Well, he simply captured the heart of every person who ever cared about fashion didn’t he?



That smile…


Oscar de la Renta


That face!




A mighty icon in the fashion world since 1965 and such a charming, dashing, elegant gentleman.




Oscar (we only ever needed the one name didn’t we?)  stayed in the picture, gracious as always, to the very end. He recently designed the wedding dress for Amal Alamuddin, now Mrs. George Clooney, and only just last week appointed Peter Copping, formerly at Nina Ricci, as his new Creative Director.




A huge talent combined with a compassionate heart and great sense of humour, he made the world a much more beautiful place for having been here.


aq_resizerIrving Penn





We will miss you and all the magic you wove in the worlds of art, fashion, homes & gardens.

A LIFE well lived indeed.  Good night Mr. De La Renta.




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The book, published this year by Assouline


Photos via Vogue, Google and Assouline publishing.


  1. So sad and he still seemed so busy and full of life. I just loved his lady like clothes. What woman wouldn’t feel beautiful in one of those frocks? He gave a lot to charities too. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. I didn’t know about this book! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wish I could express how my heart sank at the knowledge of his passing.

    And how, at the same moment I knew your elegant post would relieve some sadness.

    Cheers, Ma. Paley

  3. The world of fashion has definitely lost one of its greatest icon. As has ,the home design business.

    What a sad and empty day.

  4. Your post caught all of his elegance and gifts back to his native country……he was a rare bird indeed!
    He hired people to continue his legacy! (In the furniture design field….Miles Redd (a favorite of mine since I met him at 18 or so at John Rosselli) and his son-in-law to run the fashion business…..I do so hope they go on without him; successfully!

    what a lovely man!!!

    Boo hoo!!!

  5. Timeless are his clothes. The vintage ones wear on well and come out of the closet each season as if new. He lived his life Right with a capital R. Only one Oscar de la Renta.

  6. Thank you for this post. I was so saddened to hear this news. If you’ve ever picked up a fashion magazine, you knew the name Oscar. And the clothes…always elegant and timeless. Such a lovely man.

  7. A lovely tribute…going to get out my handbag and carry…it is about 15yrs old and a classic..a beautiful brown ….I could never part with because I always loved.

  8. Diane von Furstenberg gave the following tribute to Oscar at an awards dinner a few nights ago: So today I would like to speak to all of you as if Oscar was speaking to all of you. And he loved life, he really, really did. And he loved to sing, and he loved flowers, and he loved beauty, and he loved to be mischievous, and make fun of people — and he was the best gossiper. And … and the only way that we can actually honor him is by all of us loving life, and loving fashion, and loving gardens, and being, you know, full of life, and enjoying life. And it is the only way that we can honor him, and honor his life, and … and … the wonderful person that he was.

  9. I saw him in 1960’s at Neiman-Marcus. I was on the runway in a evening gown. He was being honored for the first time. He wanted to see each model in the gowns. Mine was Empire style…lavender silk chiffon with tiny puffed short sleeves all with wee silk violet blooms. I thought it was beautiful then looked down at ….. Then….Mr. de la Renta. I had never seen such a suave handsome man. What a joy to have known him.

  10. Is your blog new? A new web site? I am confused. What to click and where to go to hear Slim’s voice? it seems a library, but I’m lost in the stacks!

  11. I work with elderly people and I work with an elderly woman from the Dominican Republic who I’ll call Maddy. She is always impeccably turned out, manicured, always smiling, wearing beautiful, bright colors, but she always matches. When Oscar de la Renta passed away, she told me that he was her next door neighbor when she was growing up and he was a wonderful young man and ALWAYS very stylist. And he was also correcting all the little girls in the neighborhood. He once told Maddy, ‘when you walk down the street, watch your posture and pretend that three men are walking behind you. He also frequently told her ‘go back inside and change your shirt. It doesn’t match!’ She said he was a kind person whom everybody loved but as a teenager was sweetly uncompromising, insistant and his lessons endured to this day. She is the one person in the apartment complex where I work who ALWAYS looks as though she’s ready to meet the ambassdor.. Her nails are done, her little slippers match and she has a beautiful smile on her face. She is 85. It is amazing the effect that people in our youth have on us.

  12. A man who found his calling and passion and pursued it with charm, grace, elegance and more to the end of his days. We were blessed to have lived during his time. Cheers to Oscar. The angels are getting new clothes!

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