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I went to the REI store in Santa Barbara this weekend as I needed a new, lightweight hiking backpack.

My heart started palpitating a little at the racks of maps of places to go, to see, to explore…walk, drive, hike…the suggestion of so much adventure… just in California alone!

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I’m especially keen on seeing the Sequoias and Yosemite.

How about you?

Have you been there? and what’s on your ‘Must See’ list?

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  1. The Sequoias. Kings Canyon.
    I was blessed as a child to spend summers there in my family’s cabin in Wilsonia.
    My very first post on my blog describes it.
    (Blog Vox Anima September 2013)
    For me, pure heaven, pure enchantment.
    Oh the magnificent trees!
    Horseback rides winding throughout the giant redwoods.

  2. I’ve only been once for a couple days…. but it was absolutely glorious. Wow!
    We entered via the east entrance on HWY 120. We had to pull over whenever possible to enjoy the ever changing vistas, which was about every mile or so.
    We stayed at the Ahwahanee, which was ok, nothing super fancy, but the location, oh mama. And the food was pretty good for the Park Service. The main dining room has a fair brunch and dinner although it’s a bit pricey there’s a reasons for that. I should note, that friends recently went and saw mice in the dining room, hantavirus (spread by rodents) caused a death and illness a few years ago in the park.
    I wasn’t in good health at the time, so I couldn’t handle some of the strenuous hiking, but there were plenty of paths and some easy bike lanes. The rapturous expressions of hikers made me envious.
    One of the bellman (25 yrs @ Yosemite) told us his favorite times are last couple weeks of August – for some spectacular stargazing, and Thanksgiving & Christmas.
    You probably know this already… you need to book 6 months ahead of time via the park service. They sell out super fast so you really have to be on your toes to get a reservation.
    Can’t wait to hear how your visit goes. I bet you’ll love it.
    LV, NV

  3. living ‘off the grid’ on Lasqueti Island in a few weeks!

    “Lasqueti Island lies in the Georgia Strait, north of French Creek (on Vancouver Island), and southwest of Texada Island. It is approximately 8 km wide and 22 km long, with an area of 73.56 km2. About 350 permanent residents call Lasqueti home. It is accessible by foot passenger ferry service only, or by private boat or plane.
    The roads are unpaved and the island has no public transportation. There are no public camp grounds. Lasqueti is not serviced by B.C. Hydro. Residents live either without electricity or with alternative sources of power like solar or micro-hydro. There is very little industry and no bustling economy.”

    • Wow Canuck! I read no reference to ‘glamping’ at all in that description! I can’t wait to hear how your stay goes. Do you have friends that have a solar powered place there, or will you be with the bears in the woods?!!

  4. In my Wilsonia reverie, forgot to mention going to someplace new this week!
    The Oregon Coast.
    Packing the camping gear, and traveling light.
    Although, I am taking champagne to celebrate an anniversary.
    WITHOUT reservations–just going ! (I’m sure there’s adventure in it)
    Some parks do not offer reservations, so the search for our place will be part of the fun. The Oregon coastline is clean, and beaches are plentiful with miles of accessible hiking and gorgeous views. And seafood…

  5. Loved Yosemite. We will never forget catching sight of the majestic, sheered-off El Capitan for the first time. We made a family goal when our two sons were young to take them to see all 50 states. We are at #49!! Our youngest graduates college next May and we will finish together with #50 – Hawaii. It was an incredible experience seeing our entire country with them. Lots {and lots!} of memories. Still on my bucket list {with my hubby} is Pompeii, the great wall of China, go see the Olympics somewhere/anywhere AND travel to Vancouver Island, specifically to the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, Canada, which is famous for Pacific Storm watching. {Website says: “Season extends from November to March. During the storm watching season there are usually 10-15 good storms each month with the peak months of December-February sure to pack the most whoppers.”} The Inn’s website also paints a verrrry cozy picture: “Storm watching doesn’t really require anything of the observer but stillness and wonder. Storm watching is best advantaged from this ocean-front hotel where a good book, a fireplace and maybe a down duvet across your lap are really all you need to experience the fury and the force of the pounding Pacific Ocean on the other side of your rattling, double paned window.” So…THAT. : ) Have you been there, Slim? Or any of the readers?

    • NO, I’ve never been, but boy…does it sound up my alley!! I’ve heard so many great things about the Wickaninnish Inn over the years-I’ve read the food is fantastic too. As for storm watching-sounds glorious. It’s always been my dream to experience the first day the monsoon hits in India, ever since reading the book “Chasing the Monsoon”.
      I hope you tick this one off your list soon so we can hear all about it! How funny that both you and Canuck mentioned Vancouver Island on this post. I think it’s a sign for you to go!

  6. Yosemite is God’s Disneyland! I went as a child & (this dates me) the park service still put on the ‘FireFalls’ – at the top of Yosemite Falls they would raft up bunches of logs & light it on fire. Then they let it go & the water & fire merged as it dropped to the top of the lower falls & then again over the lower Yosemite FFalls. Years later my sister worked at the lodge, housing provided, & we would book it up there, rolling along side the mighty Merced River with Logging & Messing blaring from the 8 track. It was the 70s, & rock climbing became a rock star with the very cool dudes living at Camp 9. Parties by campfire light & lots of adult beverages. I love Yosemite all most as much as I love Tahoe. A must see in all 4 seasons…The snow makes the valley so quiet & every curve of mother nature is cloaked in white. And Spring is powerful if there is a monster snowpack. The roar of the falls as you hike up the mist trail to Vernal & on to Nevada Falls reminds us of our small relevance in the universe. Summer is wild with the crowds from all over the globe but a drift down the Merced or a drive over Tioga Pass is inspiring. You can do a hike for several days & they valet your pack to the next stop & cook for your. Fall is delightful as the animals scurry to prepare for winter & the leaves turn to gold as does the sunlight. Yosemite is as Ansel Adams so noted ‘ The Range of Light’. Go at least for 1 visit in every season.

Would love to hear from you!