RIchard Linklater's movie Boyhood

Normally I would never suggest going to see a film I haven’t yet seen myself  but my older son has given “Boyhood” such glowing reviews that  1) I simply can’t wait to see it (it’s not out in Santa Barbara yet) and 2) I feel I can safely recommend  you seeing it as soon as you can!

Here are a few of his comments to me (don’t you just love when your kids become young adults and share stuff with you? 🙂 )

“Never seen anything like it”   “it’s actually incredible”   “A total must see”   “We were both blown away”

“The movie wisely avoids that kind of manufactured, Hollywood stuff…it’s just scenes from a human life that, as they accumulate, just… capture the passage of time unlike any other movie”


Boyhood, the movie

See you at the movies!




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  1. I love being my son’s mother. He is so awesome. He will be 18 next month. My best work, he is well grounded in the universe.

  2. I live in a small farming community – absolutely no chance the movie will open here BUT “have car will travel.” The reviews have been wonderful. I definitely plan to see it.

  3. Finally went to see it last night and we loved it. The acting is superb across the board. Poignant, touching and very real. Yes, it’s long (2.48), but to condense the arc of the story (which is filmed over a 12 year period) any more than Linklater chose to would seem, to me, to be missing the point.

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