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La Roche-Posay sunscreen

Expect to hear more on sunscreens here in the coming weeks. I’ve been devoting a lot of time and skin trying out various forms of coverage this year. Just look at me askance and I get burned. Not fun. This is one of my  finds for high coverage, lightly textured and slightly tinted sunscreens for the face.  It’s not greasy, not too matte, no ghosty-face. It’s also ‘water resistant’ and paraben-free. La Roche-Posay is a brand I like and trust so I’m giving it a two-pale thumbs up!

Anthelios 50 Mineral

As always, feel free to chime in if you have a particular favourite.  Please share what type of skin you have if you’re making a recommendation.



  1. Love these kinds of posts Sp!
    Products I might not ever know about…so helpful.
    I use Aveda skin products (no sunscreen built in to them though), and c e serum.
    Devoted to Aveda or skin and hair.
    Have aging skin. Which means, a little dry and losing firmness 🙁
    I don’t burn easily, and enjoy the Vitamin D from the sun.
    I am not a Sun Goddess though.
    One of my concerns is what is compatible with what I am already using.
    Alba Botanica Face and Body Hawaiian sunscreen are rich and emollient.
    Yummy. Especially combined with the Kukui Nut Oil and Cocoa Butter Lotion afterward.
    However, I have not found a face sunscreen (for swimming) which does not irritate my eyes.
    Please help!
    p.s. almost a month into coconut pulling. it’s working!

  2. I’m from Arizona…….land of the second highest skin cancer rate behind Australia, nice, huh? So we don’t mess around with sunblocks here, once you find one that works, stock up! I have used many, many in my years, some better than others but none comes close to EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum-SPF 46. It is virtually a whisper on your face, seriously. This stuff dries to almost nothing, no greasy, filmy feel, no chalky residue and not too matte. I have olive skin that rarely burns, thank you Dad, but I am still very careful in our intense sun. I play golf, hike, swim & garden, so I’m serious about my sunscreen. At 54, I have wonderful, wrinkle-free skin, thanks Mom, because it was drilled into me to take care of it at an early age. One draw back, this stuff is not readily available. I get it from my dermatologists office but it can also be purchased at the website. You won’t be disappointed!

    • I have. A friend here with very similar skin to mine rec. it to me. I like it a lot and love that it’s organic! But it doesn’t have any tint for the face.

  3. Was just going to say how much I love EltaMD UV Clear 46, but someone already has. Unbelievably light and makes your skin look good as well. My dermo recommended as I have rosacea and break out easily. It’s the only sunscreen that works that is mostly a physical block that doesn’t make me all Kabuki. I buy it on Amazon usually. Fantastic product!! I have switched from Anthelios which I used as well!

  4. Hi Slim,
    Like your previous reader, I also grew up in the valley of the sun and lived in the pool and on the the tennis courts but this sun worshiper did not always listen to her mother. The damage was done long before I ever saw it. This paved the way for years of skin care aimed at protecting, repairing, and trying my best to rejuvenate. After much consideration ~ I made a Valentines Day date last February with my cosmetic surgeon & his CO2 laser. Grateful for modern science & second chances ~ I’m now more serious than ever when it comes to sunscreens. I use SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense – Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – Tinted. Love how it’s a neutral tone that blends and gives a dewy glow in the winter months. My Dr. also recommends EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum-SPF 46 which I’m using this summer. It’s light weight, tinted and goes on super sheer. On top of all that ~ I’m a big believer in great hats ~ and when given the opportunity ~ do-overs! 🙂

  5. I love Anthelios, too, and use it. I also found a great tinted moisturizer called The Cure by Natura Bissé, a Spanish brand. This comes in a jar, not a tube and somehow, when applied, the color adjusts to your own skin color for perfect coverage that is light with a glow. They also make, in my opinion, the best self tanner I have found. The color is so natural and is easy to apply.

  6. PS It is called The Cure Sheer Cream Tinted and has 20 SPF. The reviews on Amazon are really good.

  7. I have a question–how often do you reapply and how much? My dr told me to squirt a line along the length of my finger, and reapply more after 15 minutes. That’s just the first coat of the day.

  8. this is an interesting conversation,because this week dermotoligist is saying it must have zinc oxide for real coverage. She suggested elta md. broad specturm this one slightly tinted so no white look…tried and liked. i have been using the one you mentioned but have to say as a person who rides horses in the sun i’m liking this one for face….oh i get a little sweaty and so far no eye burn…

  9. I love your new format and enjoy the Daily Paley.
    Re sunscreens: The Environmental Working Group rates sunscreens based on effectiveness and health issues so it has lots of useful info:
    EWG might be helpful in your quest for good sunscreens.
    I’ve tried La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 and I like it. I’m going to try the Elta MD since so many are recommending it. Thanks for the tips!
    Specifically for the delicate eye area – I like La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 and also DDF Protective Eye Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Good for around town activities, not for heavy duty sun exposure,

  10. Thank you to all who offered recommendations.
    I was touched by you, Lisa Porter.
    It is important to remember that beyond cosmetics, the procedures and products offer rehabilitation and a new life.
    And thanks to Ruth, looking for the ultimate for outdoor lap swim treatment.
    Happy Summer Equinox!
    Heading to the beautiful Oregon Coast!

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