The New Improved Slim Paley


Sun Valley,

Dear Readers

I’ve just spent two glorious weeks in beautiful Sun Valley, as long time readers know, a place very near and dear to my heart. The weather was spectacular, which gave us ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and luxuriate in slow-paced days that remained light until 10pm.

Sun Valley, Idaho

I won’t go into details just yet, but I will humble brag that my vacay wasn’t entirely reading, hiking, mindful diet & exercise (and beating my spouse at ping pong) Goodness no.  No, no, nooo.  Some of it was spent devotedly working on my blog renovations.  As you can see!

baby plantAfter 5 years (!) of writing ‘Slim Paley’ I was no longer happy with my look.

fed up dogYou know the feeling.  Try as I might to put things right, I’d come to the end of my leash. I needed help.

baby orangutan getting a bathAn extra set of hands to help me feel fresh and confident again.

baby donkeyand I’ve got to tell you, now that I’m all newly powdered, perfumed, pouffed and blow-dried…

llamaI’m feeling more than a little chuffed with myself!

dog on the streets of NY Slim PaleyBecause a Good Hair Day?  Well, that’s just something everyone can relate to.

So following;

A quick review of the features and improvements on the New and Improved Slim Paley;

-You’ll still find all the same “S.P.” content, but posts will be easier to navigate and archives handier to access.

You’ll also get:

-A new scrolling bar featuring the four most recent posts.

-Beneath, 3 windows with the next most recent posts.

But it doesn’t stop there!


-I finally have a “Back to Top” button. Yay!

-and a “Pin it” option when hovering over images.

social-01-and if you care to connect with me on social media; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr-they’re all there too. I am out on the dance floor, people. I even joined ‘WeChat’-though that’s not linked. Forgotten my password already and only have two friends-randomly, my oldest girlfriend in the world (since age 11)  Talk about ‘meant to be’ friends! and the other is my neighbour. I guess I’m not that big in Mainland China. Yet 🙂

Morocco, Slim PaleySpeaking of China…(I’ve never been, so I used this photo of me in the Moroccan desert instead)

-You’ll also receive a “TRAVELS” window! Continually updating with adventure ideas, cool hotels & great restaurants, shopping tips, lots of off-the-beaten-track suggestions… all in one place now.

maldives, slim paley

But wait-Is there more Slim?? Why yes! I’m so glad you asked!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.30.24 PM

-The “Daily Paley” window, where I’ll share book recommendations, design tips, funny or inspiring quotes, a new film, gorgeous flowers, beautiful homes, products I like, drinks I love, a recipe I’ll never attempt but want you to…anything and everything I deem share-worthy. Updated daily, it’ll be fun!

-Lastly, “INSTA-SLIM” a direct feed to my Instagram page…mostly because I couldn’t decide what else to put there-so this could be a ‘fluid situation’ as they say.

I’m really excited about my new look and I hope you will be too. Sharing my enthusiasm for beautiful things, exciting places and interesting people was always my original intent for ‘Slim Paley’.  I’ve tried to stay true to my vision, keeping the tone light, entertaining and visually pleasing, but let’s be real, this revamp has been a long time coming. Real life gets in the way, and no one’s ever accused moi of rushing into anything 😉

Of course there’s still a ‘Sign Up for Email Alerts’ box. DO consider subscribing! ( 1 lucky subscriber could win the “Brazil Butt Lift” DVD I ordered when I was on shoulder surgery meds. unopened!) )You will only receive notifications for new posts. No emails will be sent for the “Daily Paley”.

I think everything else is pretty self-explanatory or intuitive, but feel free to leave questions or comments. I’m happy to answer as much as I can. Please practice kindness. These are early days and I’m sure there will be a few bumps in the road before I remove my training wheels.

In the meantime, enjoy poking around, and once again, Happy July to everyone!

xoxo SP


Photo credits; animal photos all via Pinterest. all other photos Slim Paley.




  1. Looks fantastic Slim! Love the “Daily Paley” addition, and I also love that comments are on the same page as the post.

    Am I the only one that thinks the deer in the first photo looks like it’s levitating?

  2. Awesome….love it! I also love the “daily Paley” …cute!! That pic of the pool and ocean, where in heavens is that? I NEED to go there!! Amazing….love the new look, congrats!

  3. How very exciting, in my mind change is always good and you have a lot of amazing new elements going on here! A pleasure my friend!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Looks great..

    “recipes i won’t attempt but want you to ” love your honesty , where are you off to next?

  5. Congrats Slim, it looks amazing!

    Canuck, I agree with you… that deer is on it’s way to some far off alien habitat…

  6. Congratulations, and what a Slim-fabulous way to announce your new features!! I look forward to exploring and/or using all of them. The only thing I would hope for for is a return of the beautiful photographs you posted as a banner across the top of the blog…will that photographic banner return? Thank you for all you do to make your blog so very special!

  7. BRAVO!!! Couldn’t imagine the blog could get any better,…but yaaaay, love it, and the Daily Paley will be my daily vitamin shot!!!

  8. Congrats on your new blog update! I will be your China friend since I live in Beijing for the next year.
    I’m from Colorado but am here for the hubby’s job. Love your blog and all your gorgeous photography!

  9. Loooongtime reader here and I just did the happy dance {well, in my head as I’m currently in bed}. It all looks so fresh, and my two new favorite words: “Daily Paley”!! What a TREAT!! Ohhh, and your travel tips!! And a Pin It option! Gosh, this is practically an act of public service, you philanthropist, you. : ) Thanks for working so hard to make this THE most enjoyable, interesting, humorous blog going. {Btw, Slim Paley readers may know this, but some not: readers can also subscribe to your blog through an app called “Feedly”. It’s super simple ~ it delivers your latest blog to the app the second you hit publish. Which will be DAILY now!! Happiness!!}

  10. Love your work and humor. You are one lovely lady. You are refreshing and looking forward to your Daily daily. Thank you!

  11. Wow! What a fabulous job you have done! I thought the other blog was fantastic; you’ve really gone over the top. 🙂 Proud to be a fellow Canadian, and will be eagerly awaiting all in the future.
    So glad I found your blog.

  12. YES! Change IS good for keeping the inspiration going strong and the blogger block at bay. What a breath of fresh air ~ so crisp and clean and easy-peasy to navigate. Great job Slim ~ now, will you do mine?
    Happy summer ~ xo

  13. Slim,
    This sounds fabulous. Does my old subscription work or do I need to resubscribe. I already follow you (not in a stalker way) 🙂 on most of the other social media venues.
    Can’t wait to hear from you daily.

  14. Love the new and improved, but loved the old one too! – we live in Santa Barbara and Sun Valley, so I get it……

  15. Thank you for sharing all the best of your world! Bravo Bravo — didn’t think your blog needed one but the revamp is fantabulous!


  16. It all sounds good, but it also sounds like a lot of work! I can’t imagine that your life is any less overwhelming than mine and I hate that I have to give people daily (hourly) updates. Wishing you all good things on this new journey!

  17. Longtime blurker here…lovely updates! I vote for a Slim Gym section for all those spa and clean living bits 🙂

    Or not.


    • That’s actually a great idea and I love the name…now if only I had the material !! Something to think about …

  18. Hello gorgeous SP – you are such a delight – congrats!
    Am just doing some construction work on sites of my own and FEEL YOUR PAIN. It is Big work.
    In the spirit of “does your browser show it like my browser does?”, just wanna report that captions begin at lower right corner of pix and then drop to next line, leaving me looking for Where did this thing begin?
    PS – we are in Canada but with a fam connection to Sun Valley – have been going to reunions at the Wood River campsite since the 70s. Old-school, with tents, trailers, fish-fry on the fire scene. Latterly, with condos at Warm Springs and Prospector.
    Sister- and Bro-in-law built a lovely house on the Wood River 2 ago and threw a wedding for our niece.
    Love seeing your photos from that blessed beloved place. xo
    I have a little crush on your husband… that wrong?

  19. Check you out! Beautiful. I received your notification in my email but got distracted so I went to chrome and started typing slimpal — and got slim paleo as a choice further down the list, which is so far from what I was looking for this morning, and now slim paleo is in my brain. Help me!! … SlimPaley every day? Yes, please!! Thanks for sharing the beauty. SusanInSD

  20. Sorry about barraging you with pictures last night. Just wanted to share MY life with you. I know you are one busy lady. Thanks for the comments back. Sorry I got carried away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Understatement)

    Looking forward to your new blog. When will Daily Paley be up and running. Cant wait.
    I think it will be a kick to have a new format. Change is good but I was addicted to the old one. Knowing your taste, I know the new one will be pristine like all that you do. Whew! I am such a fan of yours.
    Someone in your comments mentioned the app FEEDLY. It is so cool. Have you seen it? I love it. Something for everyone.

    Anyway , not to be redundant, but like someone said, you are rungs above the rest and I live for your posts. Cant wait to see what you do next.
    Have a lovely day up there in SB.

  21. It’s quite inspiring how you keep doing this. I am sure the new SP blog will stay as delightful as ever with the accent on: life, such a funny old, beautiful thing.

  22. Hi,
    Love the look & ease of these pages! I do have a question for you – I currently get an email when you post and I click on the title or ‘read more’ (forget) to read the rest of the post. To get to this new format, do I need to subscribe again, on this page, to have the email come to me with this new format instead of the original version? I don’t want to subscribe again and end up getting two emails every time. Hope this makes sense! Thanks!! Judi

  23. Hi Judy
    I’m not sure I really understand your question, and it’s also difficult for me to answer, as what I see as the administrator of the blog is different to what you see. Once you get the email alert that a new post is up you can click on the “read more” to take you to the full post. At the top of the full post if you click on the “Slim Paley” icon, that will take you to the home page where the Daily Paley, Travel Posts and Instagram feed is located, as well as all my past posts.
    Hope this helps!!

  24. Yaaaaay I’ve been DYING for a pin it button on your site, everything is so pin-worthy!

    Only two (small) complaints – I miss the “like” button, which is not really a big deal. Do you know I like you? I feel it’s important to let you know. 😉

    Also, it’s kind of a drag to fill out the comment form ~ unless I’m crazy I think that other wordpress users could just comment without signing in before.

    • Hi Rachel
      Thank you! I like you too 🙂
      Re the comment form; I think you only have to sign in once, and then after that you should just be able to leave comments without signing in every time. At least I hope that’s how it works. I don’t know what happened to the “Like” button- I know it’s still on the Facebook page. However, there’s the new “Share” button at the bottom of the posts which is great as you can share posts you enjoy across several different platforms. (didn’t that just sound super social media savvy & professional?!)

  25. I love that you made changes, gives me courage. Every time I try to make any change I am left with a mess. I desperately need a
    Staff I can order about.

  26. I know I am late to the party, but I just found your blog, love it! And the new look is amazing! I am adding you to my signature sites and blogs and hope if you like mine, you will do the same. Meanwhile, I will take a few hours, if necessary and binge on your blog! All the best, Rié

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