Happy National Watermelon Day!

Watermelon  slimpaley

I hope you’re having some warm weekend weather to enjoy it!

Here we are, August already.  The height of the season-and I can’t think of too many things more synonymous with hot summer days than watermelon, can you?



I’ve been holding on to a couple of watermelon recipes for so long now… I can’t believe there’s actually a National Day to trot these out!  The first is this Watermelon & Mint Soda Float via How Sweet It Is


Frozen Watermelon & Basil Lime Bars

The second, this recipe from “17 and Baking” I still haven’t tried yet, but I think it looks & sounds delicious.  I was thinking of substituting coconut cream milk (OK, secretly cream) for the sweetened condensed milk.

17 & baking


Gisele. I have to post one photo of her every summer. Cause I’m that kinda girlfriend, Girlfriend.

Soulcycle class anyone? Or better still,

Is it cocktail time yet?!

Watermelon mojito mix  slimpaley

I’m enjoying this Stonewall Kitchen Watermelon Mojito Mixer I picked up at Atkinson’s in Sun Valley this week. It’s very minty and mixes well with vodka, rum, or tequila. Recipes on the back of the bottle. It’s also nice over ice with sparkling water too. (PS. I  love Stonewall Kitchen’s Bloody Mary Mix too, but fyi-a little goes a loong way)


via Pinterest

watermelon Flickr image

Lastly, it’s Fiesta Weekend here in Santa Barbara, so here’s a ‘Post from the Past’ in honour of our Fiesta (+ a Watermelon Sangria recipe)

~Viva La Fiesta!!

and this time two years ago; Fan-tastique


PS. I have no relationship with Stonewall Kitchen. (at least not that they’re aware of 😉 )



  1. yummy!!! I made a watermelon salad for the first time in my life this year and omg Slimmy! It was delicious. I used watermelon chunks, pitted kalamata olives, basil, red onion, balsamic, evoo, garlic, salt and pepper and topped with chunky goat cheese. Everyone was like “ewe, how does all that go together?” then they gobbled it right on up. Very yummy!!!

  2. Actually, I just looked up my recipe because I blogged about it. I used chopped mint not basil, a seeded jalapeno pepper (minced) (1 1/2 T), and a shaved lime squeezed as well as the others. Just google kendall boggs watermelon salad if you want the pics and complete recipe 🙂

  3. I’m in Santorini where the watermelons are really small but bursting with flavor. Drinking juice for breakfast and will use your recipe when the yard arm is wherever it is at 5 O’clock

  4. You’ve captured some of the joys of summer – the colors, the flavors, the textures, the light. Thanks again!

  5. National Watermelon Day! Good news, something I can sink my teeth into. Yesterday, I asked my son to pick up a watermelon for us, so that we would have something in the house that was sweet, but also nutritious, and not addicting. You see, he has been home from college for two months now, and he has been making an almost daily run for an ice cream cone. I really never was an ice cream kind of person, and did not crave sweets. and never had the junk food in the house. However, my self control slowly melted away, and I found that I was starting to make those daily ice cream cone runs with him. This is not good, my daughter is getting married in less than two weeks and I hope that I still fit into my dress. I have been under much stress, trying to plan this wedding with my daughter who lives in London, she is really good at transmitting the evil eye through all forms of communication. Pray that I make it through all of this stress, she arrives later this week and well she is mad at me right now. She is mad because I happened to be right about a detail that we discussed, and I had the email to prove it. Okay, I will take a double scoop of Peanut Butter Cup ice cream and make that a waffle cone, please!

  6. P.S. Just printed off the Watermelon Sangria recipe, looks tasty and may also be good for soothing my nerves! In fact, I may have to bathe in it!

  7. P.S.S. Thank you Slim Paley for letting me know that today is National Watermelon Day, I can feel my self control starting to come back!

  8. Now I REALLY want to move to Santa Barbara! Love the new look Slim. I clicked on your header and holy guacamole, it turned into a very impressive parade of previous posts! All puns intended – Viva La Fiesta indeed!
    xo LP

  9. Slim you always have the best suggestions and I love, love watermelon, so refreshing during these high temps in summertime! I hope you are having a great weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. I love the hot pink bags in the Pinterest photo! Do you have information on them?
    Love watermelon!

  11. That watermelon-mint milkshake looks soooooo tasty. I’ve just finished off that Lime sherbet that I bought for your other drink recipe and now I have to go out and buy some vanilla ice cream…

    Happy Fiesta!

    It’s Pride weekend here in Vancouver, so ‘Happy Pride’ as well!

  12. I just had a large watermelon juice for brecky and it was so good I don’t even mind the fact I spilled it all over my new white polo shirt.

  13. Now, I am not really fond of watermelon as a raw fruit, but these recipes make me want to give it a try. I wish that I had more time on my hands so that I can try them out! 🙁

  14. All these great ideas for watermelon, I’m cruising north in BC and just hit my last provisioning stop for awhile, I’ll just have to try them out using cantaloupes (closest thing on board), but not on national watermelon day of course…great inspirations here!

  15. Fabulous. The only thing I *dislike* these days about watermelon?

    Below average restaurants which feel compelled to serve the seemingly ubiquitous plate of warm watermelon, faded baby greens and chalky bleue cheese crumbles.

    Can we do Jersey tomatoes next? Hurry season is almost over! 🙂

  16. Love this post and what great photos.. I’m am seriously going to run out for watermelon tonight. The Kendall Boggs recipe sounds amazing. My favorite though is watermelon agua frescas. We are lucky to have great spot in Los Gatos that makes them in house. So summer!!

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