Be still my heart…






Photos via Vogue

He’s back!

and his new Women’s collection is positively dripping with decadent,


delicious GLAMOUR.

What more can I say?

How will I ever fall asleep tonight?!





  1. What an exciting collection. I love everything about it … classic, timeless and so up to the second. I love love lovvvvvve the colors.
    The black/navy eye shadow and Tommy Ford lipstick on the models – prettiest I’ve ever seen.

  2. Tee Hee Slim. Got the directions, just need to know when Thankseating is? We don’t have it over here!
    Staff Question – Double Tee Hee, I had no doubt about all that work you do, I was worried that you had to do all the cooking as well – that would take all the fun out of it for me (even though I love washing up and putting stuff away.)
    Just in case the Qantas A380s are not back in action by Thankseating and I don’t get there in time to do the washing up – have a wonderful time.

  3. why am I so embarrassed… website!?!

    How about his lipstick? (Tom Ford)

    It is way divine! Where to find it? I have a color I am obsessed with!

    Slim; come on; live up to those namesakes of yours…..where do we find Tom Ford lipsticks here in Santa Barbara?

    When I ask…I get a blank stare….everywhere! Nowheresville on the internet. Why the smoke and mirrors?

    Not to mention….where do we find these clothes? No fair just teasing! Where are Tom Ford’s clothes?



    Thanks for those wonderful pics of Santa Barbara…..from your roses….. and lavender; to the views from the hike!

    (Don’t do too much! we might get over-populated!)


  4. Off topic…but I can’t find the post about the “less expensive but just as good” digital camera you mentioned awhile back. Help please.

  5. For those who want to do some research…..Google “Tom Ford Lipstick” and you’ll find out the answers about where to find and why you should!

  6. TF looks sexeeeeee in those pics. No surprise there. The dresses are divine. That trench coat is white suede….can you believe the luxury of THAT? When he was at Gucci I bought a white suede shirt. I still have it and wear it. Looks amazing with a tan and the sleeves rolled up. Can’t wait to buy.

  7. Sharp, sleek and chic.
    Is that supposed to be TF in the photos?
    Hmm………If so, photo shop must have worked very overtime.
    My guess it’s a stand in. Have not seen the actual magazine.

  8. Tom Ford is one of those creative souls that doesn’t stop! I recently saw “A Single Man”. His direction was amazing! Now, I’ll take the outfit in the first photo please, but you will also need to send me the tall skinny body as well!

  9. THIS IS F A S H I O N !!

    No one but no one comes close to TF in the talent department.
    Distant seconds could be Coco and YSL.

  10. Slimmy—is your inability to fall asleep because of the clothes or the man? Tom Ford is quite the handsome guy-and he’s nice, too. I wonder how many good fairies were present at his birth?
    I love, love, love the tailored white suit.

  11. Maybe there is something wrong with me. Tom Ford is adorable, in a precious gay designer way, but I’m not all that crazy about any of those outfits. Well, maybe that last jacket is pretty amazing, the black feather hat, and the whacky gold “fanlike” jewelry.

  12. Being in the fashion business I am happy to see Tom has come full circle, back to the top where he belongs. Since he stood down from Gucci we have had to content ourselves with sunglasses and perfume for too long. The collection looks oppulant but fresh and repects his loyalty both in mannequins and style. I am living in Paris, where will this be sold? Still regret the day that I saw Tom on the Eurostar and didnt talk to him or his shiny shoes. Love the idea of including himself in the ad to differentiate himself from all other designers showing that it is He who reigns!

  13. It’s just SO fabulous!! Am coveting that fishtail sequin jacket – you could wear pyjamas underneath and look gorgeous. Also dying to hear about the new movie – all very hush hush.

  14. What can i say but…. finger on the pulse, such perfection. how did i go on and on about his film slim!. he is a movie star, just wish he would shave that beard..och!

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