Marta & Gose. Or, Pizza & Beer

IMG_2293 (1)

The Palate Alla Carbonara pizza at Marta, NYC


I have a good, casual restaurant to recommend for the next time your travels take you to NYC.

Danny Meyer’s “Marta” in the Martha Washington Hotel.

Order the Palate Alla Carbonara pizza- a decadent combo of potatoes, chives, cheese & eggs dancing deliciously together on a crispy thin dance floor of crust.




Filling out your dance card, will be a tall, cool, ginger (think Prince Harry) glass of Westbrook Gose beer. The sourest, saltiest, best ‘Gose’ we have tasted. Beer in mind (see what I did there) aficionados are seriously divided on this old German style beer brewed with wheat, salt & coriander. You’ll either love Gose (pronounced goze-uh) or hate it. I’ll earnestly admit I don’t know much about beer at all, but this one really caught our attention.



Apparently Westbrook is a small brewery which explains why we haven’t been able to track their Gose down in a restaurant or store since.  If anyone locates it in California, let me know ( but let’s just keep it between us shall we?  😉  )



Oh hello, what’s this??  Another potential suitor sidling up …

One hates to be rude…

Maybe just two slices

IMG_2291 (1)

Pizza Fungi with chanterelles, hen-of-the-woods, and some sort of delicious white cheese. Sure, I’ll have this dance.

Though many items on the menu sounded very appealing, our son assured us we wanted to go with the pizzas. They did not disappoint, as evidenced in my photos.

Lady C. had a mad hankering for an ice-cream flavour she’d loved on their last visit to Marta. Unfortunately it was already sold out and, as we were dining fairly early in the evening it took our table a few minutes to recover from the blow. You know the feeling??  Eventually we managed to soldier on, but the ‘incident’ begs a Bigger Life Question:

Is it completely déclassé to reserve a certain flavour of ice-cream before you order 4 pizzas and beer for dinner???

I’m asking for a friend.

Marta is located right off the lobby of the Martha Washington hotel. Not a particularly charming ambience, but not too loud or difficult to converse, despite the soaring ceilings in what I think was a bank in another lifetime. Trekking to the ladies room felt a bit like being in a  scene from “The Thomas Crown Affair”.




As we were leaving I stopped by the open kitchen to admire the incredible two story pizza ovens and fiery barbeque and spotted a mixed-grill of various meats being plated that left me a little weak at the knees, glancing wistfully over my shoulder.

Momma will be back.




I love pizza, beer and dancing, don’t you?!


Speaking of dancing…

I’d just like to draw your attention to Friday’s “Daily Paley” as I know many people are not still not aware they are back up and running and I’d hate for you to miss this particular recommendation;

Lianne La Havas

I think you will thank me 🙂


Photo credits;  Tiled pizza ovens via Marta website

last grill photo via NYEats



  1. I don’t think I’m getting everything you do and I want to receive it all! I used to get all the blog posts. The Friday ones???, not anymore. PLEASE HELP, I love your writing and photos and suggestions!!

    • Thank you Jean- you are so sweet.
      I’m trying to resolve the email subscription issue. Who would ever imagine anything could get this complicated?! Honestly, after getting hacked last month, I just needed to take a break from the ‘technical’ stuff. NOT the fun part of blogging, let me tell you!!

  2. This spot sounds like just the perfect place to stop in for beer and pizza. Delish! Personally love the atmosphere!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  3. Yes, thank you, Slim for Lianne, but a boatload of gratitude to You, for your return.
    Your absence left a gaping hole in the blogging universe. I hope the intermission was restorative and that your pleasure in penning the Daily Paley is renewed. Welcome back!

  4. Dang, since son #1 and his lovely family have moved from NY to Austin (not bad eats there, either), I don’t get to NY much. I’ll make a note of this place in hopes that if I ever do, I’ll be able to enjoy the magical ice cream and then settle in with a pizza, or two! I was certain a particularly well-stocked wine/beer store nearby would have your Gose, but this was as close as I could find

  5. Dude, I am all in on pizza and brewski’s! I remember in my younger day, my Friday nights (actually I was (and still am) married, but “HE” travels a lot……anyway Friday nights a la moi was a large with a six pack of corona…ok, honestly, I finished the large and only had two coronas…..flash forward 30 years and I make my own pizzas, throw them on the grill, this season my fav is always topped with an egg! …..why am I not getting the Daily ?!……daughter#1 and daughter #2 have been enjoying Spanish Days

  6. We just returned from New York City last week. Three days of trying to find perfect pizza. First we went to Artichoke Basille’s pizza. My daughter saw it on the food channel and we had to go. It was…..ok. But when something is hyped on the food channel I expect great things. The crust was so thick…I like crust…but this was a wedge of bread and then cheese. the next day we went to a little restaurant in little Italy, we were fitting in dinner because we had to get to the Yankee game. A very smooth guy, he looked like one of my Italian husband’s nephew, hustled us inside. It was a cute place but I expected nothing. Wrong, great pizza! Da Gennaro. Adorable place too. So pizza is forever our search…Thank you for this…good to know I have a sister looking also

  7. Yummy!! Almost anything tastes better on a pizza crust! I can’t appreciate the beer, but I believe you:) I’m not getting the Daily Paley! Why not and how can I be sure to??

  8. You must have been an advertising copy writer in another life. The photos, along with your descriptions {you had me at “crispy thin dance floor of crust”}, have made me add this place and that pizza to the top of my NYC list for next time.

  9. Great review Slim! Will add it to my list of NYC eateries although I don’t like super loud restaurants…unless it’s fabulous music. Speaking of music, I listened to your musical suggestion on Spotify. Love discovering new stuff there too! Back to the pizza…I posted a recipe last night for Grilled Beet & Goat Cheese Pizza. Sooo pretty & yummy! You’re officially invited for dinner & a movie at TLPC!
    Hope you’ve had a great summer Slim!
    XO LP

    • Thank you for the invite Lisa! I’ve had a wonderful, though fleeting summer so far- I hope yours has been great too!! I want August to SLOW DOWN

  10. Hi Slim,

    It doesn’t surprise me to learn that Danny Meyer’s place is a hit with you. As someone who has worked in the hospitality business, I think he has sort of a magical touch. He has also written a great book entitled “Setting the Table”, which is essentially a business book, and would probably appeal only to someone in that business, but a good book, nevertheless.

    Thanks for your prose, and the restaurant review. I only wish I went to New York more often.


  11. How do I get the dailys ? I’ve only seen this post and one about a week ago, after a long absence. Miss your blogs.

  12. Thank you everyone for all your comments and emails and FB’s messages letting me know about the issues with the D.P.’s.
    The switch over from one mailing service to the other has been, ummm, let’s say somewhat ‘problematic’ for me. Some of it is my fault (mea culpa no doubt) , some of it isn’t. Getting hacked just as I was getting back up to speed after my ‘sabbatical’ didn’t help.
    I’m working on it and hope to have resolution once and for all soon.
    In the meantime, you might, or you might not, get an email alert.
    You can also check in daily and look in the “Daily Paley” box under the main scroll to see if there’s a new post. THANK YOU for your patience! :-0

  13. Hi!
    That place looks great, we will def. try it. Just came across your blog and love it.
    Westbrook is out of South Carolina and if you are in the NYC area check out Good Beer in the East Village. They usually carry it. 🙂
    If you are in BK (and off the L) check out The Sampler.

  14. I’ve missed you – kind of/sort of thought you were no longer writing a blog – so happy I found you again.

  15. Miss your blogs so much and not getting the Dailys nor the alerts. 🙁 I did sign up for them.

    Hope you have luck in correcting the problems. Sorry you were hacked. IT IS THE WORST.

    Hope things get better. We are all out here in cyberspace awaiting your full return to inspire us to get through this hectic life and take us on a magical journal through your eyes so we can escape our problems if even for ten minutes!!!!!You’re the BEST of them all.


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