Friday Favourites (#20)



Peonies & rosesSlim Paley photo


We went to a lovely “End of Summer” soiree this week where I snapped the flowers above with my trusty old iphone. What I wouldn’t have given to have had my proper camera but it didn’t fit in my skirt pocket and I had no bag. Bill Cunningham I’m not.

It’s actually  a really great time to have a party as mostly everyone is back in town by now and you get to visit with all the friends you might not have had a chance to see all summer.  September seems to be a crazy month for everyone I know (don’t forget- ‘September is the New December’)

Dare I use the “C” word, some folks are even getting their Christmas shopping done!


But back to end of summer…

There was, it chokes me to admit, already a slight bite in the night air at the party.

Naturally I came unprepared for the temperature dip and was forced to wrestle with my conscious at the end of the evening to relinquish the stunning Indian wrap my hostess so graciously provided for me.  Another good idea; always have a basket of wraps at the ready when throwing an outdoor party. Just don’t make them so gorgeous your friends are loathe to give them back!


vintage skirtSlim Paley photo

The vintage raw silk skirt I wore.

Very Lady from Palm Beach Went to India in the 50’s

It weighs about 50lbs but I view it as cardio.


So, where were we…

Back to school next week.

Medical forms filled out, bushels of sports socks bought,

tender hugs held a few seconds longer.



It’s enough to drive anyone to sugar and a cocktail!



Favourite new sorbet recipe 


.summer sorbetsSlim Paley photo

If you can find fresh Passion Fruit this is an absolutely DELICIOUS and very simple recipe;

Passion Fruit  & Peach Sorbet

1 cup sugar

2 cups water

1 cup passion fruit + 1 cup peach pureed (strain to remove larger bits of passion fruit seeds)

Combine sugar and water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

Let cool, stir in passion fruit & peach puree.

Transfer to ice-cream maker and freeze according to instructions.

Delicious! (note; I might 1 tsp. of fresh lemon juice to add even more bite)


fresh passion fruitSlim Paley photo

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

luscious passion fruit from the Farmer’s Market



Favourite new inexpensive Pinot Grigio;



cheap white winesSlim Paley photo

La Ronescina “Collio”

 I prefer to drink Pinot at home rather than in a restaurant because when I have to say the word “Pinot” in public, I can’t help  feeling like Ramona on NY Housewives (insert increase of eye-sockets here)

Clocking in at just $6.99  this perky little Pinot lives up to all the raves it’s receiving.

It tastes like it costs at least $18. There, hows that for a sophisticated wine description?!

Once again, available at Trader Joe’s

Slim says; Stock up!





cala liliesSlim Paley photo

A peach lily growing in my garden


Favourite  fun party trick

popsicles in Proscecco

Prosecco & Popsicles

Doesn’t get any simpler than this. I saw Bobby Flay doing it on TV last night over sorbet in a martini glass.

I think I’d use Creamsicles and home-made berry pops.



pink rosesSlim Paley photo

The roses in my garden are still quite plentiful but they’ve  lost a little of their earnestness.

Much like a complacent marriage, they still look good on the surface but they’re just sort of going through the motions.



Time to find something to do with those short stemmed blooms ;


sugared rose petalsEric Wolfinger

Image via Vogue Australia Living, one of my Favourite magazines

and the best part?  I get to vicariously enjoy summer just beginning in Australia!

(I’ll share my  candied rose photos when they’re ready)




Jennifer Davick

I’m in love with this Favourite photo for so many reasons;

First of all, you always have me at red stripes.

 The make shift  party lights perched in galvanized buckets over  glass cloches at the edge of lake… so charming.

It’s creative, casual al fresco summer dining to a tee.  

Pass the Pino. 





image via Pottery Barn

Grab these last few warm weekends to watch a movie outside or go to the Drive-In

Do you still have one in your town?



Favourite new bar-b-que toy



barbecuing Slim Paley photo

What a great idea, especially if you are marinating first. 


Stainless steel skewers are twice as long as regular ones, allowing more food to fit on the grill and you can get a little more creative with presentation.

Available on Amazon right now for only $7.56





vintage buoys slim paley photoSlim Paley photo

Antique shop in Summerland, CA.


Whether you’re entertaining at home, busy school supply shopping, basking at the beach, lake,

or just up on the roof of your building with a good book  (based on numerous rec. from Slim Paley readers I’ve starting “The Rules of Civility”)

 have lots of fun, relish every moment and create some beautiful memories 🙂



Slim Paley photo








  1. How did you capture the essence of the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall in one post? You’re good.

    That gorgeous skirt is worth the extra effort.

    Off to buy a few fire wires on amazon. Hope they are on my amazon prime!
    Happy Labor Day weekend.


  2. Lots of favorityes here! I will get that Pinot! That is my wine of choice. And I am going to the beach with 8 other women in 2 weeks so will STOCK up! Love the beach chairs and the al fresco dining on the dock!!!! My fave though is the pops in the Prosecco!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOVE that!!!!! Thanks for sharing. XO, Pinky

  3. Love this! Love Prosecco and Popsicles! Love it all. Our Summer in
    the Pacific Northwest has been a cool one – barely breaking 90 one or two days.
    But I will take that over heat and humidity…

  4. That peach lily is sooo beautiful, as is the rose saying “I’m not going any where soon”
    Your skirt is stunning. There is already a shortage of that vino in some of T.J.s store, get on your bike and make the hike. Happy, fun post Slim.
    Happy weekend ox

  5. Darling! I think I have to print a book for you soon with some of your more arty gorgeous photo’s…..I had a photographer in last week and well yours are better….she is having a gallery show in Pasadena.Off to buy some vino and the party has started in da studio…have tons of fun this weekend…I WILL!!! Miss you!!

  6. sigh. nothing like the passing of summer holidays to show you just how fleeting it “all” is. great post slim. see you monday xoL
    ps – glad our happy hour lady made the friday favs!! ; )

  7. Great post and the Ramona reference cracked me up!!! I cannot even say the word Pinot without cringing and thinking of that woman!!!

    • Sorry Jan, the colour is a custom mix- it is considerably lighter than it looks in the photo which was taken in pretty dark shade.

  8. I’m running out to Trader Joe’s. !.. cept… is that you Slim after a glass???? Gosh, all the more reason to go.. and the bottle is so pretty.

    Love the photo of the less than earnest rose.I am dealing with the same, having spent the morning trying to feed and kill the diseases and pests on my David Austin roses……and.. at the expense of my own health…. whew!
    Julie Chandler

  9. Darn you, PA and your liquor laws… I always hear about the Trader Joe’s wine, and I have yet to try it!

    I love those skewers. What a great idea!

    We have a drive-in about an hour away, and it’s totally worth the trip. We took the kids to a double feature of Winnie-the-Pooh and Cars 2 this summer. They had so much fun! And slept late the next day 🙂

  10. I am a sucker for a TJ’s wine tip, thank you! Could you imagine actually asking for a glass of Ramona Pinot at a restaurant??? My eyes are buggin’ out just thinking about it!

  11. I’m in the process of building a Nantucket style shingle house. I see you have a similar house. Do you have any favorite websites with ideas for that style home?

    • I don’t, but why don’t you just put that description into Google images and see what you come up. I’m sure there’s a trove of inspiration there.

  12. Oh, that picnic scene by the lake, just perfect! I LOVE those skewers ~ I’ll bet they are much easier to store than the sticks. The indian skirt is so pretty, wonderful colors. We are heading back up to Orcas Island for the weekend. Our cabin is across the bay from Four Winds, jr. camp is out and it is always so quiet. Usually we hear the bells and see the campers sailing around. Have a nice weekend.

  13. Stunning post as usual, thanks for the giggles plus wine rec!

    Re Prosecco & Popsicles–may have seen Whole Foods has new $1.99 3 oz Naia’s Bar Gelato in stand-alone freezers. Hand-made in small batches & 9-flavors: Pistachio, Blue Bottle Coffee, St. George Spirits Single Malt Whiskey, Nocciola (hazelnut), Madagascar Vanilla (hooked on this one), TCHO Chocolate, Numi Jasmine, Kiwi Sorbetto, and Grapefruit Sorbetto.

    I just have one while shopping instead of bringing a too-tempting selection home–gelato only seems calorie free. 😉

  14. well… last to comment (so far) on this luscious post. it has all the charm and fun and humour and style as they all do. one of my favorite places to hang out is slim’s place.
    and you are living proof that the art of photography is in the photographer not the camera!!!
    cheers with your perfectly described pinot!
    tammy j

  15. I can’t believe that the first photo was taken with an iPhone. I have yet to try using the camera on mine. Even though it is technically not the end of summer it feels like it in Maine. The temps are dropping into the high 40’s at night.

  16. Slim, are you a fan of Mimco in AU? When I was there, I hit every one of their stores in every city. Love love love Mimco.

  17. ooooh, the skirt… I know, so late on the commenting…better late than never. can’t stop laughing at Ramona and the EYES….what a kook she is! Love that TJ’s pinot, what a find. My fav inexpensive rose is one called AIX, in a gorgeous simple label. v chic and clean.
    So glad you picked up Rules of Civility, i am rereading it again already, had to page back too many times and thought it best just to start again. Off to your old stomping grounds for the weekend, Vancouver! 🙂 i haven’t been in years and am so excited. (any Slim readers from BC feel free to ping me with good foodie suggestions (but we will hv hopefully well behaved kids in tow…so nothing too glam for the fam…. thx!) bon weekend!

  18. Thoroughly enjoy your fabulous blog. You are a talented woman!
    I was so puzzled by the comment from the gardeners cottage – “I think the f-word is coming”. The f – word? ……mmm…….much later I realised the comment was referring to autumn! Haha! Here in Australia it is a gorgeous spring day.

  19. I can’t let go of summer just yet! It’s being so nice and warm lately and I’m so glad it doesn’t feel like Fall, although we have a property where the Fall foliage looks almost unreal.

    The sad thing is that my kids are going to school and I’ll miss them during the mornings. My son is going to grade 1 and my daughter to KD. My mornings will be too quiet, I’m afraid. 🙁
    I hold the tears now.. LOL… gee… here comes my pregnancy hormones once again!

    Let me go back and take one more look at your happy and colorful pictures. Only you, SP! Only you!


    Luciane at

  20. I love your “sophisticated wine description”, i was just saying to my friend the other night that I wished I was more well-versed when it came to wines and that I wish restaurant menus would forgo the names altogether and just use simplistic descriptions, such as: dry, even dryer than the dry one, the driest, too sweet, really great just try it, kinda sweet, too expensive and not worth it, stains your teeth but worth it, full body, no body….you get the idea

    • yes, me too! love that idea. do you have any fave restaurants – more on the casual side, not too dressy, any cuisine but indian – in vancouver i should know about? heading to your city on saturday…! 🙂

      • The restaurant “Dockside” that I mentioned in the comment above is not too fancy, you could get away with jeans for sure, and if you went for lunch you could also spend some time at the market in Granville Island, which is always fun, some pretty great buskers are usually performing there.

        Here are a few restaurants that are child appropriate and fairly casual:

        Trattoria on West 4th in Kitsilano (about a 6 min cab ride from downtown), has fantastic Italian, it’s casual, busy and a bit loud but fab food.
        the owners also have another restaurant named “Italian Kitchen” downtown but it’s definitely more dressy.

        I’m not sure if your kids are old enough to appreciate sushi but there is also a new restaurant on West 4th called “Sushi Bella”, we went the other night and the food was amazing, and super reasonably priced.

        There is a fun Greek restaurant on the 1100 block of Davie street Downtown
        called Stephos, it’s usually pretty lined up to get in though, just a few doors down is another great Greek place called Takis.

        Also (for a great view), there is The Boathouse restaurant (pretty casual fare), they have a location at the corner of Davie and Denman overlooking
        English Bay and they now have one right on Kits Beach.

        Rodney’s Oyster Bar in Yaletown is great!

        “Milestones” on Robson, is very casual, it’s always pretty busy but It’s very big so the wait is never that long. Great inexpensive food.

        I’m not sure how long your here for but (for the kids) the PNE is on right now!
        Hall and Oats had a free concert there last night…that I had to miss:(

      • Oh my gosh, thanks canuck!! We are off to granville island now…only here thru tonite but will definitely store the rest of yr suggestions for next time…. THANKS!! (Slim, sorry to hijack your blog comments for my own purposes…)

  21. I enjoy this blog so much. It seems to show up just when I’ve begun to lose a bit of faith as the the cleanup here in CT from Irene drags on… And then poof! beautiful photos and spot on commentary that had me giggling over my morning coffee. Thanks for mentioning the offer of a wrap at an outdoor party. I’ll be an ‘encore’ bride Oct. 2012 and while we are hoping for a lovely day, it reminded me that temps do drop and the wind picks up as the sun goes down. I’ll be sure to have a basket full ready for the ladies!

  22. Great post Slim. I also love your skirt. I was shopping today at BED Bath and Beyond and saw the S/S skewers. I think they will be alot easier to work with than the wooden ones, that always catch fire!!!! Thanks

    B J

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