Happy Negroni Week!


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OK, so I’m late.  We’re already 2 days into ” NEGRONI WEEK”


But don’t fret, you can still catch up.  I have.

Never forget The Tortoise and the Hare of the Dog fable   😉

In 2013, Imbibe magazine created “Negroni Week” in celebration of one of the world’s greatest cocktails and as a way to raise money for charitable causes around the globe. This year there are more than 3,500 bars participating worldwide.







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Speaking of late, dare I say I arrived more than unfashionably tardy to the Negroni party.




I had my very first tipple less than 2 years ago.  I’d dismissed it as a ‘brown’ drink and therefore not appealing.

Silly me. It’s actually made up of 3 components-none of them really being brown- save certain sweet vermouths  ( I’m still convinced I’m way too young to drink whiskey, scotch or rye- gross)


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That being said, with a couple of blood orange trees in our garden and the good luck of living within walking distance of the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, CA, home of a viciously good, though by no means generous (hint hint), barrel-aged Negroni) I am a convert.

Note;  This is not a cocktail that promises Love upon First Sip. No, no, no.

It’s actually much more of a Fake-Out Cocktail, not unlike your first martini.

At first you’ll pretend you like it because;

a) you are unfailingly polite

b) you don’t wish to appear unsophisticated

c) gin is less fattening than wine.

d) you will drink pretty much anything at the right time, especially when it’s such a pretty colour. Plus, the citrus makes it healthy.

And then, and this might be a week or two later, you’ll be thinking about that Negroni.

And that, my friends, is that.

I hate to admit this to my ever-growing immediate circle of Negroni drinking comrades (entre nous, I keep my back between my friends and the bar and make a few unnecessary flourishes) but the basics involved in mixing up a Negroni are very simple. Equal parts Campari, gin & sweet vermouth, over ice or neat, add an orange slice or peel for garnish. The better quality gin & sweet vermouth, the better the Negroni.  Good, clear ice is a must. Campari is campari and if you venture past the first Negroni, well, let’s just say it’s all good.






As with most cocktails, there are many variations. Here are links to just a few:


Paste Magazine

Esquire Magazine; “The Ultimate Negroni Recipe”

Mouth.com; “The Perfect Summer Negroni”


A couple of last thoughts;

-Negronis make an excellent summer cocktail. With the late afternoon sun refracting through ice & glass there aren’t too many prettier libations.  That being said, a crackling winter fire as backlight on a straight up will do in a pinch. Or a candle.

-Speaking from 2 years of personal research, barrel-aged Negronis are the bomb, but I’ve yet to purchase a barrel. And quite frankly if I do, someone better step in. How does the barrel not leak?? How long should it stay in the barrel and do I just put the gin in or all 3 ingredients? How do I tip it back out? Most importantly, won’t my garage smell like a distillery and could the vapours cause my car to explode?

You can see why I stay away from whiskey and why I’d never make a good moon-shine wife. Plus, there’s the whole no teeth component to that…but I digress.


Cheers to you and your health, and of course, to drinking responsibly.


xxx S.P.

PS. I received no perks, free drinks, bottles of Campari, or barrels for this post.


Photo of Misao Owkawa, the oldest woman in the world via BoredPanda.com









  1. Substitute the Gin for Bourbon and you have a Boulevardier – absolutely delicious and it might convert you to ‘brown’ drinks. Rumour says it was Hemingway’s recipe…

  2. I stayed at the Negroni Hotel in Nice, but don’t drink brown, lol, but now will try!

  3. Occasionally I do brown, but I like Grappa, too…hey, don’t judge.
    I once received a case of Kerr-jarred moonshine from a well-dressed 18 wheel trucker at a NASCAR race…old Rockingham, I think. Long story but that fire water could burn the hair my honey’s chest! Scary powerful…not on my current go-to list. Negroni is a must try. Thank you!

  4. Okay now I’ve got to try one..Going to New York Friday so maybe I’ll get a good one there…It sounds a bit like Aperol. I wasn’t in love when I first had one and later was hooked! Love the photos!

  5. Mr. H has been a Negroni man for years, and make makes a pretty mean one at that. Me, I am generally a scotch and wine girl. But I hadn’t focused on the gin-calories thing…I shall have to reconsider. Especially given these lovely photos and the fact that I shall be at Bemelmans this very evening. Perfect way to start off the weekend — Thursday is an acceptable time to start off the weekend, right? xx

  6. I for one do not drink. But, my late father had Negroni’s quite frequently. Have not heard anyone talk or write about them since then UNTIL NOW!!!! 🙂 Nice post!

  7. Slim I happen to think that a Negroni is a very sophisticated drink!!
    Thanks for the fun and festive feature!!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Dear Slim, I have a friend who has Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer! She is just 30 years old, has two young sons, and a wonderful husband. She is desperate to get into a Clinical Trial, more specifically Immunotherapy/pd-1 drugs. I am just trying to get her information out there because she is running out of time. Her name is Ashleigh Royalty Range and her blog is…..,myjourneywithibc.blogspot.com. I know that you a very busy, but if you could just take a minute and read her blog you will understand why her information needs to be shared with all women. Wishing you all good things!

    • Just wanted to add a Post Script….Ashleigh Royalty Range took her last breath yesterday, Sunday, 19 July 2015 at 8:00 am. She was an amazing human being, Mother to two sons, ages one and two. She celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary with her husband Brad just last week. She fought desperately to stay alive for as long as she could. She only lived for one year after she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, but she did everything that she possibly could to make other women aware of this awful disease.

      The next time you go to see your doctor ask her/him if they know what Inflammatory Breast Cancer is. Ask your mother’s, your sister’s, your girlfriend’s, your niece’s, your granddaughter’s, your aunt’s, your grandmother’s, in fact, ask every woman that you know if they have ever heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. We need to talk about this because it is no ordinary breast cancer. Not enough research is being done on this type of cancer that spreads so rapidly and kills so many young women. Take a minute to read about Ashley and the fight she was waging on behalf of all women at: http://www.myjourneywithibc.blogspot.cpm

      Wishing all of you a long and healthy life!


      • That is so very sad Sharon. I am very sorry for your loss and my prayers go out to Ashleigh’s family.

  9. Dear Slim,
    The next step in your evolution of Negroni appreciation is finding the perfect spot in Italia in which to imbibe. May I suggest the Gran Caffe in the piazzetta of Capri? Nothing is finer than meeting friends and having one or two of the orangey-red beauties around 7:30 as people dawdle, rush, and promenade through the entrances and arches of the prettiest piazza in Italy. At around 9 pm the Neapolitan sun sets Negroni red into the Bay of Naples. Care to join me?

  10. Oh wonderful. I have a bottle of Campari, I didn’t know what to do with! You’ve sovled that problem for me! Have I mentioned how happy I am to see you back?

  11. Well, it’s pretty and it looks like it would taste good, what’s not to like? Gin has less calories than wine? I knew I liked gin and tonics with lime for summer afternoons. 🙂

  12. Dear Slim, Thank you for posting my information about Ashleigh! I want to apologize for being the downer of the day, and I am not talking about Negroni! Wishing you and your family all good things!

  13. A sweet friend introduced me to the SYR Negroni and I became a devote. Ranging far a field, I have yet to find it’s equal. I encourage you to play mad scientist and give the Barrel Aged adventure a Go – report on the antics. The scent of the orange cannot be replaced .

  14. Hello and how wonderful of you to share ‘Negroni’ week, che bello!
    Campari is my aperitivo of choice, I love it…. and your thoughts on that first Negroni are so true 🙂

    Im hoping they are celebrating Negroni week near my Italian mother in law’s home…and I am raising a glass to you from England my dear.

    Chin Chin!!

  15. I had a few Negronis this past weekend. It had been a long time since I had one! What a lovely drink and there will be many more in my future!

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