Thursday Morning



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That’s my plan for the day anyway. So far so good!


PS. Even though this is just a “Daily Paley” I’m sending it out with an email alert because Good Karma finds strength in numbers 🙂



*photo of sunrise in the Maldives 2012



  1. What a perfect “action plan” for me! Today is my birthday!
    The kids are off to school and I’ll play hooky from work, thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Wondrous thoughts Slim and thank you so much for sharing these oh so important life reminders,,,,,Live an Extraordinary Life!

    India Hicks Style Ambassador
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Thank you! I needed that! A lot of us probably did! I hope your day goes well and ends on a happy note!

  4. A beautiful day in the South walking on our greenway….and I sent two beautiful post cards of fashion that I bought at our Frist Museum per your suggestion to girlfriends via snail mail…Life and freedom are precious gifts from our Savior and thanks you for the reminder Slim.

  5. Love this Slim! Wish you could come teach a yoga class in Chicago and share this mantra! 🙂 Or maybe we should just meet on that beach!?

  6. That WAS karma…just sent out 3 thank you notes!! Perfect “Indian Summer Day” (…can one still say that???!!??) here in Central VA!!! Wave Runners here we come!! franki

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