Float Away…


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 I came across a recipe yesterday which peaked my interest. I think it was the word “Cocktail” that caught my eye 🙂

It looked fun, easy and most of all super Summery. I sent it to my sister this morning and before you can say “Lime Sherbet & whiskey” twice,  I’d received the photo below;


Followed by the top photo that said “Major hit! Super yummy”

 And then, this evening…

Ginger Float Cocktail

along with the caption- “OH…we’re in now!”

I wish my sister didn’t live so far 🙁



Big Ginger Float Cocktail via Dine & Dish

Note; My sister couldn’t find the “2 Gingers” whiskey rec. in Dine & Dish’s recipe, but she assured me the one she used worked quite well!







  1. Love your fun attitude towards life. Comes from hanging with the cool cats. I would treasure you as a face book friend. Live IN the moment.

  2. Love your “New Look”!
    This recipe DOES look super yummy…. I am going out right NOW to get all the ingredients STAT!!
    Our air conditioner broke down yesterday & I just can’t wait until the forecasted rain showers on Saturday …. gotta cool off PRONTO & I think this will be just the ticket!
    Thx Slim! xo
    P.S. Gotta love the Lucerne Key Lime sherbet. I wonder if Bella Gelato makes a gelato version… Gosh , I just might have to take a run down to check them out… Or maybe make my own Key Lime sorbet!! I feel a hard-core recipe testing day comin’ on. Thx for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. Loved the Big Ginger Float Cocktail!!! Easy, breezy and FUN!!! I am not a big whiskey fan, but this was smooth as silk!!! Must have been the Lime Sherbert?!

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