Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire

Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire


A singularly stylish and spirited lady, and a true original.
Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, the last of the Mitford Sisters, March 1920-September 24, 2014.

“I don’t mind if that is the fashion or not, it’s what suits me.”





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  1. Sob! Her book “Wait for me” one of my faves ever! Her life? A life beautifully lived!

    And she “read her book” on the audiobook! the best ever in the world!

    Boo hoo!!

    I love your blog!

    Debo zoomed up and met up with all those characters who were her relatives! Her loyalty to those sisters……and her stories about them are just fascinating!

  2. Was watching on PBS this weekend the documentary on Chatsworth, the manor/estate that the Dutches’ son & daughter-in-law (the current Duke & Dutchess of Devonshire) run and she was mentioned briefly on her modern contributions to the home and how Chatsworth is able to continue because of her inputs. An excellent show! I’m interested in educating myself more on her life. A great lady.

  3. Wait For Me, she used to say that to her sister when they’d play. They were all older and faster than she. I read her autobiography several years ago. A one of a kind woman!

  4. Hi Slim,
    I am a very loyal follower of your brilliant blog. I am a one blog woman and you are it!! How do I sign up for the Daily Paley?? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, funny stories. You make me laugh and everyone needs a good giggle to start their day. Smiles, Ruth

    • What a sweet comment Ruth- Many thanks!
      There is no sign up at present for the Daily Paleys, but as my email subscription for the regular posts is acting up and sending out alerts for the D.P.’s you could certainly try that route!
      I’m so happy to know I bring a smile to your day 🙂

  5. In Sept. of 2002, I visited Chatsworth. My friend and I were the first to enter to tour that day. A camera crew was in the large foyer filming a Christmas tree decorated to the hilt. A lovely lady looked at me and said something like sorry for the mess. She was wearing the most gorgeous embroidered coat. I said something inane like, oh that’s all right. I almost said to her, your coat is so beautiful when it hit me…she was the Duchess if Devonshire. I will never forget it.

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