A Hat, an App and The Fab Four…

watercolours slimpaley.com

Newport RI. slimpaley.com

It’s Friday and

I’m in love…

with a new App that I must share, in case you haven’t discovered it yet.

 It takes your photos, like the one above

Waterlogue copy 2

and does this.

bookshelf slimpaley.com

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

and this. In like 10 seconds.

It’s called

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.43.31 PM

 Here’s the link;  WATERLOGUE

Amanwella, Sri Lanka slimpaley.com

The Amanwella hotel, Sri Lanka

Waterlogue slimpaley.com

The watercolour I did not paint when I was there.

The Ivy slimpaley.com

A very blurry and rushed iPhone photo

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

just became a little more interesting.

Here’s Waterlogue’s story;


vintage ice machine slimpaley.com

Original iPhone photo

ice machine slimpaley.com Instagram

makes its way onto ‘Instagram’

Painted in Waterlogue Slimpaley.com

and then ‘Waterlogued’

I’ll admit it’s a bit of a cheat, and certainly doesn’t come close to a real hand-done watercolour (except, ya it does!) but it’s so much fun!

Perhaps it might even inspire one to really paint.

marble kitchen  counter slimpaley.com

Our kitchen counter

Painted in Waterlogue

becomes a sweet little vignette

slim palsy beach house

A bedroom at the beach house (photo via House Beautiful)
Painted in Waterlogue


There are plenty of options to play with; depth of colours, brush strokes etc.

 for example,

Waterlogue info

but don’t let this scare you in any way- click 3 times Dorothy and bam, you’re an artist.

It’s THAT easy.

beach house slimpaley.com house beautiful

Another pic from the beach house (photo via House Beautiful)

Painted in Waterlogue

You can get as abstract as your little artistic heart desires

Waterlogues may be instantly emailed, tweeted, Tumblr-d, Instagramed, even sent as snail mail postcards directly from your account (for an additional $1.99)

The Front Porch, Sun Valley, slimpaley.com

  “The Front Porch” store in Sun Valley, Idaho

Painted in Waterlogue slimpaley.com

I really like this one, even if I do say so myself, but that’s part of the fun.  You never know how the pics will turn out. Some photos I think will be great don’t translate well and vice-versa. I’ve only just begun to play.

‘Waterlogue’ may very well have created their ultimate monster in me.


Lastly, as my post title promised, a flashback…

Not sure how many of you caught the Grammy Awards last Sunday, but much ado was made of Pharrell’s choice of “chapeau”

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn ( except every possible chance I get :-) ) but the moment I spied that HAT I was transported right back to 1980′s London faster than you can say “Kajagoogoo”!

I couldn’t resist chiming in to the Twitter Universe immediately ( I believe I was the first to call it-cue horn) to inform all the haters that, in fact, Pharrell was sporting an uber cool vintage Vivienne Westwood/Malcom McLaren “Buffalo Girls” hat.

Yes, I’m that old and also apparently proud of it on occasion!

Pharrell's Vivienne Westwood hat

Pharrell's hat

These were early, East Coast feed tweets, People!!

BTW, Ronan never tweeted me back. Whatever…see if I watch his new show now.

Although I realise Malcolm McLaren & Vivs Westwood weren’t as well known Stateside, if you’re young and even vaguely interested or, um, perhaps just wish to ignite old memories too, you can click to view the original video HERE

As I hash-tagged in my tweet…nothing’s ever really new, just re-intrepeted.

Pharrell  Beatles special slimpaley.com

PS. Pharrell wore THE hat again the next night at the taping of ‘The Night That Changed America; A Grammy Salute to the The Beatles’  which I was most awesomely lucky enough to attend.

The Beatles 50th anniversary show , slimpaley.com

And what an brilliant show it was. I don’t want to spoil the surprises-just watch if you possibly can. It airs February 9th on CBS-50 years to the day The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

50 years.

George Harrison slimpaley.com

Have a FAB weekend and we’ll chat again…

in February!



PS. I have no affiliation nor receive any free stuff from Waterlogue


Slim Paley Daily #5


Cest Cheese” (says she, sheepishly inching into the room two and 1/2 days later)

You see the thing I think I failed to mention is that “Slim Paley Daily” isn’t actually, necessarily daily.

Dang :-(

 I had such good intentions too (not to mention house guests that led me astray! )

L1020085In any case, I’m really making it up to you for dallying with the ‘daily’s

by sharing a GREAT selection of delicious cheeses.

Oh Yee of little faith-I told you these were coming eventually!



Ossau Iraty

Ossau-Iraty is complex and includes an edible slightly white-moldy tart rind which adds considerably to the experience. This is a creamy, not bitter, not overly sweet, slightly nutty cheese. A producer of Ossau-Iraty won the World Cheese Awards in 2011, in Birmingham, England (Wikipedia)


Red Hawk

You had me at “triple cream”, washed in a brine solution with sunset red rind. A real stinker, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.


Midnight Moon

“Aged six months or more, this blushing ivory colored cheese is dense and smooth with a slight crunch of protein crystals that form naturally with aging. Nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish.”


Pittig Gouda

An intense gouda, Himalyan rock salt-hard, with a rich caramel colour and flavour. Crystalized shards of lactic acid in-bedded in each bite are like little gifts of wonderfulness.



Created in 1930 and named after the famous 18th century gourmet, this is another triple cream extravaganza of a cheese. gorgeous with champagne & dates.



Technically a gouda, Parrano is an Italian style cheese, with the flavour of aged  parmesan, but a mushier texture.


Naked Goat

 6-month-aged goat cheese from Spain is produced with raw Murciana goat’s milk. Naked Goat® is mild and creamy with a tangy, sweet finish. The cheese is perfect for melting. Pair with almonds in honey and a crisp white wine.


 Cheese plate with netting cover from Summerill & Bishop  London



Because, really, is there anything better than cheese?!

and reading about cheese



Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 7.51.24 PMFulvio Bonavia photo

So grab your bag and get shopping

Feel free to leave your cheese recommendations in a comment

and if you’re ever in Santa Barbara, Please C’est Cheese !

(PS. They also have an online store)


photo of girl in cheese frock  Tim Walker

 (et merci Benedicte et Kendall! xx)

Slim Paley Daily #2


A Crusty Avocado Tart

in the gardens of “Maisons Des Reves” Dar Ahlam, Ouarzazete, Morocco

It’s Tart Tuesday!

(see what I did there?)

This was one of the most delicious dishes we ate inhaled during our entire holiday in Morocco.

The combination of melty, yet slightly grainy short crust pastry, creamy fresh avocado filling and crunchy baby lettuce & pomegranate seeds was positively dreamy.

So, Yay! Who’s your Mama?? I got the recipe and I’m sharing it with youse guys.


L1150099It took literally every ounce of will power (and the fact that I wasn’t alone) to not ask for a second tart.

L1150096Serve with some freshly toasted french bread, chilled white wine

(do not look at that Coke-it’s a mirage-we were in the desert)

and you’ll feel like you are …



Until tomorrow.


All photos Slim Paley, recipe filched from “Maison Des Reves”*

*Proper props will be proffered in an upcoming post. Promise.

Slim Paley Daily #1


Mini Monday

Welcome to the launch of “Slim Paley Daily” !

The plan is to share one fun thing a day for a week just to shake things up a bit.

Think of it as a “Friday Favourites” facelift (remember those?? Favourites, not facelifts)

As it happens, my first share is something I mentioned waaay back on Friday Favourites but never ended up doing myself…

until just recently

890A7901and boy, do I love my Moo Cards !

890A7894Half the size of regular business cards,they’re really inexpensive, easy to create and the Moo service is great.

and they’re funny, those Moo folks. Always a plus in my books.


Simply pick whatever images you wish to print, drag them to the templates on the create page and off you go.

If I can do it, YOU can do it.

They have a multitude of combinations for fonts and background colours (though they could use more font choices) and the best part? They print on both sides!  Choose a matte or glossy  finish and load up to 100 images.

YES- 100 IMAGES People!

  I picked 100 of my own photos, most of them from previous Slim posts.
890A7884and went with a matte finish because I didn’t think my card case needed any competition. Ahem.

I think I ordered 400 cards because that seemed to come out to a ridiculously good price.

FYI- you can also create regular sized business cards, stickers, and other fun stuff.


Check it out.

PPS. This mention is only with affection, not affiliation with Moo-nies.


See you tomorrow with Tuesday’s… thing.

Instagram Friday


Good Friday to you all. It’s very dark and raining heavily in Santa Barbara. Practically pea soup as I look out my window. Sunset was at 4:38pm yesterday-yuk ( I have a Sunrise/Sunset App.).I snapped this Instagram photo of the granite grey sea and sky yesterday morning. It made one want to just stay in bed with a frothy hot drink and a great book while a hearty stew simmered on the stove. I wish I could say I did just that, but I dihn’t.

77e9008038f711e2a88722000a1f90d0_7The sky the night before was a good predictor of what was coming. I’m having fun with my Instagram App.  Are you using it? Are you following moi? This is with no filters, just plain.

db1f8d0a3b1711e292a022000a1faf61_7This morning there was a brief lull in the rain so I took a walk through the garden. Look at how gorgeous the trunk of the Cork Oaks get when they’re soaked through.  I think these are such under-rated, beautiful trees.  I wonder if Oprah has any on her property :)

1c8ece443b1911e29f1422000a1fbc0e_7Still with the roses… God bless em.

825649843b2111e292eb22000a1fbd89_7-1And can you believe it’s this time of year again?!  The house is filled with the scent of drying orange slices for the Christmas tree.


It’s definitely this kind of day today. I’m staying in, staying dry & cozy and hopefully get some writing done.

Cocktail hour might even commence before 5. The weather made me do it.


PS. I took the above photo with the “Cinemagram” App.-it’s also fun, check it out.

Hey wait- did that just technically make this a “Friday Favourites” post?!!

Wishing you a wonder-filled weekend.