Slim Paley Daily #7


I made it!

Slim Paley Daily #7…where I’ve saved the best for last;

Just a very small sampling of the beauty to behold at “Rose Story Farm” in Carpinteria, California right now!

L1150254This gorgeous, long lasting and, may I add, impressively virile climber is called

“Berries n’ Cream”


A gentle scent of apple adds to its charm.


Owners Dani & Dr. Bill Hahn have a passion for the art of growing roses that translates to virtually every corner of the farmL1150265Just put your face in that


L1150263They even raise plastic cattle.

L1150267Roses simply do NOT get any better than these.


loving my Instagram pics, even if I do say so myself  🙂


“Rose Story Farm” ships both bare root bushes and cut roses country wide.


These are your grandmother’s roses!



  1. I just “dead headed” 77 rose bushes today! (and of course cut some for “arranging” a pale pale liac then when I photographed them the photo looked black and white…ad the smell, amazing!….i did manage to pick about 100 avocados too! cinco de mayo at mi casa!

  2. wow spell lilac 10 times…lilac lilac lilac….and the word and and and and and….sorry i am eating reggiana and drinking wine at the same time…..

  3. Oh……..and we are getting frost here tonight….in the low 20’s. I brought in all my new plants that I have been waiting to plant (hydrangeas, phlox. begonias, pansies, violas, a rose of sharon bush………so glad i have been too lazy to plant as now they shall live to see another day in cold, cold, coat wearing Idaho!!!

  4. Slim, you’ve outdone yourself with this post! Simply ravishing! Thank you for this treat — we’re still awaiting the beginning of Spring here in Chicago, but this will tide me over.

  5. I love this!!! For some reason I thought of something I did once when I read “just put your face in this”. I was in Costco once and saw this beautiful rose bush. I went to smell the rose and realized I was smelling the picture of the rose. hehe! Looked around to see if anyone saw me…..

  6. Yesterday The Netherlands were completly covered in Orange in honour of our new King and Queen. Today i open Slim Paley and the first thing i see is a beautiful orange rose…what a lucky coincidence!

  7. Wow the petal count is so high for these roses! They are super lush. Wonder if they would they grow in Chicagoland?

  8. I’m just floored Slim! Yesterday I was reading a wonderful article about Rose Story Farm in an old Martha Living mag from June 04′, and I was going to Google them today to see if they’re still around…now thanks to you, I can see that they most certainly are, so amazing! I have no idea what this kind of stuff means when it happens, but it’s pretty cool.
    Your pictures are so pretty, you must have been in heaven. The article mentioned that Jullia Child was a great friend of the family and ate dinner there all the time, there’s actually a picture of her doing so…she loved being surrounded by so many roses while dining…who wouldn’t?!
    Thanks for the beautiful tour and the ‘woo-woo’ moment…
    xo J~

  9. Love your pics. As a lover of striped roses, I have grown both Berries N Cream and Fourth of July. I believe your pic is of Fourth of July, as it is red and white with prominent stamens (and lots of thorns). Berries N Cream is pink and white, has more petals, and is almost thornless. I must go visit that rose farm.

  10. Wow Slim. You go girl! Seven in a row. Wish I could do that. Just loved this one! What a gorgeous spot. The red and white roses are so unique and pretty. Thanks for sharing this amazing place!

    P.s. My sons loved your animal post, The dog in the jammies just got me!


  11. Oh, dear. Now I am even more impatient for our roses to come in, but we have at least six weeks to go. Sigh. Thank you for tiding me over! So pretty!! (And congrats on seven!!) xx

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  14. Reading your superb blog & seeing the gorgeous pictures is as if I have been able to escape to an “oasis of sensuous calm” in the middle of everyday chaos. Thank you for the visual feast & I can almost smell those roses-what glorious blooms!
    Love your sense of humour, Slim… “raising plastic cattle” … Tee hee! 🙂

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