Check Your Oil

Goe Oil IMG_5268 Slim Paley

I first tried “Goe Oil” in the U.K. (where I took this photo) I brought one tube back to the hotel to deal with our seriously travel parched skin, and immediately returned to Liberty’s the next day to pick up more to bring home. Silly girl! It was available on Amazon Stateside, with free shipping. It’s not inexpensive (average price about $44) but a little GOE’s a long way (see what I did there 🙂 )  Really-trust me on that.  A combination of no less than 28 plant fruit & flower oils and butters, including a generous  dose of jojoba, Goe oil takes a little longer to penetrate than regular moisturiser but it also lasts longer. It’s rich with a light, mildly  tropical fragrance. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it. (you might have to hide it…just saying…)



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  2. I;m so jealous of your new gorgeous site! I’ve been trying for over two years for a new design but can’t seem to get anyone to finish the job. It’s so frustrating!!!! love yours!!!!! it’s so chic.

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