Chartreuse Sunset


Slim Paley photo

Slim Paley Photo

It was another gloriously sunny day in California, though I must admit, the day came with all it’s Monday Might and left me a wee bit worse for wear. My antidote was to take a walk around the garden this evening with my camera (and a glass of chilled white wine :)) and let Mother Nature still my spirits. There’s nothing quite like the beauty of an unfurling rose, or even a mere fern leaf to help bring a certain stillness back to the soul.  When the sun sets at this time of year, the entire garden takes on a glorious chartreuse hue that never ceases to enthrall me no matter how many years I’ve lived in this house.

Slim Paley photo



Chartreuse is the name given to the wonderful colour created when green and yellow are combined (or in actual fact, when the absence of green and yellow combines, if we are to get technical)  Grande Chartreuse is the head monastery of the Carthusian order, located in the Chartreuse Mountains just north of Grenoble and is most famous for being the producers of Chartreuse liquer, which has been around, believe it or not, since the early 1700’s. (God I’m good…Dan Brown eat your heart out )

Drunken Monk Hang-Out


“Green Envy zinnias add a great dose of chartreuse to the garden, last forever in arrangements and are super easy to grow.

Martini Time…



Speaking of green with envy…Pierre Hardy clutch

Wallpaper from Wallpaperspace (website further below).

“Bells of Ireland”

This is a gorgeous dessert cookbook!


Apperlai Sandals


Did you know that as well as being the birthstone for August, Peridot is designated for the 16th Wedding Anniversary?.

Slim Paley photo……………Fresh asparagus in a Parisian cafe


Wallpaper from



Slim Paley photo

Elizabeth & James cotton gauze shirt from Diani Boutique, Santa Barbara.  Etro scarf, necklace from Maison K, Montecito


Noritaka Tatehana


Slim Paley photo

Cote Sud photo


Matthew Williamson


Slim Paley Photo

Wishing you a Blooming Good Week!




    • Thanks for reminding me Anne! I have tried it- a friend brought us a bottle and she made the most delicious cocktails – I must get the recipe again…the evening is a bit of a blur 🙂

  1. Well, Slim, I’m running out of superlative adjectives to describe your blog. I do not know how you pull such disparate stuff together, but you marvelously manage to.
    The great designer, Sister Parish, was a fan of chartreuse, and used it quite a bit. In fact, I believe her Lincoln Town car was chartreuse.

  2. Chartreuse, the name alone………………
    Have you changed cameras?

    Walking the garden with a glass of wine an hour before sunset in Spring, priceless.
    Speaking of priceless, your gardens seems to fit that description! Every color and its variation.
    Lucky girl you.

    • No Gaj, same camera, but the asparagus in Paris was just a cell phone pic. – and yes, I agree with you (as I so often do 🙂 ) even the name “Chartreuse” is beautiful!

  3. Ahhh! Breathtaking images! And just as I settle into a garden frame of mind, I scroll down to cruel shoes I’m dying to slide into… if only for a moment 🙂 Gorgeous, disparate, thought provoking.

  4. Some of us loved the color so much we painted the exterior of the house in the shade!! imagine that..then imagine it re-painted.
    Why didn’t you stop me. xo

    • Hmmm…I believe I was called after the fact, but I still maintain you could have “worked it”… and I love that you were that brave, all by your lonesome.

  5. Thank for that little garden visit and your fabulous blog. I usually am a stalker but it’s high time I said “Hello Slim Paley!”

    There’s nothing more lovely than a fern leaf unfolding.

    Don’t know if you are aware of the amazing documentary “Into Great Silence” (available on Netflix) about the Carthusian order at the Grande Chartreuse monastery.

    Cheerio, mate!

    • Wow Brenda- what a great recommendation. I’ve just ordered it on Amazon (it rates 73 “5 stars”) It sounds amazing. Thank you!

  6. Chartreuse is my new favorite color, thanks to you! Especially when paired with shades of amethyst. I love every single photo in this post. Thank you!

  7. Well, you’ve done it to me again! Inspiration galore….especially the wellies with callies!
    I love your bamboo bench too! My 16th wedding anniversary is the 27th of this month.
    Must go jewelry shopping and send ideas to my Hoss! ; ) You always make my day! xo

  8. Love the photos, love Chartreuse! Love your garden! I’m in LOVE here! Your lovely images definitely ratcheted down the stress level, but I still need a walk in your beautiful garden. Can I come if I bring the wine? (no worries, you’re safe from drop-ins, as I’m on the other coast. But OH is your garden gorgeous!)

  9. Hi Slim,

    Love it all.

    But God, My God, your house and garden continue to amaze and intimidate me with their beauty. I know I shouldn’t get green with envy but maybe chartruese? I mean it.


    FYI ~ I will be shamelessly copying that photo of your wellies and lily’s pronto. I promise to credit you. I took a photo this weekend that I think you would be proud of. It’s the first photo on my blog today.

  10. Well, I certainly felt revived after your garden walk and hope you did too. Thank you, as always, for your special vision…it adds to my day!

  11. Wow, Slim. You’ve outdone yourself. I save your blog for last, like dessert. It always brings a smile to my face. You got me this time with the feather heels!

  12. You lushly capture Mother Nature’s beauty in every photo!
    Love the lushness…may the rest of your week be glorious and fun Slim 🙂

  13. Blooming unbelievable, every amazing photo.
    Once again try to pick a fav. but fail.
    Well I think I could live without the shoes… that’s it. No kidding Slim- a stunning post. A treat for the week.
    Until next time thank you for sharing.xo

  14. Love this post!

    Fantastic garden photos, super cool wallpaper from wallpaperspace, adorable outfit (shirt,scarf and fab necklace), and a delicious sounding martini recipe! …..although, those shoes aren’t exactly my style

    thank you from Vancouver (sunny Vancouver today:)

  15. We have chartreuse couches! Kind of an unusual color, but I never tire of it. It’s a very cheerful color that looks great with everything. Have a great week!

  16. Slim-

    I too have run out of adjectives. So I will just say ‘cowabunga’ !!!!!!!!

    Love it,

  17. Your posts calm me. I love them. I wish there were new posts everyday. I wonder what music you might have added to the chartreuse post….do the monks have an album of chants?

  18. Another lovely post!
    My very favorite thing is when people appreciate and celebrate….and revel in beauty and good fortune!

    Those of us who are so lucky to live in a beautiful place….with a lovely climate…….should be doing what you do every week……(f not every day!) Not only do you appreciate it; you photograph it….and you revel in it!!

    I LOVE your blog!

    I so admire you for sharing the lovely garden you have…the flowers you see and appreciate!

    I hope you will inspire others……I believe you do already!!!
    In any case; You inspire me….and you are a terrific example of an appreciative soul!

    Everyone who reads and sees your blog…..sees the beauty of your roses……your wonderful descriptions of New Orleans……and your tremendous appreciation of beauty wherever you go!

    You pass on your gift of visualization…….and your gift of appreciation!

    Thank you for your wonderful posts!!

  19. Today at lunch here in Santa Barbara, I saw this adorable woman in the Elizabeth and James shirt and my first thought was “she must have read Slim’s blog!” If she happens to read this, she looked adorable! I love love love their shirts. They are the best!

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