Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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Firstly, don’t panic if you’ve received an email alert for this Daily Paley and you are not signed up for the ‘Daily Paleys’.  I’m only sending this one to let everyone know my ‘Daily’s’ are coming back.

DO panic that I’m like the lady on “Romper Room” (yes, I’m that flipping old) I SEE you shaking your head and rolling eyes in disbelief.  But the proof will soon be in the pudding. Leopards can, in fact, change their spots if they use enough bleach.

I, of the pink hair, know from bleach.

Speaking of pink hair and age, if you’re anywhere close to mine,  you’ve probably been under Sparkle House Arrest for quite some time. Meaning glittery, pearlescent make-up, particularly around the eye area is no longer our friend. Done. Party OVER. That goes for all you men too.

Sure, I wept a little, as you might have. Yet another thing to kiss good-bye.  I’d slink back occasionally if I was having a particularly ‘eyes wide open’ day and think- I can still do this…’til I’d see my face in another light and run for the remover.

Until I discovered “Living Luminizer” by RMS Beauty.

Well, actually, my son’s girlfriend bought it for me and I thought ‘Oh how sweet and flattering she thinks I can still do sparkles!’

But when I tried it I was amazed.  I love it! The secret’s in the sheerness and texture- virtually translucent and very shiny, it doesn’t have any of those annoying particles of sparkly bits or glitter. It’s as smooth as vaseline but stays on much better.




Plus, it’s so sheer and subtle  you can use it anywhere- A dab on the chin, a sweep across the cheekbones, under the brow or just above the upper lip (wax first 🙂 )  AND it’s 100% organic.

Honestly, before this little pot of magic came into my life, my maquillage horizon stretched before me matte as hell  (as far as I can still see without my glasses)

No more…

Shine On you Crazy Diamond!



Available on the RMS Beauty website for $38  (Plus it comes with a free brush right now, and no shipping charge on any purchase over $30)  Obviously, I’m arriving late to this party as L.L. is by far their best-selling product.

Don’t thank me, thank my son’s girlfriend, “Lady C”  😉



PS. I have no collaboration with RMS Beauty.


  1. It’s been ordered!!!!!!
    Big thanks to lady C for this AND for the “baby feet” product!!! My feet now look like a newborn’s , putting a lot of faith in the luminizer hoping my face will start to match up with my feet, well, not to baby stage but 10 years younger would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Omigosh! Isn’t “BabyFoot” the BEST?!! I used it right before we went to Scandinavia- my feet were almost tooooo soft! 🙂

  2. I L O V E RMS Beauty….I ordered it a few months ago after seeing Elle MacPherson on a talk show. She talked about how much she loved the foundation…so I ordered that and the Luminizer, FAB products, Organic is a plus !

  3. I hear ya Slim, I want to believe I can pull it off but I’m still scared. Some people can’t do shimmer, I REALLY CAN’T DO SHIMMER. I’ll give it a shot but if look like I bathed in cheap sunscreen….well, I’ll get you my pretty! 😉

  4. Hi there Slim. This has made my day – a post from my favorite blog on one of my favorite topics!
    My current “go to” is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. Have not used Living Luminizer and am excited to give it a whirl. Love that it’s organic. Will be making a bee-line to “Kiss & Make Up” on Friday.

  5. I don’t recall reading a post about a product that will make my feet look like a babies feet that K. R. Is talking about??? Sounds great!

    • Click into the “Daily Paleys” and keep scrolling down- It’s one of the first posts- called “Such a Smooth Walker” . Alternatively, type “Baby Foot” into my search box and it should come up.

  6. Hey YOU!
    I, too, have been out of communication for a long, long time. I’ve missed you! While we are sort of on this subject….and, yes, I’m as old as you….in fact, I think a year or two older which is why the dilemma I’m about to present and since one sweet gal asked about how you say so trim….I’m going to trump that one…….HANG ON….are you ready for my lack of transparency?? ??????

    what the heck do you do with all that blond chin hair???? I can’t believe I just put this out on the internet but that’s how desperate I am. It’s getting worse…OF COURSE….probably because I got back to tweezing…..I’ve tried everything and consulted with everyone. I adore you so you simply must know the answer to this…’s mostly blond because I’ve lasered the hell out of the dark ones (and then was told to SHAVE!!!! which scares me to death); I’ve waxed but swear it made the hair grow in twice as thick; I’ve done electrolysis and actually got results and then let it go….hence the condition of late. My hairdresser’s wife at a fancy NYC salon tells me that she wants me to try their “waxing for blonds” treatment. Do you know anything about this? Do you or any of your dear readers share my dilemma? It’s a late 50s issue….sadly. Thanks for being open to my lunacy. xx

    • Sorry to hear (when I’m not laughing) of your chin hair hell Melissa. Thankfully I don’t suffer from that particular mortification (at least not to my knowledge) Of course that could change by tomorrow. In fact I did try the skin ‘plaining’ Sandra mentions below about 15 years ago. I didn’t have any facial hair issues but what the hell, my friends were doing it and loving it so I jumped on the bandwagon. I only did it twice for these reasons;
      Yes, it’s great in that it removes all your facial hair as well as all your dead skin cells- yay!! Your skin looks fantastic at first. Unfortunately, like any great thing, you have to keep doing it and doing it and it’s not something you can do yourself, like waxing. Also, when the hair (which I didn’t even know I had) starts to grow back, especially around the mouth, it feels more bristly than when waxed hair.
      This was my experience anyway.
      God, I hope my husband isn’t reading the Daily Paleys

  7. Have your facialist try “skin plaining”. Light shaving all over the face and it is wonderful

  8. Sandra,
    This “skin planing” you speak of sounds interesting, but, I’m curious if you can tell us
    how often does it have to be repeated? Does it cause any redness or ingrown hairs?
    Thanks for sharing on this hidden issue we all seem to have and no one is talking about!

  9. Thanks for reminding me about “skin planing.” I forgot to add that to my list of things I’ve actually tried. Actually, I “think” (since I haven’t done it recently) it worked, come to think of it–at least on the blond stuff. The few dark ones won’t budge with that method, if anyone is wondering… I have planing done when I want something deeper than microdermabrasion and never sought it out for the blond hair probably because the blond hair never bothered me until this summer! I might try it again…..or just wax. I’m beginning to think it’s an old wives tale that waxing makes hair grow in thicker? And I certainly hope that sweet husband of yours doesn’t read these comments!! Good God! Thankfully, he’s busy, right???
    Thanks again for letting this post go into crazy-stupid-truth territory, Slim!! XO

  10. This would have been useful to know BEFORE son’s wedding to fabulous girl in Taos NM a few weeks ago! You mean I went tripping the light fandango with my Lancome sparkly eyes the shades of Taos sunsets and did not know I am past the age of appropriateness! UGH! No wonder no one spoke to me at that wedding! Thank God my family surrounded me to partially shade those glittering bags!@$#&^%#@
    As for the hair…another case of the Taos sunset. Stupid youthful hairdresser decided to take ALL the color out of my hair in order to get to my real color minus the Gray – oh yes! Orange sunset! No kidding. She got fired and I got over processed hair that thankfully didn’t fall out before wedding but I hear the crackling every time I comb. Maybe never shampoo – go for those dreadlocks? Or finally go to my Pinterest “Gray” photos for inspiration and become a fabulously oblivious 50-something (I Lie) who loves her natural look.

  11. BOOM has that product TOO…………LOVE IT!
    I REMEMBER ROMPER ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What was the puppets name with the lady………..another show.Oh, its on the tip of my tongue!

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