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Good Morning!

I’m so excited to share my article posted on the brand new

“HUFF/ POST 50” which premieres today!





In the summer of my 50th year, I did something a little crazy and created a lifestyle blog. It’s called slimpaley.com (an homage to the iconic style of Slim Keith & Babe Paley) and though it’s almost embarrassing to admit this, it’s probably one of the single most liberating things I’ve ever done.

Why, you may ask, was creating a blog so wildly out of character for me?


Read rest of post HERE ; 10 Tips for Bloggers Over 50



A million thanks to all you wonderful ‘Slim Paley’ readers who helped give me the confidence to continue with my blog.



PS. Love ya Mom!




  1. SOOOOO glad you started this blog!!
    It’s been sooooo much fun!
    As soon as I’m finished reading a new post, I find myself looking forward to when and what the next one will be …
    Thank you SP.

  2. BLOG…..??????? You deserve your own TV show !!!!!!
    You mix all the components of life together with incredible humor.

  3. Slim, you are too funny! Love the ‘conversation’ with your mom. I’m so glad I have your blog to make me laugh.

  4. LOL! The bit about your mum reminds me of the blog I kept when I lived overseas so I wouldn’t have to tell the same stories and answer the same questions a million times over. Everyone I knew read it and loved it, except my only sister and my two best friends. I would even call them out (and post silly pictures of them), in the blog, and they never said anything, so I KNOW they didn’t see it. Love them anyway.

  5. Dear Slim, Great article and good forum for you. It’s true that the way to overcome fear is to keep doing whatever you’re afraid of. If you hang in there, eventually fear loses and you win! All the best, Ruth

  6. Hilarious. Having 2 sons, like Slim, I laughed at your comments because that is exactly what my boys would think!

    Your posts are always entertaining, truly one of my must-read sites when I get an email notice that you’ve posted.


  7. Just found your amazing blog on Huff Post. I agree with you comments on the liberating experience of blogging. At the age of 68, as far as I know, I’m the oldest fashion blogger out there. I started blogging over a year ago with the encouragement of my husband; at the time we were involved in the long journey related to his cancer diagnosis. He left my side in April, and blogging has helped me deal with my grief, just as it provided a positive focus as I fulfilled the role as my husband’s caregiver. My blog is about outfits, aging and grief; I receive daily gifts in the form of comments from my readers and the interaction with other bloggers.

    • Dear S.C.
      I am very sorry for your loss. I think it’s wonderful that you have been able to find a positive focus through blogging while going through such a difficult time. Your husband would be very proud, no doubt.

      Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad you did, and PS. I’m sure you are NOT the oldest fashion blogger out there!
      P.P.S. Love the name “Style Crone” 🙂

  8. Slim- sooooo happy you jumped down from the bleachers and started this blog! It’s my favorite, and really serves as a point of inspiration for me. Thank you!

  9. Very Funny. Way to go again Slim. Huff Post 50 had a lovely start to their week also.
    Amazing photos. Keep the laughter coming, we can all use it. ox

  10. Awesome post and wow, I hope I look that good in my 50s! Aren’t you so glad that Slim Keith wasn’t named Fat Keith? I don’t think Fat Paley would fly – you are so gorgeous!

  11. Life begins at 50, or so I have been told. Only a few months to go then I will be officially part of the “club”
    I am SO proud of you. Now the world gets to share apart of you that we have all enjoyed these last years…….xo SVMountaingirl

  12. You are simply the sweetest and funniest person ever, we are so lucky that you decided to blog!! Your blog is simply the best, its one of the few that I ALWAYS take time to read!
    Congratulations CA xo

  13. I love it. It’s just what I needed to hear: that bit about perfectionism rings 100% true. Thanks immensely for your blog–it lightens my day. Most days I’m on the floor with laughter. Mary

  14. Still trying to work up the courage but you know–“if wishes were horses beggars would ride” !! Enjoyed the article!!

  15. Loved the post, filled with your insight and humor, as usual. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to start a blog for two years, but then I figure no one, including the family, would read it, so why bother? I’m not even on FB and so not an extrovert. I’ve only gone so far as posting book reviews on Goodreads. But your confessions about life on the sidelines do give me pause, and I do have a couple of friends encouraging me. . . However, nothing could compare to the beautiful, talented, and witty Slim.

  16. Loved the article Slim. Your sense of humour is wonderful. I am so glad you created your blog, as almost everyone has said, it brightens their day. Have a great week.

    B J

  17. Thank you for starting the blog. Love it so much! It’s fun, light, interesting and I always either learn something or want to SHOP after I read a post. How ’bout, at 50 and a half, you write a lifestyle book? I would so buy it. (Again with the shopping!)

  18. Dear Sweet Slim,
    My heart is full of joy and delight!
    You are an incredible inspiration to me…
    and I know all of your “Slimsters” feel the same way.
    You bring us happiness, beauty, exuberance, life-style tips and now pride!
    I am thrilled it took turning 50 for you to break-out of your shell and bestow your charm, humor, and your many incredible talents not just with your neighbors,
    but with the whole world!
    Way to go girl!
    Sending you so much gratitude…xoxo 🙂

  19. My grandsons haven’t seen the size of my font yet, they will be mortified. “Done is much better than perfect” – I’m going to post that where I can see it every day.

  20. I love visiting here and have since the start.

    Love the article and laughed out loud about the wine and your parents.

  21. Congratulations on the article and thanks once more for making me laugh out loud.

  22. I know why your friends encouraged you to start a blog – you’re a natural writer! And your photos are quite beautiful, too. Sweet.

  23. What? You’re over 50? I would have never guessed. Your line about always being someone else’s cheerleader resonated with me. I’ve always been the one holding the pom poms (literally). Sometimes I wonder if anyone will cheer on the sidelines for me…

    But I digress. What a gorgeous pic.

  24. Slim you made my day!! I loved the entire article and it all applies to me as I am certainly over 50 and loving it!


    Art by Karena

  25. Yeay!! Congratulations on becoming even more famous Slim…sigh, just don’t let it go to
    your head and leave us little people without your weekly doses of humor, beauty or
    $10 wine recommendations!
    I’m so glad you took the challenge and created something so worthwhile to
    not only you but to your readers. Thanks.


  26. Speaking of age–when I was 22 years old, I moved to NYC to get a real job. I applied at French Vogue magazine to be their U.S. assistant for the Paris office. During my interview, the Editor looked at me, looked again at the bottom of my resume, and read aloud:

    “Other Interests: Photography, skiing, and laughing often at myself”

    She said this last part with an uptalk that implied a question.
    “…laughing often at myself ?? ”
    (You can imagine my reply to a woman 20+ years my senior.)

    Shockingly, I got the job. She was funny! And to this day, I am so glad they didn’t think I was a Silly Billy in a nice skirt. I’m telling you this because the most special people see their surroundings with beauty AND humor. You see both in spades. Thank you for writing, photographing, and producing my favorite blog.

  27. I’m a lucky girl (well..woman) because I live far..far..away from you but and I can enjoy your intelligence and your funny humour, (thanks god of INTERNET) because almost two years ago, I came across with your blog and since then I’m a loyal fan of Slim Paley.

    Congratulations and a lot of big kisses from Spain♥♥♥

  28. I have been helped by Woody Allen’s comment that “80% of success is showing up”. Well Slim, you sure have been “showing up” and your creations are very successful. We all enjoy you so much and are rooting for you.

  29. Holy Cow, Slim. I’m so surprised to learn that you have a history of holding back. One of my favourite things about you is your comfort with yourself. Reading you is like sitting around, gassing with your best friend – nobody’s pretending, peccadillos front and centre. You’re the best, Slim.

  30. Congratulations Slim! By starting your blog, you have honored yourself and in turn, have been an inspiration to so many! Keep writing! As we say in Texas; YOU ARE A HOOT!

  31. Yeah!!! We love you and now the rest of the world has had a glimpse of why. Sitting atop a high building in Hong Kong, leaving for our 3 months in Melbourne tomorrow and preparing to do my first blog because of YOU, I really needed to hear “done is much better than perfect”. Thanks as always for the inspiration….and the laughs………gotta remember the laughs……

  32. Lovely, lovely, lady. You make 50 look like 30. So glad you made the leap and “went for it”. You have given so much to so many and it has been beautiful and fun. Keep on blogging. Your mum must be so proud, as well as the boys.

    p.s. how’s the hair?

  33. You are beautiful photography and the MOST engaging, insightful and intelligent wit with which we can all identify. It is strangely comforting to know I am not the only one who lived with that quiet little perfectionist in my head for way too many years! I am so glad that you ‘”lept” and are encouraging the rest of us! Merci!

  34. So I googled your real name, and now I get why your house is so perfect – this is what you do for a *living.* This makes me feel slightly better about myself; I’ve been worried!

    Congrats on being so awesome, Slim.

  35. hahahaha. my very first comment on your blog was i… gritching about the triple digit weather!
    maybe your next article in huff post should be rules for commenters over 60!
    your posts are pure entertainment. when they’re not inspiring. or breathtakingly beautiful.
    but then you know that.
    you follow your own rules!
    tammy j

  36. Okay, this was a wonderful post and I am laughing so hard about the elderly parent part! Mine keep asking me “Who does all of that typing honey?” But I have to practically print mine out and hand deliver. Love it! Congratulations! Well done.


  37. Ahahha…number ten cracked me up! I’m not quite at the 50 mark yet but definitley nearing it and this is all great advice..thank you! The scary thing is though, that most of it applies.
    xo J~

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