Daily-ish Paley


So needless to say, I’ve not gotten off to the most professional start with the “Daily Paley” concept (D’ya think?!) But Life’s what happens while you’re making other plans, right? I’ve also been traveling in South Africa with my family and indulging in being somewhat off the grid.

I’m still semi-regular on my Instagram  though… so there’s that 🙂

and I have so many fun things to share so please do keep checking back!

For those inquiring about receiving email alerts for the Daily Paley’s, it seems I’m not able to separate them from my regular post  alerts (at least within WordPress) so unfortunately that’s a no-go at this time 🙁

Which brings me full circle to the cartoon above…Can we talk?!  (and wtf is ‘Imgur’?!)

Hope your Summer is still wonderful wherever you may be.



  1. Slim..very cute cartoon and so true unfortunately.
    IMGUR=Used to share photos with social networks and on-line communities

    WTF=appropriate response all too often to being connected 24/7

    Enjoy your trip!! Can’t wait for a post with photos when you are home!

  2. Daily Paley was a big commitment for a self-proclaimed procrastinator, it was only a matter of time:)

    All is forgiven if you do a blog post on your recent trip to Africa in the next 24 hours…go!

  3. The “GO” starts when I actually open your comment, which is just right now, 3:30am in the morning, so I still have til that time tomorrow morning, right??

  4. Slim, so glad you make life a priority over being plugged in.. That’s why you are real and this blog is the bomb. I think about doing daily posts and then know I’d putter out..Instagram is a pretty darn good stand-in though so don’t feel badly.. xx

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