January 10, 2016







I was so sad to hear of the passing of David Bowie tonight.

Shocked, but thankful I heard it from my sister first and didn’t just wake up to it all over the news.

It’s kind of rocked me.   You all know what a true fan I was.




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How very strange that I had just posted about him on Friday.

It feels a little surreal to know he’s gone.


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I did share my admiration from time to time, over the years










“Look out my window, what do I see? A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me”  Oh! You Pretty Things


We can be Heroes

And he was certainly one of mine.

RIP David Bowie







  1. Slim, we don’t know one another in “real life”, but I’ve read your blog for so long now and commented from time to time enough to feel as if we are kind of virtual pals. And the minute this breaking news came on tonight, you were actually the first person I thought of. I was a teenager when he came on the scene, yet I never was into his music. But as you posted about him and linked songs, I grew to really appreciate his massive talent. Such shocking news and so sad. So sorry for his family, young daughter and all his fans ~ including you. As an artist, the silver lining is that he will live on in his incredible music. {Listening to “Where Are We Know” as I write this and oh my goodness, it’s so hauntingly ironic after this news.}

  2. I know you loved him as I did too. My high school crush! Had every record; saw him in concert; made my parents endure Ziggy Stardust on an eight-track in a car going on a long ski trip when, after hearing it over and over, started singing “wham bam thank you ma’am” by the end of the trip. Such a talent who broke into the scene when you actually had to have talent to make it in the music business…..and as an actor, artist, songwriter….RIP, David Bowie. You will be greatly missed. We love you! 💔💔

  3. One of my fondest memories is David and Bing Crosby duet; and, now, coincidentally or not, there is “Lazarus” with the line: “Look up here, I’m in heaven.” RIP David Bowie.

  4. Slim this rocked my world too. Just a shock as he seems so eternally young to me always. I thought of you right away as I’ve so enjoyed your posts about him. He truly was one of a kind and his music was as wonderful. His songs transport me back to other years of my life, so I guess I really grew up with him. I’m beyond sad. Thanks for your great posts. Kim

  5. Dear Slim,
    Thank you so much for your David Bowie special spotlight blogs and how you and yours gave us more Bowie memories, I have a special Bowie “Major Tom” memory, RIP..May the perpetual light shine upon him.

  6. I JUST read on my GOOGLE news…and said, “OH, NO!” so loud my husband came running,…end of “WHAT AN ERA!!” franki

  7. Wait, wait, not yet!
    A loss too soon and sorely felt. I didn’t understand everything about him, but I always knew he had important things to say and I should listen carefully.

  8. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting David when I lived in New York. What stood out more than his obvious charisma was his impeccable manners and incredible charm. He was almost aristocratic in his forebearence but so polite and sweet. I immediately adored him. He had such glamour and style throughout his life. He was an icon and he will be missed. RIP, David. Thanks for the lovely memory!

  9. I saw him in concert once, I think it was the Scary Spider Tour. He put on a hell of a show. So sorry to hear of his passing. He will always be the King of FFFFFASHION!!!!!

  10. Oh Carolyn, I just read this now. I remember what a fan you were and the posters you had in your bedroom when we were teens. So sad, XOXO
    I can’t believe I just found out. What an awesome guy he was. His music will go down in history.

    • Thanks Cathie-Ann,
      so sad. It’s sweet that you remember the posters in my bedroom … he was awesome, and stayed that way, ever cool, to the very end.

  11. His was my VERY FIRST EVER CONCERT – he came down from the ceiling of the theatre that was probably 60 ft up ! Major Tom to ground control ……
    an ICON ! Will NEVER forget him ……

  12. Thank you for posting about the great David Bowie. “Fame” is one of my very favorite songs. Not long ago, I played it with the volume wayyy up! So fun! As one of your other readers said, I gasped out loud when I heard of his death. I was shocked as I had not known of his illness, and because I had not realized his age. I would have guessed early 50’s. Sixty-nine is way too young to pass on, especially for one who still had so much to give to the world.

  13. Hi Slim,
    The most cool thing about David Bowie is: he’ll ALWAYS be with us. Always. He’s right here in our memories and in his music. Thank you David, for everything you’ve given us.

  14. U r so real… It is wonderful to know that in this time of self
    deprication there are a few that let their love, devotion, and spirit shine through. U r one of the lucky ones.

  15. Please add me to your blog subscribers, I don’t get them any more & when I sign up it says an error has occurred! I miss you fun blog post & have read all the archives, so happy you are blogging again. Please help.

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