Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July to all my beautiful Yanks, wherever you may be! I hope you have your floaties filled, your bars and pantries stacked, playlists primed and friends and family drawn near. It’s ON!

But back to me 🙂  My blog facelift is almost ready for unveiling, maybe even tomorrow! (squelched squeal) That’s not to say there mightn’t be a bit of bruising, swelling, and latex free bandages trailing here and there, but I know you’ll bear with me, right?

Because just about now I’m feeling like the worst date ever. All promise, no delivery. But SRSLY. I continue to have the best of intentions and if you need me to come in and talk to your parents I will.

In the meantime, just a few images of my #1 favourite (OK, except for black & white, duh) combo to get us primed for the weekend;

Red & white stripe rose, Slim Paley

A red & white beauty from my garden this Spring


The Red & White Stripes are back…not that they ever go away!


and remember, it doesn’t have to be ALL flip-flops & Birkenstocks all weekend folks…we can make an effort…


And I don’t care how great you look with a tan- fuggedaboudit. NO MORE TANNING!

I have a great upcoming post about this subject. Stay tuned.

magazine-kate-moss-04_155446421199Kate Moss/Vogue


Have you considered how cool a belt looks (in this case, Hermes) over a scarf tied at the waist?? I bet not.

Hey-It’s called INCENTIVE People.


It’s all about will power. and priorities. and when to say “It’s a HOLIDAY!”


Time to chill out.


I challenge you to find me one photo where even the smallest gesture towards red & white stripes doesn’t seem hopeful


They bring life to the most sombre of situs

pomegranite sprizter, slim paley

Pomegranite Spritzer, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.


and if we can’t go to Greece this summer, we can certainly slip-cover a chair.

Well, most of us…


I could work so much faster if I had a red & white striped chair!

That someone could slipcover for me.


Who wouldn’t be happy here? I bet there’s wine in that bag.




Don’t forget to take lots of pictures- Everyone will thank you afterwards. Polaroids are still fun. A photo you can hold in your hand. What a concept.



Possibly my favouritist Swatch.

So, recap; Lashings of sunscreen, wide brimmed hats, well stocked bar, stuffed fridge, everything that can possibly float blown up, camera batteries charged, tunes in order, fresh flowers, stripes and decent footwear mandatory.

And you will be looking out for my new blog…

After all, some people are barely recognisable after face-work.

Fingers crossed!

6. fab.com conde nast lipstick beach towel

xoxo SP

This time last year…Red & White Stripes Redux

Stripes Galore! …Red & White Stripes II

One more and we have Stripes!..Red & White Stripes III


1) photo credit Michael David Adams



  1. Fresh, funny, and insightful as ever. Happy Independence Day S.P., I shall don some fabulous sandals in your honor. 🙂

  2. There’s always room for red (my favorite color) stripes during the summer. Many thanks for the inspiration, Slim! I, too, am going to rummage through my closet for some proper footwear. Happy 4th!

  3. I do have a picture in mind where red and white strips dont look hopeful but perhaps not for a family blog. Hope you all have a great day

  4. Ages ago, my pal Mary and I were hospital Candy Stripers, so we know from red and white–perky, friendly, efficient. And hey, was Kate Moss holding hands with my hunk, Chiweter Ejiofor (who has apparently gone underground…) in the bazaar photo? Happy 4th to all!

  5. This was so much fun! I just bought a huge red and white striped rug that came yesterday. I adore red and white, particularly stripes! Your rose was exquisite. Thank you for such a fun Post and have a fabulous Fourth!

  6. Baby, you’re a firework! Love the stripes and the reminders. We’re getting hit with rain here in the east coast, but will celebrate tomorrow! Have a happy one!

  7. Happy Fourth to you, Miss American Citizen! 🙂 And while the main objective of my day will be to calm my Mom’s lovely 100 pound dog, Sweetie (yep, I am in the States), from the fireworks that are going off like crazy all across the state of Michigan (where they are legal), I promise to take a moment, raise a glass and cheer what this holiday is all about…

  8. So good to hear from you, Slim! I’ve been missing your wonderful and witty posts. A toast to you on our nation’s birthday. Have a wonderful Fourth!

  9. I was hoping for another addition to the Red & White archives and bam…there it was in my mailbox! Happy 4th, Slim!

  10. Thank you for getting us going once again! U r the best. Scarf is at Hermes! Fun one! Hurray for today

  11. Wonderful post, Slim! Too bad we have crummy weather in New York City or I would be watching the fireworks. You seem to have a thing for stripes, don’t you? Happy Fourth of July!

  12. Speaking of stripes, did you see Dolce & Gabbana’s lavish show for Alta Moda fall 2014 on the island of Capri? I glimpsed some photos on vogue.com yesterday.

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