I were in her position, I would be willing to try it! Enjoy the video:

    • This video is sooo interesting. I hope everyone will take a couple of minutes and watch it.
      Thank you for sharing it with us J & A.

  21. have you ever tried pina colada cake?! yum! coconut oil on the body ain’t bad either – the kind you can cook with.

  22. Not a fan of the coconut I fear but I am going to try your coconut oil trick as I am a fan of everything on that “pros” list.

  23. Love coconut milk and So Delicious Coconut creamer(!), coconut oil, coconut manna (Nutiva, which is a local company to SB!), but don’t like coconut flakes – the texture gets me. I think I’ll try pulling – I always thought it was weird, but coming from you for some reason it doesn’t sound as weird I got hooked on coconut water too – I find that the refrigerated cans taste even better than the boxes.

  24. “In Alabama, and throughout the South, the presentation of an elegant, scratch-made, laborious Lane cake is a sign that a noteworthy life event is about to be celebrated. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Alabama native Harper Lee, character Maudie Atkinson bakes a Lane cake to welcome Aunt Alexandra when she comes to live with the Finch family. Noting the cake’s alcoholic kick, the character Scout remarks, “Miss Maudie baked a Lane cake so loaded with shinny it made me tight.” Shinny is a slang term for liquor. “I am a coconut fan. I can see my grandmother grating fresh coconuts every Christmas for the Lane cake and our fresh ambrosia. So of course I continue the tradition. Did not know about pulling but am ready and willing to try!

    • Peggy-do you have a yummy Lane Cake recipe? Love Scout and named a sweet dog I had after her. Am now sharing anything ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ with my granddaughters.

  25. A million and a half years ago went out with the tanned Aussie surfer who smelt of coconut oil and the sea, tres sexy!

  26. Confused by instruction not to swallow the coconut or sesame oil used for pulling because “it’s full of bacteria” but you can eat it and the photo calls it a dietary supplement. What’s what or which is which?

    • oh, I see, the oil is supposed to become filled with bacteria after swishing around my mouth; but of course, my mouth & yours is full of bacteria all the time, which we swallow pretty continuously throughout the day; this idea of drawing toxins or bacteria from other places in the body to your mouth by swishing oil should make you skeptical enough to do just a little research on the topic; didn’t take long to see it’s mostly hype and nonsense

      • I have done a fair amount of research on the benefits of products derived from the coconut and in reading multiple articles have not come across anything really negative. For any and every subject on the planet you will find a multitude of pros and cons on the internet. Obviously we’re free to draw our own conclusions. Personally, I’ll continue to swish for another few weeks because I’m confident I’m not doing myself any harm and I like to see the coconut half full. Preferably served by that bartender.

    • The bacteria is from your own mouth and you are pulling the bacteria out with the coconut oil. Same reason the dentist says rinse and spit, not swallow.

  27. I have been making coconut sorbet. Two cans of coconut milk, 1/2 cup sugar, and 2 packages of frozen coconut. Mix the milk and sugar over a low heat until sugar is dissolved. Take off heat, add coconut and chill in fridge. When the mixture is good and cold, i pour into my electric freezer and 25 minutes later…soft serve. If you like it firmer put in in the freezer of the fridge at this point. Takes a bit of advance planning but so worth it. Gorgeous when served in a coconut shell. (Also great drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with toasted almonds… Almond Joy in a bowl!!). Another great presentation is a scoop of chocolate sorbet and a scoop of the coconut sorbet in the same bowl.

  28. Only time for a brief reply, as I am reaching for the Magnolia Bakery cook book with their great recipe for Coconut layer cake. I’ll rinse before (or after?) eating, dont worry. But first, I want to check out the teeth on those “pullers”. Open wide!

  29. Coconut water is SOOOO good for you! Growing up in Brazil, I used to drink it almost every day. It was something so normal to have it and I miss having it often. You’re right, fresh is much sweeter than boxed ones.

    Wishing a great week, my friend.

    Big hugs to you.

    Luciane at

    • The oil pulling sounds interesting, worth giving it a go as it can’t hurt if one uses a good oil.

      When we lived in Sri Lanka, food was almost always cooked in coconut oil (the cheapest cooking oil available there) which local doctors said was the reason many Sri Lankans had heart problems as apparently it’s a highly saturated oil.

      Our food was cooked in it for two years (tasted fabulous! and at that time healthier options like olive oil were not available) so now I avoid eating meals cooked with it for health reasons. Though I have always loved coconut and as a child adored home made coconut ice. Coconut juice straight from the nut is used locally almost as a kind of medicine. Whenever any of us came down with local dysentary bugs our household staff would always bring us coconut juice to drink to provide fluid and help the insides. Our doctor told us that during the war when they coouldn’t get plasma to use in blood transfusions, in desperate cases they sometimes used the juice straight from the nut as it is totally pure.

      When you’ve been fed with coconut juice in run to the loo situations (there was a restaurant in Colombo called the Ran Maloo – it meant golden fish – but everyone called it the”run to the loo” because that’s what you did if you ate there) it no longer has pleasant associations so I’d never drink it now even if I could get a fresh king coconut. Great post Slim, best wishes, Pamela

  30. Ok. I think you have me convinced. So many ways to enjoy it, I just might have to give them a second chance. Thanks Slim for always making healthy “pretty” fun!

  31. I love the coconut flavor, but for some reason coconut water and milk make my stomach turn. I love the sound of it, and it looks so good, but it just never agrees with me. 🙁 Very sad, because there’s something romantic about the idea of coconut.

  32. that first image made me look twice…those vivid colors are exactly what is captured in one of my husband’s paintings..of coconuts on a tree with that gorgeous blue as sky… I took Bikram yoga classes and the instructor encouraged us to go to the local Korean market for fresh coconuts…quite comical if you watched us attempting to hack open one of those and partake….needless to say, that bandwagon was jumped off of fast. Then, it seemed like coconut water already packaged became “the big deal”. Hubby continues to consume massive quantities; I never did care for it. My favorite way to enjoy coconut is in a freshly baked macaroon dipped in luscious chocolate!

  33. My daughter Alexandra and I are freaking nuts over coconuts!!! I turned to coconut products back in 2004 and I have not gone back…I have searched the world over for the best coconut products…Fiji has wonderful hair, face, and body products, love them all, even their candle…we use the organic cold press coconut oil in our smoothies, baking, cooking, hair, body…one of my all time favorite perfumes..Aloha Tiare, a blend w/coconut and floral..Sud Pacifique (Paris)..another wonderful coconut lotion from Skin Trip, Boulder, Colorado…we (Alexandra and I) just created a recipe for tres leches, using none other than the outstanding, ever excellent COCONUT!!!!!!!!! …..YeeHawwwwww…..I will turn her on to your spitting oil post and we shall commune over the sink together..the family that spits together stays together! (she is home from college (yeah!)and when she comes down after her shower, she smells sooooo good from the slathering of coconut oil)…..thanks for the post!

  34. Love this post. So many good tips. I drink coconut water all the time especially when I play tennis. It does prevent you from getting dehydrated. Also, at Whole Foods the other day they were sampling coconut butter. It tastes like really good butter and is supposed to be good for you too. My neighbor just started cleansing and wearing coconut oil on her face day and night and looks great. Good stuff!


  35. I just bought a peanut butter/ coconut spread from Earth Balance the other day! I put it in my smoothies to mask the taste of chard and spinach and everything else healthy I put in their out of obligation to my body 🙂 And I also eat it out of the jar, with my finger. Which is out of obligation solely… to me :)))

  36. I’m doing the oil pulling too! It’s been a month and i feel like my teeth are cleaner than usual. I also had a sensitive spot on one tooth that went away after 3 days of oil pulling. My only issue is that i feel the urge to swallow tiny bits of the oil as i swish.

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