Sushi Roll Models



O ya.

No, really- that’s the name of the restaurant “O ya” in  Boston, MA.

where I enjoyed the most phenomenal sushi last week.

The tasting menu, aprox. 14 courses, only partially shown here and not in any particular order, was a sublime experience.

Yes, a little saki and beer was in order, so a couple of pics might not be as sharp as they could be.

So su-shi me 🙂

(sorry. Not even drinking when I wrote that)

I don’t have our menu at hand, therefore we’ll have to let the sushi speak for itself.



Elegantly pared down, yet rich with robust flavour combinations that burst in the mouth like a thousand beads of outrageous caviar, chef Tim Kushman’s menu is serious culinary art.



Wild forest mushrooms basking in a frothy nectar.



Can you read the name of this delicious white ale?

How can beer be this good? I can’t describe it, other than it tastes like the colour lavender.

Not the flavour, the colour.

It’s delicious. I’m on the hunt.



This dish was served under a canopy of smoke. Absolutely outrageous.




Homemade la ratte fingerling potato chip with black Oregon truffle


Kumomono oysters with watermelon pearls & cucumber mignonette.

How many can you eat?  You tell first.



We ended on a delicate yet decadent note with this exquisitely prepared bite of foie gras (Sorry California, they’re still being naughty in MA)

“Foie gras with balsamic chocolate kabayaki, claudio corallo raisin cocoa pulp, sip of aged sake”


If your travels are taking you anywhere even near Boston, DO book way ahead to secure a reservation at this special little gem of a restaurant.

There are only 37 seats (17 are at the bar) and when asking the hotel concierge for directions I was informed, rather haughtily, that unless I’d already made reservations (my friend had) I had no hope of dining there.

I won’t say what hotel, but “O ya” is within walking distance of THE RITZ CARLTON.

The Ritz Carlton by the park. 🙂

As Strange Fates would have it, upon returning to unsaid hotel, one of the films available on pay per view was the new documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.  After professing I  couldn’t possibly look at one more piece of poisson I then sat mesmerized for the next 90 minutes just glued to this fascinating glimpse into the world of Japanese sushi culture and one chef’s quest to create The Perfect piece of sushi. At 85 years of age and still going to work every day, Jiro, considered by many to be the world’s best sushi chef, is still not there yet. At least by his standards.

Catch it if you can. Click the link below to watch the trailer ;

 Link to Jiro Dreams of Sushi


“I feel ecstatic all day”  Jiro.

If that’s not a statement to make one think twice about early retirement…



Lastly, if your not full, please just take one more minute to watch this sweet little short and tell me if some Japanese cuisine might not be on your agenda in the coming week!

Zuma: Wabi-sabi




Link to “O ya”   and check out the dinner menu.



  1. Gorgeous color palate of the sushi. Happy you got to go, Slim–very happy. I love Japanese beer, too. Wonder where you can get that particular one.

  2. Hitachino Nest: White Ale. Mmmmm lavender sounds tasty! And that sushi makes both my eyes and mouth water…

  3. Okay, you’ve convinced me. I like sushi but am not wild about it. We live outside Boston and my husband would really like to go to O Ya but I have resisted so far. Having read this post, I now feel I have to try it. Time for me to be a tourist in my hometown…:). And thanks for the beer recommendation. I will hunt that down. My local wine shop’s website says they carry it so I’m going down this afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. That is truly a display of art and sushi. I have never had the yen!:)
    I have been with friends on many occasions while they are enjoying. These images are beyond. Boston here I come.

  5. Heeelp! *banging on my moniter* Get me out of here and get me to O ya!!! Because I love living in France and all but really? I would probably move back for that if I had the chance. Holy cow that menu is insane. Good sushi, how I miss you…

      • Ok, ok…but if I could just have good sushi here it would really be perfect!

        Just wanted to come back and say thank you for the recommendation of “Jiro dreams of sushi”–I watched it the other evening with my honey and we were completely enchanted…merci!

  6. I’m in agony……..please no more talking about my favorite food–where I could become delirious just reading/talking about sushi. Thanks for the heads up and laughs–but I’m not scheduled for Boston.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. Let us know when you find that ale.

    • beautiful photos of mouth watering creations….I think the labels reads Hitachiko Nest from the Okiuchi Brewery….thank you for the visuals and for recommending this exotic beer. You give us the most interesting blogs on enjoying life and all the treasures in it….I look forward to sharing your adventures and insights.

  7. Yes, that’s Hitachino Nest Beer. Some mega liquor stores carry it.

    Those pictures look like they were done in a studio with expert lighting. Just AMAZING! You are a terrific photographer, Slim.

    And, I agree that O Ya! is a must-do if you are in the Boston area, or the whole Northeast for that matter.

  8. Oh My! Leaving for Boston tomorrow…got a reservation for Tuesday night! I LOVE sushi and haven’t had my weekly fix since arriving in the North Country………so excited! Makes leaving the lake for the Big City worthwhile……..that and the visit to the new grand baby!
    Don’t do beer but love lavender….might have to give it a try…….Thanks, yet again, again.

  9. I am crazy about sushi and Slim Paley you knocked this one out of the park—AGAIN. Beautiful photography. I am grateful for your humor, girl. Will hold onto this smile on this Monday as long as possible. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  10. That was some hardcore food porn.

    I loved the little short, wabi-sabi. I wrote an essay on wabi-sabi last year – love the concept.

    I wish we had someplace that elegant here in Dallas. Hubby and I are looking for a spot to celebrate our anniversary. Right now we’re thinking benihanas.

  11. I love your blog. I have never been to Boston and I love Sushi; one of these days I will need to go. I especially love your last sample of foie gras. There is a restaurant in Austin, TX called UCHI that I ended my sushi dinner with foie gras also. Fabulous. If you ever come to Austin, you will need to try.

  12. Love it! Watermelon pearls….need some of those! Beer gags me, but sushi….deeevine!
    Boston here we come!

  13. Ah So, S.P.
    Thank you very much for this tip as I will be traveling to Boston (for the first time) in late September and really just had my heart set on lobster rolls for every meal. 🙂

    Hubby and I celebrated our 27th on the 20th at “Wasa” (now I wish I had taken photos!) here in So.OC, our very favorite next to “Nobu” in Malibu.

    Re: Nobu we have been blessed to sample in San Diego, Malibu, Honolulu and two in NYC. (last Spring we should have earned frequent “eaters” status when we ate in Malibu, NYC and Honolulu within 2 1/2 weeks. Happy happy tummies!

  14. great photos! love sushi and beer, going to track that beer down in Vancouver!

    I’m fortunate to have a lot of great sushi restaurants very close to me, probably not quite as fancy as “o ya”, but pretty great nonetheless:)

    O ya’s menu is incredible!

  15. Dear Slim

    I love sushi and sashimi is one of my favourite things ever!

    Meanwhile what do you grow in deep shade that’s drought tolerant and will not be eaten? I am running out of Old Testament Gardening ideas.

  16. beautiful food photos…presentation is divine…i do love a good beer…will try for sure–love the label! our “farm to table” chef here uses oregon truffles: must be pretty good option if this fancy place uses them, too. what a fun foodie experience!

  17. Very suggestive photos…I want to eat them all….Next stop will be……Soon,very soon….Impatient….XXXX

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