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I‘ve been so excited to read this book!  It’s so up my alley, you have no idea.

It finally arrived just yesterday.

Stay tuned…

What’s on your Fall Reading Table??




  1. That is the fourth chic blog I have seen….H is for hawk! ordering right now! We have several (3 or 4 kinds of hawks in our property)…Cooper’s; Sharp-shinned ; (they both kill and eat our pet chickens if they catch them….); and we also have red-tails…(who do not ever even go after our chickens.)…interesting!

    I love hawks…and I have been following “Pale Male” for 20 something years….(the first thing I ever did on the internet) He is still alive…and still procreating….he and his mate….hatched 3 babies this year! right above Central Park on the building he made his first nest 25 years ago!

    Fascinating story!

  2. I’m reading a biography cousin Ali recently sent me ~’Irrepressible: The Jazz Age Life of Henrietta Bingham’ by her great niece, Emily Bingham, also simultaneously Tracy Daughterty’s ‘The Last Love Song: a Biography of Joan Didion’. Next will be Sheila Weller’s Dancing at Ciros, and ‘Can I Go Now? The Life of Sue Mengers’.

  3. An instruction manual for a convection/toaster oven I purchased that might as well be written in another language. It’s confusing and I keep losing interest. It gets shuffled to the bottom of the reading pile as well as the burnt toast piling up in my kitchen trash can. I also have a nice stash of historical romance novels and gossipy tell-all books I enjoy very much. I’m all about the entertainment factor when reading these days. I just finished The Martian and really liked it.

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