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Baby Foot, slimpaley


My son’s adorable (and beauty product savvy) girlfriend introduced me to “Baby Foot”


Fantastic for getting your feet Summer sandal ready!

At the risk of sounding “indelicate”, remember how much fun the Olden Days used to be, when we’d get really bad sunburns and look forward to peeling them off a scant few days later? You’d fly home from a vacation and even before landing you’d left half your tan on the plane? Well, this is like that but without the sun damage. Slip the plastic booties on, grab a book or flip on the telly for an hour and let the lactic and glycolic acids do their thing. “Baby Foot” also contains 17 types of natural moisturising extracts including Horsetail herb, Tea Plant, and Bladderwrack. Afterwards, simply rinse with soap and in a few days your feet will begin to peel. Baby soft results for real. Exfoliation time will differ depending on skin types. Available on Amazon Prime for aprox. $20 per box (1 set of booties per box)


Baby Foot, slimpaley


See you at the foot model casting next week!

PS. I am not playing footsie with the “Baby Foot” folks- just passing on a beauty tip 😉



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