When you wish upon a star…





When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star as dreamers do

Fate is kind

she brings to those to love

The sweet fulfilment of

Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a start

Your dreams come true




And so it was for my dear friend Rita Wilson who received a star with her name upon the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week!

Rita’s star will shine just 4 steps away from her husband Tom’s  🙂


So cute in 1992!


Are you looking down Mom & Dad??!



Everyone knows Rita. Whether it be through her career as an actor and producer, her 30+ year happy marriage to another beloved actor and now, more recently as a talented singer-songwriter.

In addition to her myriad of professional accomplishments, Rita’s willingness to share some of her most difficult life challenges with the world, surviving breast cancer and going through the pain of losing her beloved mother to Alzheimer’s disease, has resulted in her being one of the most admired and truly relatable women in “Hollywood”

So it was most befitting that on March 29th, 2019, Rita should receive a star in the very town in which she was born and raised.  Her parents, sweet Dorothy  & Al, would be so proud!





And, as Fate can indeed sometimes choose to be kind to those who put all their heart into their dreams, this week also coincides with both the release of Rita’s latest album (her 4th!) and 4 very full years since her cancer diagnosis and subsequent (almost to the day) successful surgery.

The lyrics to her newest single  “Throw Me a Party”  address the emotions that arose from that chapter of her life in such a poignant and beautiful way, I truly can’t imagine anyone not being moved by this  song.



Lastly, I’d like to share one short little Rita story. Actually, not that short as it turns out, but I tried my best.

One of the many adventures Rita and I have shared over the decades of our friendship was the week in December of 2010 we attended “Date With Destiny” with the motivational speaker Tony Robbins (yah we did!) It was all Rita’s idea and not something that would have ever crossed my mind to do, much less right before the Christmas holidays (Have I ever mentioned delegating is not my forte but I’m sheer genius at procrastinating? I still had SO much to do!)  But Rita had recently met Tony and was intrigued and, like everything else with Rita, her supreme enthusiasm was incredibly infectious (persuasive). It would be so great! Just the two us! (+ 2 thousand other people) A road trip! A week in the desert!  Most of all, it was an opportunity to “connect with our ultimate purpose and ignite our passion”, shape our own destinies, learn valuable life skills, set goals and live our Best Life! All things she assured me I needed…like, right away.

I guess I could allow Dennis to pick the Christmas tree for once (if he sent enough photos. And video. And I left specific dimensions….and a colour swatch)

That first Road Trip morning Rita bounced into the car with an open mind, plenty of gum and, of course, a fabulous blow-out that would last a week. Priorities. I brought road snacks, the appropriate amount of wine for 6 nights (in case there was a wine drought in Palm Desert) and all the manicure shop gossip magazines I’m not allowed to have in our house. This was going to be awesome!

Cut to:

For 6 solid 14-15 hour days we Dated the hell out of our Destinies. Imagine if you will, a huge venue, freeezing cold- lest anyone attempt a quick catnap, filled to the max with a couple of thousand people (a good 1/3rd repeat attendees) every last one pumped, primed and eager to fashion their own destiny.  I’m here to tell you the man can T A L K.  For hours. And hours. He is funny and fascinating. Fascinating! He drinks a litre of water in one go like it’s 4 ounces and doesn’t even take a bathroom break. He’s a towering 6′ 7″ Alpha male in the extreme. Sand kicked in the face of “The Rock” without a backward glance.  We were seated in the front row all week (no sneaking out) so from our vantage he appeared to be 8ft. His teeth alone were bigger than my head. Prowling the stage to & fro like a panther he addresses the entire vast auditorium but appears to always be looking directly at you. My terror of possibly being singled out to participate was utterly paralysing.

Have you ever felt deeply introspective, seriously fatigued, exhilarated yet slightly skeptical, hungry, worried and freezing cold all at the same time? Each night we fell into bed so exhausted we could barely talk. I vaguely remember rolling into a 7-11 at 1:00am one night for food and gas and sharing a laughing fit verging on hysteria. We had dinner at 1:am in a 7-11.  Just had to repeat that for effect.  The wine and magazines never even made it out of the car trunk.

Tony warned everyone that after A Date With Destiny many attendees get sick. A combination of lack of sleep & food, the freezing cold room and the general sensory overload of pushing yourself way out of your comfort zone. Which is exactly what I did. Not the comfort zone part (read; fail) but I went home and promptly got the flu.  Rita didn’t of course. Rita returned home with her new sense of purpose and goals outstretched before her and became an amazing singer/songwriter within a few years. At the age of 52. Her real passion all along you see, was music.

So, there you go. And Tony? I’m not sure how much credit he gets from all this but I like to think that our D. W. D. experience played some small part in how it all turned out! And ps. the Christmas tree was lovely.



Towards the end of our Date With Destiny surviving on coffee and pork rinds.



I couldn’t be happier to congratulate, celebrate and applaud my friend for being such an inspiration to us all, at any age!!


Listen to Rita’s single


 or watch the video HERE

and link to download or stream “Halfway to Home” entire album  HERE






Have you listened to the new single yet?! Would love to hear from you!


Happy Weekend and Spring to All!

xx Slim




“When You Wish Upon a Star” Lyrics by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Walt Disney’s 1940 adaptation on Pinnochio.


  1. As usual, a beautiful post. I wish we heard from you more often. Beautiful tribute to Rita Wilson. Her song filled me with tears and I love her voice. I will download her music right now.
    Thank you for your talents Slim, and for sharing them.

  2. Rita exudes joy and enthusiasm. I can only imagine how persuasive she can be. As a fellow breast cancer survivor, I have an idea what she went through, and I’m happy she’s doing well, seizing life and making rainbows where ever she goes. I met Rita backstage at the Paramount Theater when she was in Austin, performing. Three of us came back stage. She called us her “Pilgrims!” Then my friend, singer/songwriter, Kat Edmonson, and I went to see Rita at the Cafe Carlyle. What a show! Congrats to Rita on her star. xoxox, Brenda

  3. Thank you, once again, for bringing a huge smile to my face and laughter. Such a lovely honor for Rita and well deserved. I am very familiar with Tony Robbins, but have never had the balls to attend😂 Thanks for sharing your hysterical adventure with your good friend. The next time I wish upon a star, my wish will be that you finally publish a book. You are so very talented, your photography is beautiful and your sense of humor is spot on ~ I am still one of your biggest fans❤️ Be well and hoping another blog will be coming soon.

    • Thanks so much Snow!! You have always been such a champion of my blog since (it seems like Day ONE??!) and I so appreciate all your support over the years!!
      One day, my book shall come!!! 🙂

  4. So cool that you went. You are two very beautiful ladies! Can just picture the speakers delight you were on his first row.

  5. Hi Slim – Thank you for sharing the news of the good fortune of your friend and her music. I didn’t know about her or her music. Her voice is lovely and her music touched my heart. Let her know will you? Thanks

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Rita Wilson the song writer/singer and your dear friend. I really enjoyed listening to her pitch perfect voice. Who knew!!

  7. Dear Slim – I believe you just threw your dear friend a party with this affectionate accolade to salute her talent and achievements. Birds of a feather Slim. You’re both talented beauties. 💕🎼💞

    MAYBE I NEED TO READ THE BOOK AS I am doing circles about what comes next!
    SO happy the TREE met your approval!I would have let the same way!
    I think about HER husband when I head to the OAKLAND airport as I read somewhere that HE worked at One of those Hotels LONG AGO!!!!!!

  9. Wow ~ that song is sooo touching. I watched the video and even though the storyline is sad, Rita’s joy for life comes across in her beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing the album info and a fun {and funny} friendship story!

  10. Loved reading this! Oh I agree … Tony Robbins teeth are huge! I always think Anne Rice used him as her muse when she wrote Taltos!
    Rita Wilson is truly America’s Sweetheart. Don’t know if she realizes it but we love her and her creativity! God Bless Her.
    Rock on Rita! Your music is marvelous!

  11. your humour is spot on, you are an extremely talented writer, start that book, whatever you choose, if Tony didnt push you enough, I will….
    bravo Rita, fab on all levels

  12. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…i just went from 100 to 0 in 30 seconds, from laughing about TR teeth bahahahaha ….to Rita…i wasn’t expecting to cry this morning, but that song really really really got to me…i need a hug and a negroni, (and i am not a day drinker)…………

  13. I love reading your blog, it is on the side of my blog so I read whenever you post. What a great tribute to a friend, and isn’t Tony fascinating? My dear friend introduced me to him via book and podcast and he is simply inspiring. It started a journey to listen to as many podcasts as I could.
    Thank you for your words and entertainment….

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