Blush, Blanche and Extract of Roses

Irving Penn

I‘m loving a brand of make-up from France I bought at Barney’s a few weeks ago called “By Terry”.  I tried the tinted moisturizer (wonderful-very light), lip gloss called “Laque Levres Soin Intense” (colour and texture really great) and lastly, some cool sort of whippy creme blush called “Blush Fluide Eclat Lissant” in a gorgeous slightly pearlescent pink that contains actual rose petal extract. 

After discovering I was loving my new purchases so much, I went online to check out some of “By Terry”‘s other products and it appears that many of them, especially those in the skin care line, contain rose extract. 

Somehow it always leads back to roses for me 🙂

Caveat:   You only need the smallest amount of the liquid blush, which dispenses in a light moussey form-much less than you’d think, so be careful not to go out of the house and end up seeing Baby Jane staring back in your car mirror. 

I’m not saying I did that.  I’m just watching out for you. 

That’s what good friends are for.




“Butcha ARE Blanche!  You ARE!!!”


  1. This may sound heresy in some circles, but I felt Joan Crawford gave the better performance in ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane’.

  2. Yummy ~ all of it. I think I’ll try the pearlescent pink whippy creme blush next week. The By Terry counter manager at Holt’s told me that Terry is the brains behind YSL’s Touche Eclat highlighter.

    S.P. Thank you for this fabulous post on one of my favorite topics.

    P.S. Can anyone recommend the perfect pressed mineral powder? I’m looking for good coverage.

  3. Linny C. , I really like LORAC’s pressed powder. Not sure if it’s mineral. If not, I believe NARS makes one.

    • Yes, “Collecting” is perfect- it’s that expensive, but it IS the bomb. I love the tinted moisturizer and the Balm de Rose lip conditioner in the pot. Decadent!

      • I have this fear that Barney’s will stop carryingBy Terry and then what? Space NK has several items and for a brief, shining moment Sephora carried a couple of things. Some of my fav’s are: the Eclat De Teint (color skin enhancer in Apricot…..on a good skin day can get by with just wearing this. Even under makeup will give face a glow. Fluid Source Eclat, magic in a bottle (a pump cream that smoothes, hydrates, lightens). Baume Force Eclat ( protective and hydrating). The previous two come in dark purple glass bottles and jars. They are so great and so pricey that I save it for when I am stepping out not sleuthing around. Creme De Rose (when I am feeling a little shar peist, a dab of this makes the lines softer). The By Terry website (French) is fun and educational…..I am no stranger to makeup but find her line a little challenging as I navigate thru the products. I think that may be due to the limited items the U.S. stores have which seem to change a lot.

        In a sea of blogs, yours stands out and above…love it!

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