Heads Up

vintage cameo buttons

Cameos are cool again.

Just thought I’d mention it, in case you hadn’t noticed.

cameo braceletThen…

Amadeo cameos


…and Now

cameosCameos & tats, who’da thunk it?!

890A4843Italian Vogue


Victoria Hardstone via Fourtane

cameo earrings

muse-china-12-e1335986433479Arizona Muse via Vogue China

Old photo cameo

cameo braceletsAmedeo  on Lexington Ave. in NYC is the place to buy cool cameos.

cameo ringsThey even customize.  A loved one, or perhaps a favourite pet, or just beautiful initials.

carving cameosBoth images via Amedeo

carving cameosThese are not your Grannie’s cameos

downton abbeyBTW, shouldn’t the Dowager have a cameo on her collar?!


890A1716A most beautiful head in the Palace of Versailles

marlon-brando-julius-caesarand the most beautiful head in movies.  No contest.


Heads are in-house too.

cameo rugs

cameo rugsRugs by Stiles BK

the-libertine-magazine-campaign-january-2013-yatzer-patrick-gilles-and-dorothc3a9e-boissier-at-home-in-thier-flat-in-paris-3via The Libertine magazine

The trick is to keep a cool head.


and don’t let it get all stuffy.


Axel Vervoordt



Go big or go home.

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 1.16.38 PM


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed….

Percy Bysshe Shelley

bust in garden

Lanvin cameoLanvin


287315651197294231_q7VgiVIX_fcredit unknown

Just don’t lose your head  (Sorry)

slim paleyand make sure to have fun with it.


Hey-How about that last episode tonight?

What the…  :(

Still, we must soldier on. We’re British after all (caught up in the show much??)

Try to have a good week all the same.


(Buttons top photo, my own. Green desk photo via Pinterest)

Escape to New York


Room service breakfast, The Mark Hotel, NYC.


Oh, OKAAY, here’s the entire picture…


So, I sneaked away for a quick trip to NY this week.

Didn’t even bring a camera, just my iPhone and walking shoes.

It was, after all, Serious Sale Season.

I kept my packing to bare minimum carry-on by fed-exing my coats and boots to the hotel beforehand. So much easier then schlepping heavy bags and worrying about them getting lost or stolen, which has happened to us on more than one occasion. I brought a pre-printed return slip for homeward shipping. Done & done.

We took in a play the first night, which I didn’t entirely love so I’m not going to mention the name. I think people in the theatre work way too hard to have amateur critics critique them, don’t you?

IMG_2694We had a couple of splendid dining experiences, including one night at “Eleven Madison Park”, mentioned in a previous post and listed in my slow-to-update “Travel” tab

IMG_2687Palate cleansers of heavily marinated diced apples, Apple Jack bourbon, and some molecular  hijinks being prepared in the kitchen at “Eleven Madison Park”

IMG_2666and then there was the wild mushroom and poached egg pizza at “ABC Kitchen

This was my second visit to this really fun & buzzy Jeans George affiliated restaurant and I would highly recommend it.

1f3e2004604411e2913d22000a9e2892_7I also enjoyed cocktails one night with Habitually Chic“‘s Heather Clawson at “Bar Pleiades” in the Surrey Hotel. The rich, delicious concoction sporting a dense head of foamy condensed coconut milk above was called a”Thai-somethingorother”. The perfect libation to evoke the warmth of the tropics on a frigid NY night. We were sitting beside Goop Senior, Blythe Danner, who looked quite fabulous, although I’m sure Gwyneth will be letting herself go all to hell any day now. I can just feel it.

890A5219If you haven’t already checked out Heather’s new book “Creativity at Work” you really should. A thoughtful compilation of creative souls in their work environments, with beautiful photos and very down-to-earth introductions by Heather, as well as inspiring interviews with each subject. A perfect gift or addition to your own library; here my copy (bought the day before Hurricane Sandy hit on my last trip to NY) sits on the living room table this Christmas.

ea28de90618d11e2a2e222000a9e48a3_7As always, walking and window gazing through the streets of Manhattan never disappoints.

I scoped these massive antique crystal urns lit from within on Madison Ave. I’d love to know their origin. Even better, I’d love to see them used now in an entirely modern space. Martyn Bullard would probably know just how to do them justice.

IMG_2633I dreamt and drooled through the recently opened  Christian Liaigre flagship store on the upper east side.

Just give me one of everything, thank you.

IMG_2679and snapped this cute window at Jo Malone, really as a reference for a friend who is opening a tea salon in India! Swoon.

IMG_2646With my good friend Patty, whose hand I’m employing here for scale, I found a wine glass in Bergdorf Goodman that had my name written all over it. (back off Andrew!)

We had lunch in Bergdorf’s Kelly Wearstler designed restaurant which is usually delicious and ripe for people watching.

Somehow I always end up standing in front of the lady’s room mirror, ever so slightly lifting the sides of my face up.

IMG_2705I stayed at The Mark Hotel where, as long time readers are aware, my love of black & white stripes has been applied with reckless abandon.

The best part of The Mark experience? The Jeans Georges restaurant room service!

Rushing into the lobby one day, I humiliatingly tossed a warm hello to a lady I was so sure I knew (who then asked my name and we both drew a blank :() only to realise 1/2 way up the elevator she was a NYC realtor from a reality show my husband watches. Upon returning from dinner the same night,  Sonja fill-in-the-name, from “Housewives of NY” was standing at the entrance and let’s just say Sonja had been enjoying more than a few cocktails. Ouch. But then I guess you don’t end up on reality TV by being a wallflower.

faf06bac60e911e28ce622000a9f13a7_7The Mark hotel (photos from my Instagram)

64c9aed65f5e11e28e3c22000a1f9d44_7So, a little food & drink, a spot of shopping & people watching, a drop of culture and the company of loved ones- a perfect week in NY.

and least we forget (azziff) ‘Downton Abbey’ tomorrow!

890A5785My butler’s bells are vibrating in anticipation


Wishing a Splendid Whheeekend to All!


Countdown Abbey


Darlings-I thought the day would simply never arrive and yet all at once it is here.

The season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey tonight at 9pm est.  Will you be watching??

Certainly my husband and I will be tuning in (he loves it just as much as I do )

In honour of the occasion I’m sharing my very, very most favourite vintage dress with you.


890A5851Vintage seed pearl and rhinestone cross by Stanley Hagler

I pull this out whenever I feel I’ve plummeted too far into Ugg-ville.

890A5873Believe it or not, with the right jewellery, a belt, and a black or indigo slip beneath it becomes quite boho.

L1150043Lady Sybil would definitely approve.

Lady Sybil; “Golly, my corset’s tight. Anna, would you be an angel and loosen it a bit?”

Lady Edith; “The start of the slippery slope”


Mr. Carson and the Earl of Grantham discussing the issue of Lady Sybil wearing Uggs under her tea gowns


I can’t wait to chat.

Will you be following along on Twitter? I will-so much fun! Don’t you wish we were watching it with Martyn Bullard from M.D.D.’s?!


Oh, PS. For new readers or just in case you missed it, you might like this post;

“A Night to Remember-100 Years Later”


A Classic Combo

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012.

Give me anything I can wear in public that even vaguely resembles a bathrobe and I’m a happy camper.

 I’m still feeling the colour red, but mixing it up with black & white and welcoming some holiday sparkle.

A winning combination.

James de Givenchy for Taffin (price on request) You first.

Jean Paul Gaultier

 minaudiere by Chanel

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 8.07.38 PM

Alexander McQueen

Utterly timeless chic. Slim Keith in one of the most iconic images of red, black & white

Cruella for Christmas anyone?

Have you noticed how nails have become such a huge focal point lately?

Fail. I’m trying though. Really I am. I bought “Strong Nail System” and I think it’s maybe, sorta, kinda working.

As long as I don’t actually use my nails for anything.

50th anniversary edition of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Carolina Herrera 2012

Martyn Bullard’s home in LA

Are you watching Millionaire Dollar Decorators? If so, who is your favourite? I cannot take my eyes off of Martyn’s upper lip!

Adorbs kid’s room via tumblr-sorry I don’t know who designed it

Pottery Barn

PC030034via TartanScot blog

Throws available at Pottery Barn (on sale right now)

Yves Saint Laurent

Le Royal Monceau Hotel Paris

Fendi iPad case

“New York” custom silk rug by Dream Weavers

Oh, naughty, naughty Tom.

Love a red door, especially against this charcoal black.

Moncler Gamme Rouge 2012

Excusez moi, but isn’t that lift a two seater??

photo“Zwack” a tasty, inexpensive liqueur in a fun, wintery bottle. Available at Bevmo.

la-et-jc-the-last-typewriter-made-in-the-uk-ha-001Brother Where Art Thou?

Do you know what this is? This is the LAST TYPEWRITER to hobble off the assembly line two weeks ago at “Brother”, one of the largest manufacturers of typewriters in the world.

 Are we feeling old yet?!

The perfect homage to the writer in all of us, by Mary Katrantzou

Woops. Lost the credit

At least I found her some eyelashes for the holidays at Shu Uemura


_PUC0599.450x675A nod to Surrealist Meret Oppenheim at Celine.

Why hide your sound source?  Elipson “Sound Tree” speakers-perfect for Christmas!

A glimpse of Spring (I know it’s December) at Prada  2013


Do you have snow?

I went to choose our Christmas tree today and was worried that I didn’t have enough sun-screen on.

Tomorrow- I decorate. So much for my nails. After all these years, I’ve finally retired my old, rickety wooden ladder and bought a new metal one that even has my name on it. Alert the press.


The Night Before

Blogging is an interesting endeavor.  Sometimes composing a post is as simple as pie (store bought), other days it’s not that easy. Today, I must admit, falls into the latter category. To say the least, it’s been a tumultuous 7 days here in the east. As you know, I arrived in NY just a day or two before Hurricane Sandy struck. We are all aware of the devastation the storm left in it’s wake. Although power has been restored to lower Manhattan and a good portion of mass transit, including many subway lines are in service again, a week later  there are still hundreds of thousands without power, water, gasoline, a safe place to lay their heads at night and even warm clothes. To add insult to injury in a most literal sense, the forecast predicts another storm moving  towards the east coast on Wednesday. My thoughts and prayers are with all those still struggling in the aftermath of Sandy and I’m sure that all of you, my wonderful compassionate readers, feel the same.

A friend sent me an email a few days ago in reference to my post about New Yorkers being incredibly resilient.

She included this photo with the caption “I guess this is what you meant about New Yorkers”

I loved the photo and thought, YES! This is exactly what I meant, and shared the photo on Facebook as well as Twitter. The response, as you would imagine, was overwhelmingly positive, but there were actually a few people who got darn right snarky about it. According to them, this photo was taken in New Jersey, not NYC.  Apparently, there are always going to be a few people who just miss the point, which I find a little sad. I thought the photo was about people being kind, resourceful and helping others,  not about a postal code.

And another thing…

Tomorrow, as we ALL KNOW is Election Day in the United States. I, for one, cannot wait for this, equally ugly storm, to be over. I don’t care to engage in political discourse on my blog, or even in real life to be honest-it’s just the way I was raised. I also like to think of “Slim Paley” as being a pleasant escape from the negativity we are bombarded with daily, so I’d just like to say this;  Whatever the outcome, by Wednesday morning 50% of this country is going to be very disappointed, many even devastated, which is also truly sad. So let’s all try to be compassionate and GRACIOUS on Wednesday. After all, it’s not arms and legs, it’s politics.

Back to “normal” posts in a day or two, I promise!


Top photo of flower via HughStewartGallery.com