Breakfast Blues

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Do you think that’s cream cheese, yoghurt or creme fraiche?  I’m buying it regardless.

Alas, no one’s whipping this up (last time I looked) chez moi.  But wouldn’t it be impressive to serve if you had overnight guests?? It could involve a trip to the farmer’s market with your company, which is always a fun thing to do.

+ no cooking involoved 🙂

Everyone’s familiar with the old adage “Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day”


True Confessions; I’ve never liked breakfast. Only thing worse is “Breakfast for Dinner” aaargh- what a concept. The house smelling like eggs and bacon at night.

I might have said this before, but I could easily go without breakfast period. It’s the nutritional equivalent of the boyfriend who insists ‘he’d be good for you’ while being the most boring date  e v e r.


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Why can’t we have popsicles for breakfast?  I imagined that would be the kind of thing we’d do as empty nesters (like when you were a kid and thought the most exciting thing about being a grown up was staying up all night) yet somehow I still have the spectre of the Breakfast Police hovering. I haven’t caved (or perhaps risen) to Morning Popsicle Level just yet.

It’s like Breakfast Scientology and I can’t achieve Tom Cruise status.

Breakfast’s only saving grace is to add a Bloody Mary, Mimosa (or “Buck’s Fizz” depending on your continent) but one can only really carry that off on weekends. Or risk friends referring to you as Noel Coward behind your back (not the worst thing ever)

If only I could wake up in the morning to something like the above.  THAT would peak my interest.



Room service breakfast in Scandinavia


Room service breakys …Why are they always so much better than breakfast at home?

All this to ask…what YOU do to keep breakfast interesting???


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Obviously it’s a universal quandry.

Give me your best shot.  No holds barred.

Best breakfast suggestion wins a box of Capn’ Crunch

Keep in mind I’m a complete pushover for anything that involves coconut so extra teacher’s favourite points for suggestions in that direction.




Bring it my Breakfast Champions!




1st photo via @thechalkboardmag

2nd photo via Pinterest



  1. oh my gosh “CAPTAIN CRUNCH”, THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!!!…It’s the breakfast pirate booty!,…. taking me back Slim, way back

  2. I love this (especially the alcohol for breakfast part); you’re funny! And I get it.
    Eat when you’re hungry. Eat what you want.
    Presently, when I’m hungry after two hours and the pot of coffee, I go to banana, blueberries, strawberries, a handful of almonds and plain whole milk yogurt. Mmmm. Easy. Tasty. Filling. Nutritious.
    Joy is the best nutrient. Always.
    Thank you, Slim.

  3. Ok we lived in Stockholm and worked out early am every day. The work out place was a bldg over 200 yrs old and gorgeous. It was a club we joined. They served the typical Swedish breakfast buffet every day:
    hard boiled eggs, sliced ham, ollieberry jam, hard rolls, hard dark yellow cheese (I think it was from Norway) and strong coffee. At first I thought this was unusual as we were not accostomed to this kind of early am breakfast in the US. Then I got used to it and started to… it! Especially after a hard workout with a Swedish trainer who showed us no mercy at 6 am!

    • Yes! Having just been in Stockholm- in fact the large photo you see of room service was taken there, I agree- I’d rather have savoury than sweet for breakfast. I wish I could say I’d worked out beforehand 🙁

  4. ok…i have always been a cereal slam dunker every morning, and I still am, however, with that being said, and pushing my chef culinary hat aside of amazing grand marnier stuffed french brioche toast and lobster tarragon poached eggs, and my “mommy” factor of the last 22 years of “breakfast is the most important meal, while raising my two girls”, and the fact my daughter is a “foodie beyond her years”, AND holds a bachelor of science in dietetics….I must admit her breakfast dishes are killing me, I love how she combines raw cacao powder, fresh coconut meat, organic frozen banana, and organic acai, organic coconut yogurt and tops with organic fresh berries and organic goji and organic cacao nibs and organic toasted coconut with drizzled raw, local honey and home made granola…so yummy, I like this full, or should I say “food” circle I am experiencing ;)…p.s. “breakfast for dinner” (came about after me having a long day of shoveling tons of snow), has been one of our most favorite times when me and my two little girls would be in the kitchen, (daddy traveled a lot, so many a girls nights in) in the cold New England snowy winters, they in their footed pajamas, all clean from their tubby time, and the 3 of us making pancakes in abstract shapes (I am not good with circles or cutting straight lines with scissors for that matter), we would listen to Carly Simon on the sound system and dance around the kitchen island, drips of pure maple syrup and confectionary sugar on the floor…..they still ask me to do for “breakfast for dinner”

  5. How about those take and bake chocolate croissants from Trader Joes … seen you put a few of those away before noon !!! Yum. Yum and Yum again !!

  6. You just brought back a memory for me. I am extremely grateful every time I remember something about my four grown kids’ past. Once, my son Tom (Martin the comedy writer) came home from college for the weekend, and of course immediately rushed to the refrigerator where he has often gotten a sunburn from the light in there while waiting for some marvelous dish to push its way out on a plate ready to eat. After not finding anything to his liking, he went to the cereal shelf in the pantry and truly had a tantrum. He brought out the box of Frosted Flakes (you know the ones with Tony the Tiger) and said how dare you, we never were allowed to eat this and I just chuckled. (Sometimes the empty nest is not so terrible.)
    PS I like Nespresso and two tiny cinnamon rolls. Fruity smoothy later.

  7. Hi Slim – Blueberry Banana Smoothie + Handful of Raw Almonds and French Roast Coffee.
    My go to favorite at home when not on travel admiring the orchids that came with room service at the 4 Seasons.
    Whilst I am cleaning up dinner, I start the water for my Chemex Coffee, blend the Smoothie, make the coffee, put both in the fridge. Roll out in the morning and yay! Iced coffee in the summer, nuke it in the winter, food program rolling. Don’t have to think about it. Magically 1/2 a smoothy keeps me full till lunch. I don’t have to have my 10:30 fruit and cottage cheese anymore.

    1 cup Blueberries frozen or fresh
    1 Banana (if you have some going bad take the peal off and put it in a bag and throw in the freezer works great for smoothie and Banana bread)
    1/2 cup organic vanilla yogurt
    1/4 cup OJ
    1 Tbs ground Chia Seed
    1 Tbs ground Flax Seed
    1Tbs Honey

    30 Second pulse with cuisinart blender stick thingy

    NOTE: I found that I get full drinking only half portion so I pour a half serving of the mix and then add half the Chia and flax right before I drink it. Save the rest, rinse repeat. Chia and flax are good for you but will make the smoothy thick if you don’t drink it right away. They are also hydrophilic-they absorb water- so you need be sure to drink 8-12 glasses a day.

    Bottom line is that it is done when you get up and is so yummy that you might want the other half for lunch!

    • Thanks for the recipe LK.
      I’m kind of surprised YOU drink coffee!! That being said, what is Chemex Coffee?? I’ve never heard of it.

  8. I absolutely hate breakfast of any description. And I agree with you, Slim! NOTHING is worse than breakfast at dinner time. I hate the smell of bacon in the house! It’s that clingy smell that nothing can mask. No candle, air freshener…….NADA!

  9. I’m addicted to peanut butter toast with apple slices…can’t shake it. I thought the heat wave we had this summer would turn me away from it, as it did my daily dark chocolate craving, but alas no, coffee first, then the toast. I’ve decided to just give in to it, at least I don’t have to think about what to have anymore. Used to love yogurt and fruit or protein shakes with yogurt and fruit, or oatmeal with fruit in the winter…now I’m just in a nut butter apple loop for who knows how long, a continual fall-ish morning feast…it is yummy though.
    BTW- I once heard your hubby mention he’d had some peanut butter toast during a commercial break, and he was going on and on about how delicious it was…looks like I’m in pretty good company!

  10. I used to hate breakfast, but love it now. I’ll cook eggs with a bit of refried beans and pecorino romano cheese for Jones (very spoiled standard poodle) and me or I’ll eat salad with avocado and chicken and Thai peanut dressing. Or a plate full of steamed vegetables with a semi-spicy dressing. I know it sounds crazy, bacon or cereal don’t work for me, but dinner/lunch at breakfast does. I do not eat any wheat, rice or corn at breakfast, ever. Mary

  11. Well, these are all really good suggestions but I’ll just throw mine into the loop too, like Sharon’s: think international. Think how crazy good it was the first time you had pho for breakfast! I still dream of mine from the Hotel Continental in Saigon (where I swear a spy took a photo of us after check-in the night before, now it is just your typical fancy hotel, le sigh).
    Do you know who has great breakfast ideas? Chef Sami Tamimi from Ottolenghi) on instagram: @SAMI_TAMIMI. I just sent you one. You’re welcome. 🙂

  12. The beautiful array of fresh fruit on top of creame freshia, yogart or cream cheese looks so artfully beautiful. I am sure it is delicious. I love how colorful it looked, great idea.


  13. Tart cherry juice, thick with soaking chia seeds(or Mama Chia Cherry Lime) poured in a large glass with plain Green Valley Organic Kefir on top or layered parfait style. I loo forward to it everyday. You can see an example of it @thesandin

  14. I recently read that a study was done refuting the popular idea that NOT eating breakfast hinders weight loss. Apparently that notion had never been studied, So I’m not going for sticky oatmeal and berries anymore, bye bye

  15. I am not a breakfast person either but sometimes the mister and my visiting adultish children want breakfast so..
    Split an avocado in half. Remove the pit. Place on some type of oven ready dish. Crack an egg and place in center of avocado where the pit was. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake at 425 for 20 minutes and serve.
    Also try baked French toast prepared the night before so you can sleep in. Many variations of this are on Google. I can’t find my recipe as I only make this on Christmas morning and such holidays.

    • This is an interesting recipe to me Wendy as I have never cooked avocado before and wouldn’t imagine I would like it…does it turn brown?? I often made french toast the night before when my boys were still home. I like it best with brioche bread. yum. But, toooo fattening now. sigh.

  16. I’m not a big breakfast food fan. I loathe eggs. My trainer insists that animal protein in the morning will enhance your workout. It’s true for me and it keeps the hunger pangs away. So — and this may sound disgusting to most of you — I will occasionally eat beef jerky for breakfast. I also eat kind bars a lot.

  17. You’ll be glad to know that old adage of “breakfast most important meal…” is considered crock in many educated nutritional circles. I used to start the day with herbal tea and a green smoothie but now I have a cup of coffee and at 11 I eat breakfast (smoothie). It’s called intermittent fasting (eating within a specific time window each day is one way to do it). If you are interested, or your readers are, do a search for Jason Fung. He’s a doctor in TO treating mainly obese and diabetic patients but he has a lot of info on his blog. I’m not obese or diabetic, in fact I’m in great shape other than a few menopausal pounds so the idea of burning fat instead of sugar appeals to me!

  18. With the children grown I am very bad about breakfast, except on the weekends. The first image with the fruit and cream cheese on a great bread looks delish though! And yes, room service breakfast is always the best!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  19. Slim, I’m totally with you about breakfast. Its a toasted baguette with a thick slab of President butter and strawberry jam for me.

  20. After coffee, I love a banana sliced lengthwise, sprinkled with granola or chopped walnuts, then drizzled with local honey. I wash that down with a juice glass of Goodbelly. Quick and easy and keeps me energized during my a.m. dog walk and horse time.
    Same concept is more filling using sourdough french toast as a base. Company loves it…Yummers!

  21. Thanks readers for all the breakfast info…Slim your blog is like a “breakfast choices” read this morning from Nashville….I luv Panera hazelnut myself….I make at home as Publix sells it but its not the same…so Panera hazelnut coffee at their cafe is my favorite breakfast item… looked like country ham and red-eye gravy on the breakfast table…could do some serious damage there with homemade southern biscuits.

    • omg- country ham, red-eye gravy (don’t know what that is but you had me at gravy) and southern biscuits. Yeeahus.

  22. Have you ever tried Aris sheep milk yoghurt? It’s unbelievable!
    They have its a few farmers market …if you find it ask for the one with fresh coconut in it. Or, they have it at Gelsons, only in plain, fig…to die for, apricot , or raspberry. All fresh fruit.
    I buy the coconut at the farmers market and top with blueberries, and, if I’m feeling crazy, fig jam.
    Or, the Scyamore kitchen.’s baklava croissant….
    Don’t tell my trainer.😀

  23. Piña Colada Protein Shake!

    1/2 c Cold coconut water
    1/2 c frozen pineapple pieces (Trader Joes)
    1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    1 teas vanilla
    Squirt agave syrup
    Blender all for approx 30 seconds


  24. In the morning I must have my Nespresso asap! For breakfast I love old fashioned oatmeal made with almond milk. I add walnuts, blueberries (maybe blackberries, bananas or whatever fresh fruit I have), chia seeds and a dash of cinnamon. Perfect!

  25. I’m starving! Can’t decide what to have for breakfast with all the info from readers. It seems that something protein calls my name. Will try the fruit , cream cheese, bread for starters. Left over pork chop from last night seems yummy.

  26. Here in Texas, the breakfast everyone craves at least once a week is breakfast tacos.
    Saute some diced onion, tomato and jalapeno until fragrant and tender. Scramble in some eggs with the veggies. Serve on warm tortillas with a dab on refried beans smeared on them. Salsa is optional. Strong coffee is mandatory.

  27. I’m never hungry in the morning. I’m happy with a few cups of coffee and a banana, and/or maaaybee a muffin or power cookie.

    Exception to this routine is if I’ve gone out the night before and I’m feeling a little under the weather (so to speak) in the morning, then a greasy breakfast is in order, usually at a local diner! I’d be thrilled If I could have room service on those particular mornings 🙂

    Wendy’s egg in avocado recipe sounds interesting, I might have to try that.

  28. Eat a piece of fruit first on an empty stomach, followed by a Sliced boil egg Sliced tomatoes in season on ritz cracker. Cottage cheese on the side with sliced avocado slices. Matt’s real Peanut butter cookies for dessert?

  29. Slim,
    I agree with Carol who said the nutritionists finally studied and confirmed that not eating breakfast is ok. I read an article a few years ago by a French dietician and she said that some people maintain high glycemic levels in their bodies overnight and through the morning so they are not hungry and that is ok. I can’t stand sugary stuff for breakfast that is forced on people in America. When I lived and worked in the UK and Sweden, I was so happy to see more savory items available on the breakfast table (like pork and beans…I’m serious!). But like many of your respondents here, I don’t have anything but coffee in the morning until lunch at 1PM or sometimes 2PM. I am trying to follow the “eat only when you are hungry” mantra, not when everyone says you should eat.
    But I too love coconut in all it’s glorious forms: shredded, coconut water, coconut milk, actually just made green curry in coconut milk with chicken and rice for dinner! But my favorite mash up is cream of coconut with fresh pineapple juice and rum over crushed ice! Not breakfast food,.. but one could switch the rum for chia seeds and/or vanilla yogurt for breakfast.
    Loved this topic and all the responses!

  30. No breakfast! Just delicious coffee! Probably have such an aversion to breakfast because I’m still digesting all the crap from the night before that went into that zone where it’s all weight gain because it’s waaaaay too late to eat which brings me to my second point. Yes, Jayne, it is true. Research is now showing that you shouldn’t eat until like 11 or 12 as to increase fasting time (and time to build HGH…human growth hormone) from the last bite the night before till the first bite of the day which actually compresses the time you spend eating–the shorter the better…so eating during the hours of noon and 6 is optimal….in my happy case….eating from noon to midnight 😉 That’s at least what I’ve been reading….thought I’d share so skip all you want, ladies! XXOO

  31. Must have Total cereal, Sugar Smacks,and raspberries every AM. Also, a piece of raisin cinnamon toast (right now homemade from the local Farmer’s Market!) Milk, milk and more milk!!!

  32. No breakfast, no coffee, no nothin’! Don’t like it at all. I’ve tried to love it and just don’t. The closest I come to breakfast is any homemade bread: date, banana or zucchini with cream cheese and sliced strawberries on top washed down with tea.

  33. It’s a long way to go for breakfast, but I would highly recommend the COCONUT (buzz word) and caramelised banana porridge at The Ampersand Hotel in London (South Kensington). It’s outstanding. I have tried to recreate it at home by making regular porridge using coconut milk and brûléed bananas with brown sugar under the grill/broiler – a poor and very distant relation of the original …..but still quite delicious.

  34. When I am bored with oatmeal and eggs, I make sweet breakfast quinoa. Healthy, has protein and fiber like any “good” breakfast but not so breakfast-y.

    Make quinoa with half water, half orange juice. Heat slivered almonds, diced dried apricots, maple syrup, cinnamon or any other toppings (shredded coconut is great!) in a small pan and add to quinoa.

  35. How about brunch if you are not a breakfast person, Slim? At a five star hotel would be even better. I’m not a breakfast person either, although I have to have coffee; Mr. Espresso brand, Seven Bridges Blend is my favorite. (OK, so I’m not much of a cook. Great coffee and a yummy sweet thing will do it for me.)

  36. Love your great photos and funny commentary!

    For breakfast I make a smoothie using
    shredded coconut
    whatever fresh fruit is in season (mango is quite good right now)
    one baby carrot
    coconut water or milk (I love coconut too!)
    elderberry syrup
    frozen banana
    chia seeds
    pinch of Himalayan salt
    a pinch of stevia if it seems to need sweetening
    And then blend, blend, blend

    When I make this, I sometimes think of Shirley Maclaine’s smoothie in “Postcards from the Edge” when she puts lots of fruit in the blender and then tops it off with a large portion of vodka !

    So glad you’re posting again!

  37. You know, in Europe they say:”Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” In the US of A, anything goes! 🙁

  38. I am distraught. I have signed up for your blog on email and I was getting it just fine and you moved and now I have gotten no updated for many months. I put my email address in again to subscribe again and it said there was a problem….but what is it? Can you please check for me. I know you are oh so busy and all but I LOVE YOUR BLOG and just must see it. My info is correct above. I shall await your findings. Best love, Melinda

  39. This is the best, most visually beautiful, soul-satisfying blog of all time. Very grateful to you Slim for your wonderful and joyous sense of being. And always, of course, a terrific sense of humor.

  40. Are you kidding? I can and often do eat breakfast all day long, although I do admit to skipping breakfast and settling for a frothy latte most of the time, but only because I am rushing out the door to work. Some of my favorites? Lemon, blueberry, ricotta pancakes, huevos rancheros, or a great omelet, eggs Benedict, waffles… I’ll make you a breakfast to remember anytime! ~eva

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