Prodigieux by NUXE

Nuxe Paris Prodigieux perfume  slimpaley


This summer I’ve been wearing a perfume I’ve been receiving so many compliments on, I feel like I’d be one of those people (we all know them) who hoard recipes if I didn’t share it with you-especially as the price is so reasonable ($69) Just recently available in the U.S. from the makers of the #1 body & hair oil in France, Nuxe’s “Prodigieux” (translation; Extrordinary) is 100% Summertime captured in a bottle. The sensual, evocative scent of warm sand & suntan oil (not sunscreen), with a hint of vanilla and orange blossom is perfect for the warm weather months, but I think when the coldest, dreariest days of winter arrive, one spritz of Prodigieux will instantly transport me to an exotic beach whenever I feel the need. Hmmm…maybe I should order another bottle now…

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Je vous en prie!



  1. Okay I just ordered! What a good deal. I’m so excited to smell this. Anything that seems like summer is my thing. Thanks for sharing. x Kim

  2. Cary Grant says je vous en prie when talking to the French police in To Catch A Thief…always wondered what it meant….you must know.
    Translation? And ordering this perfume now. Yay!

  3. I’m using a dry oil with a gold shimmer from Nuxe wich i can really recommend. For a beautiful sunkissed skin, body & face! Almost identical name: Huile prodigeuse or.

    You’re welcome! Or as we say in Holland: Graag gedaan!
    Love, Gerry

  4. My parfum arrived yesterday. Light and lovely. Just as you described it: pure essence of summer. My husband just noticed.
    He said, “Are you cooking something?” I answered no. He: “You just smell sweet. “

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