My Date with David


I’m so excited! “Five Years” The BBC 3 years in the making, highly rated documentary about David Bowie which aired last year in the UK is finally premiering here on ‘Showtime’ August 1st.


David Bowie Five Years Documentary

Cannot wait! Long time readers know what a Fan Girl I am. Blush.

I’ve linked to the short trailer below. Let’s all meet up and compare notes afterwards.

I have to go figure out what I’m going to wear 😉

 David Bowie; Five Years Trailer 


 Let All The Children Boogie (Jan. 2013)







  1. Gosh Slim, I am surprised you are his fan. To each his own. I will not stop liking you because we don’t see eye to eye, isn’t Freedom Wonderful? No one HAS to agree on Anything… 🙂

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