Keeping It Simple



It’s “Old Spanish Days Fiesta Week” once again in Santa Barbara.

Parades, fiesta themed parties, live music in the parks. Shops are much busier than usual, restaurants booked solid and of course all the Mexican eateries we’re famous for bursting with well-fed revelers, the smell of beer, lime and salsa spilling out onto the steaming sidewalks.

It’s been so hot all week, and very unusual for Santa Barbara, humid, though late this afternoon clouds rolled in, bringing a respite from the heat if not the crowds.

Now if I were to host a Fiesta party (which I won’t because frankly I never get things like that together. And by ‘things like that’ I mean entertaining on a large scale. Or even a medium scale.) But if I did, I would take a note from this lovely, simple tablescape of wooden bowls filled with dried chilis I snapped at a small boutique hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka.

*A quick tip; to save buying pounds of whatever you’re filling a big bowl with- turn a smaller, dark coloured bowl upside down within the larger vessel to eat up most of the space.

Voila…I mean Viva!



Simple but lovely impact, especially with the old bowls echoing the circular domes of the lights above.

Viva La Fiesta !!

For more info on Fiesta visit “Old Spanish Days 2015”



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