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It appears the possibilities are, no pun intended, boundless…


SOMEDAY I’m SO  doing this!

17 REASONS TO MAKE A BOOK (From Maria’s website)
1 Your daughter is getting married and you can’t believe it is happening ( she was just your little girl yesterday ).

2 Your husband caught the biggest fish ever, and you don’t want to hear about it every day.

3 Your grandmother passed away and the old photographs you found bring back forgotten memories.

4 You have a wild side to yourself that you can’t show to everyone but don’t want to forget either.

5 Because you actually ARE a star.

6 Your sister is the greatest woman on the face of the earth and she deserves a special homage.

7 Your mother in Korea would have loved to attend your baby’s first birthday, but couldn’t.

8 Your daddy is the greatest and your drawings are too large for his briefcase.

9 Your son is going to have his Bar Mitzvah and a book nicely sums up his life so far.

10 A personalized book for your wife is a way more precious gift than giving her jewelry again.

11 You are a great photographer but nobody knows about it.

12 Your son is going off to college, and you want something to remind yourself of the hundreds of little league games you cheered through.

13 You are still hurting from that F you got for your drawings in 3rd grade – now is your chance for redemption and to have your art in print.

14 Your parents have no idea what’s on those 200+ slides they found in storage, and you want to surprise them in a special way.

15 Your husband turned 50 and you have to avert a midlife crisis with a photo bio.

16 Your baby is moving out and you can’t hold on to all of the collected memorabilia ( take a picture and put it in a book! )

17 Nobody is looking at those thousands of unorganized photos buried deep inside your hard drive.




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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. I have two “time capsules”, a cedar chest and a travel trunk from Great Grandma, in which I have stuffed all kinds of memorabilia. Overflowing. And there is more in storage. I have been overwhelmed and at a loss as to what to do with it all. This seems like a way to organize, keep, and share. I certainly need assistance with all the memories…

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