You Go Ghoul !




Are you dressing up?


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.51.34 PM

via @lylexox via thecoveteur Instagram

 Cause, you know, you could go as a handbag.



I’m not getting into costume I’m afraid.

Halloween’s always a tricky day for me ever since my kids became too old to partake in all the shenanigans.

I tend to get a little morose 🙁


Sibling Spring 2015


I could try putting a big bow in my hair and forcing the issue

but I don’t think so.

Instead, a good scary movie with some burnt popcorn (yes, I like my corn slightly burnt- it’s an art getting it just right)

Any suggestions on a super creepy film to curl up in front of tonight?

We actually have a cloudy day here in Santa Barbara. How novel. What could be next? rain????? Forecast as of now is 39% chance   But…I hate to jinx us, especially on a such a hijinxy day.



Glamourous is always fun on Halloween, especially if you’re attending a party indoors.



Mario Sorrenti for W magazineMario Sorrenti for W Magazine

Just make an effort, that’s what’s important.


Black & white truffles

But back to me.

How about Truffled popcorn?  Well, let’s be honest, what’s not good with truffles?! Maybe Ice cream??



Black Sangria recipe via Sugar & Charm

If you’re doing the entertaining  Black Sangria recipe via “Sugar & Charm” would be a perfect choice.






Some folks just don a hat and leave it at that. And if you’re that person, this would be a good one.


.Daria Werbowy

and who wouldn’t want to look like Daria Werbowy for one night? OK, forever.


 Oh, sorry. Short Attention Span Theatre…we were talking about drinks;




 11 More greatly named, deliciously ghoulish libations to consider;






 11 Halloween Cocktails via 



Corpse Reviver


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.46.03 AM

 Seriously? I can hardly get my tree together before Christmas day, much less changing it between October and December.

(unlike blogger Faux Fuchsia in Australia who already has her Christmas tree up, maybe even beating her own record)


Katy Perry Halloween costume 2014

One seriously cute costume. Katy Perry just last night, as her favourite snack “Flaming hot Cheeto”


Martha Stewart halloween.

Martha Stewart, age 4, as Little Bo Peep via her Instagram.

How much do you wanna bet she still has that basket?!


SpongeBob SlimPaley


Sponge Bob Slim Paley Instagram




Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti via InstagramPhoto via Mario Sorrenti’s Instagram

Lara Stone taking inspiration from the kitchen for her costume.



Speaking of kitchens (see what I did there) I really can’t believe that an entire year has passed since my shoulder surgery.  I now have total mobility capacity and no more pain, but the entire shoulder region is crazy tight due to favouring it for so long.

I guess it’s safe to start exercising now!


I’ll leave you with that terrifying thought.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.38.45 PM


organic children



Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington

I must leave you with some beauty.

And yes, this was one year ago yesterday. Now that is reeeeely scary!

Haute Halloween II


Wishing you more treats than tricks 🙂




  1. oh, gorgeously goulish my darling. I’m moving into that morose stage too, this is the last year my daughter is home, and she’s going to her own party, of course. My friends and I are going to our neighborhood Starbucks to drink wine and watch all of the littles running around trick-or-treating the local retailers, I going in my witch hat and carrying a broom… and wearing black. My house is all decorated, and I have full sized candy bars, but we don’t get many goblins… I’m depressing myself…. enjoy the burned coffee, have you ever watched Hocus Pocus? That’s my Halloween fav – not scary but fun to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler as witches.

  2. THE most clever Ghoul, yes you are.
    Ok, going to buy Apothic Dark, recommended by a friend just two days ago…had never heard of it and now from you…where have I been?
    …taking the 14 year old granddaughter (she wants to go with ME?) and friend T or T-ing tonight, we will all dress, she as a hippie, flower child and I as a very aged ghoul. Went to a birthday party this week, a special one where everyone else was dressy Cal-casual. But so as to make it a very special birthday for our friend, we wore our bloody, ghoulish attire…she’ll never forget that birthday!
    (Happy burnt popcorn and yes to Hocus Pocus!)

  3. Yikes it seems like yesterday when we did the local retail street to enjoy all the little ones . Flash by in a wink, that was 20 yrs. ago. !!!, Wonderful memories , and happy to say those adorable ones all grown up and having or attending their own gigs.
    Grandparents so very fortunate to have been a part of all those special occasions.
    Thanks for reminding us all with your humor and Fabulous pics. xo.

  4. Wow, I think you captured my feelings so well: I, too feel a bit morose today – I miss my children being little and having fun with all of the activities, carnivals, costume parades, etc.

    Thanks for the lovely post as always!


    I haven’t seen it, but I hear it’s a gooder.

    I got a frozen shoulder at almost exactly the same time your shoulder started acting up, and I am now 100% better as well! It took about 14 months to go through the 3 stages related to frozen shoulder, but I feel lucky as a friend of mine had one shoulder freeze and it lasted 1.5 years and then almost immediately after it healed her other shoulder froze and that one took 2 years to heal!

    • Glad to hear your shoulder is all better! and I have never heard of this movie so thanks for the rec.
      Our ‘scary movie’ turned into my husband watching an old film about a guy having his eyes surgically made “Asian” so he could infiltrate a Japanese prisoner of war camp. So…I was happy to putter around with the doors open and listen to the glorious RAIN !!

  6. Halloween is definitely sort of flat, with the kids gone. My husband keeps carving pumpkins and buying candy even though there are no kids in our neighborhood. So guess who just HAS to eat all that chocolate? Yup, that would be me:(
    Happy Halloween Slim!


    FOR THE FIRST HALLOWEEN IN MY LIFE (past infancy) I did not don a costume!

    My favorite party of the year….is the Browne’s party tonight at Cava! (their son is in my granddaughter’s class……and I started being their decorator when Gay was one week away from delivery…my granddaughter and Colin are 8 days apart! (they are almost 16!!!)

    happy halloween! it is raining!!!! thank heavens!!!

  8. I confess, once the kids are grown and have little goblins and princesses of their own its just not the same. There were some cuties at the front door last night though and it was fun. Rain on the roof early this morning was my idea of a treat!

  9. Candy was in the bowl, feather boa at the ready. Not one little costumed caller. Today, I’m suffering from too much sampling. Luckily, I had an appointment for a blowout at the salon school where I get my hair done. They are now the proud owners of that candy. Better them than me.

    I adore that giant hat. Just because it’s Alaska and I wear t-shirts and jeans for work, doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE fashion. I’m still in shock over the loss of Joan Rivers. Fashion Police is a guilty pleasure.

    Fantastic, as always. I always look forward to your posts.

  10. My Hubs and I were at the hair salon together yesterday (which never happens) and the appt’s were late so we were able to see the little ones come in to get their treats as the harbor encouraged retailers to open for them….we had the best time enjoying them all, but especially the tiny toddlers who themselves were trying to figure the whole thing out ~ since our very small gated community has absolutely zero trick or treaters, we are going back downtown next year to enjoy them and the memories we have of our little goblins many years ago.

  11. Slim love this fun variety of images for Halloween. Interesting that you said you like to dress up for the holiday, as I have done that many times. Much better to me than a strange or weird costume. Dressed to the nines!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Love this post! I never had kids, and I stopped partaking in Halloween celebrations after I was thirteen years old. I still ate the candy, though. Loved your Spongebob Squarepants costume. My other favorite was the girl in the minidress with the oversized hat! 🙂

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