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Listen up kids. I have a GREAT product recommendation if you have curly but dry, moody, downright rebellious hair like mine.

Hair so disobedient it goes out without you.

How dry and frizzy are we talking?




Atacama Desert dry… a destination I will, in fact, be visiting next year.  Apparently there’s already some ancient symbolic tribute to my hair engraved upon the desert floor.

But I’ll be showing them.  A friend gave me these Davines products as a gift (hint??!) recently and I haven’t straightened or blown my hair dry since. Little or no blow-drying also means healthier hair.

Seriously, this stuff is THE bomb. And I have tried a lot a lot a LOT of hair products.

I’m the “What is Frizzy Hair for $10,000 Alex?” of hair products.

It’s not inexpensive but a little goes a long way (especially with the conditioner) It will tame your frizz and nurture your tendrils back into supple subservience .

Work IT my Comrades in Curls    😉




  • I have no affiliation nor received any freebies from Davines hair products.
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  1. I learned why curly hair is drier than straight hair. It’s because the oil from your scalp cannot go straight down the hair shaft. I believe this is true even when your hair is straightened because the strand itself is triangle shaped instead of round.

    I’m 62 and have been fighting my curly hair since I was 15. That’s a long battle. I’ve learned everything I can to aid me in the battle. My stylist also said that for times when I’m straightening it myself, whether a flat iron or roundbrush and hair dryer, to hold the bit you’re working on straight out after you’ve roundbrush or flatironed for a few seconds. This allows the hair to cool down a little andaids in the process.

    Just passing on some esoteric knowledge that anyone who has fought this battle may have missed. Thanks for posting, Slim!

    • I’ve never heard that before Gwen, but I guess it makes sense. Who knew curly hair strands were triangular rather than round?? :-0

  2. Merry Christmas to me! Seriously Slim, thank you so much. They recently discontinued the only conditioner I have used that actually worked on my parched hair. I used it everyday, and the instructions were to use it twice a month, if that gives you a clue how completely dry my hair is. I’ve been so bummed! My hair seems to get drier every year as I’m afraid years of highlights have completely caught up with me. I wasn’t sure wether to choose “fine and damaged” or about five other categories, none complimentary, that apply to my once glorious mane. I cannot wait to get my hands on this stuff. If it works half as well on me, as it does on you, I’m going to so owe you! Thank you again and I’ll let you know how it works as I’ve just placed my order.

    • Hi Pam
      Firstly, WHY do they always discontinue the BEST products? Drives me crazy!
      I had to laugh about the ‘categories’ as I was so excited about “LOVE” that I also went to the Davines website to try a couple of other products (I read their “OI” line is also great for frizzy hair) and was dismayed to find I could check so many boxes :-0 (btw, my hair is not coarse, although those new, uh, ‘silver’ troops arriving could be changing THAT situation)

  3. My hair is so dry and wavy so I REALLY appreciate this hair product tip! Thanks so much Slim!

    The Arts by Karena
    Books for the Holidays!

  4. I bought the small bottles of their whole line back in September for me and my girls!…I luv how they tell you where their botanicals come from in heir story book!

  5. Just wanted to share this email I received yesterday;

    I have to write and thank you: first, for your blog and Instagram. They are absolutely delightful (that is, WHEN you post 😉

    Secondly, the biggest thank you is for the Davines recommendation! I have tried every product in every price range and the love shampoo and conditioner are the first that have made any difference to my hair. I know you know what a big deal this is, so thanks to you and your friend for the love!

    Have a wonderful day!


  6. For all my curly girls, I’m wiling to share my hard won routine.
    Kenra Shampoo
    Kendra Conditioner
    Coconut oil left on hair once or twice a week for 45 minutes
    Argan oil daily my favorite is Josie Maran

    It tames the frizzies!
    Hope this helps someone.

  7. I have tried so many different products for my thick, frizzy hair. I trust your reccomendations and ordered the Davines products last week. I LOVE the LOVE!! It is really working and I am a happy woman. Thanks so much Slim! (P.S. I also love your reccomendation, especially this time of year, for the Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix). Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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