Bedouin & Breakfast

Slim Paley, Morocco


“I wish for all this to be marked on my body when I am dead. I believe in such cartography – to be marked by nature, not just to label ourselves on a map like the names of rich men and women on buildings. We are communal histories, communal books. We are not owned or monogamous in our taste or experience.” 
― Michael OndaatjeThe English Patient

Yes, that.

So we jumped at the opportunity to spend a sand-swept day and star-filled night in the wilds of the desert at the end our Moroccan adventure.

( it’s almost over…just 1 more post-after this one :) )

890A7354We departed from our hotel located in the outskirts of the city of Ouarzazete by helicopter

890A7365a 50 minute journey over epic scenery

L1020995which we loved…albeit ever vigilant for potential emergency landing spots (see it?!)


890A7367Incredible to see how specks of verdant green popped up occasionally

L1030005and the lengths some people will go to to ‘unplug’


rtwgdWhile it’s true that my friend and I did ever so slightly miss the presence of Ralph…

842094 4

and couldn’t help but give Omar a thought

or two…

Sand peopleThe hotel camp had us covered!

Moroccan desert tentThe tents were amazing

Glamping, Moroccan desertCrisp white sheets, hot water bottles and a private loo. You can just imagine my happiness.

Gordon's gin, Slim Paley photoMore Happiness

(P.S. Gordon’s Gin people, please feel free to contact me for the photo :-))

Slim Paley, MoroccoSlim Sandy

890A7485‘The desert could not be claimed or owned—it was a piece of cloth carried by winds, never held down by stones’

from The English Patient.

L1150138Tagine served from a huge earthenware pot


L1030076What we listened to under the canopy of a billion stars?

“Us & Them” from Dark Side of the Moon of course!

(click for mandatory listening please!)

and as I’ve learned through experience, there’s something quite magical about watching an old movie while tucked in a tent in the middle of nowhere, I brought my newest old favourite;

The Rains Came

“The Rains Came”

With no irony.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 8.14.44 PMDawn in the desert

sunrise in the desertA peacefulness one can’t describe

Moroccan desert sunrise

890A7489Strike a pose

Sunrise in the desert

Bedouins_John_Singer_SargentJohn Singer Sargent’s Bedouins

breakfast in the Moroccan desert, Slim PaleyBedouin Breakfast


a little sand kicking up??

IMG_3558 copyno problem for my ever resourceful, quick thinking friend who manages to eat breakfast, play DJ and start a new style trend at the same time.

Moroccan desert“Ralph…Ralph…We’re here for you…”


Bedouin watercolours, John SInger SargentThe John Singer Sargent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum  is on now through July 28th

Our desert sojourn was organized by Maison Des Reves


and have a splendid weekend!




In The Trenches


Carolyn Murphy

So, I’m in London and it’s lovely to be back

but it’s cold. I mean rhilly, rhilly cold.

Like there’s no chance in hell of me trotting out my new “Joseph” trench coat COLD


or asking my husband to take a photo of me for a blog post I’m writing about “cute trenches”


with Spring around the corner, it was now or never for this baby.

234468724319519004_40Q19iQY_cphoto by Signe Vilstrup

 Besides, what city in the entire world is more famous for trench coats than London?!

And I just love a good T.C., don’t you?


So does Lady Mary.

sniffle. I miss Downton already.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s” double sniffle 


Burberry Prorsum

Oh oh. lost credit.

Karlie Kloss in the trench I was really coveting this year.


Oh lovely leather & khaki trench, spectral sylph of my rain-lashed dreams, where art thou?!


I kind of really want these shoes too, but we won’t get off topic will we.

Super Styling the trench

Do you think her husband/boyfriend took the photo? Me too. 

Do you think she has those leopard flats in the pic above? Me too.


Constance Jablonski

Studdy Trench

Kate. Trench. Done.

Model of the moment Cara Delevigne in Burberry


Two Classics of Fashion & Film in one photo

The Not Trying But Really Trying Trench

Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2013

Rosie Huntington-Whatever, I mean Whiteley  in the gorgeous Burberry lace trench

Fierce Trench


Frothy Trench

48. audrey_hepburn_et_hubert_de_givenchy

Chicest Trench

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 1.29.42 PM

Bureaucratic Trench Warfare


Pop Goes the Trench

 Cheeky Trench

(Both Burberry)


and the darling teeny weeny trench I bought for my adorable God-daughter at Phillip Lim.

(A little worried Suri ??)

Tinier still, there’s even one for your iPhone  by Moschino

I know. Shut The Door!

I think we’re all kind of hoping for just a little rain now, aren’t we??  

( Vancouverites don’t all answer at once :) )


Just not in…

Humphrey Bogart


My next stop!

Alright, Marrakech, but so close. Who knows, we could end up in Casablanca-

“What in Heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?”

“My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.”

“The waters?? What waters? We’re in the desert!”


Ciao for now


PS. Don’t forget to follow @Slimpaley on Instagram where I’ll hopefully be gramming daily from all the gin joints in Morocco

and a few gardens too :)


(uncredited photos via Pinterest or Tumblr)

Countdown Abbey


Darlings-I thought the day would simply never arrive and yet all at once it is here.

The season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey tonight at 9pm est.  Will you be watching??

Certainly my husband and I will be tuning in (he loves it just as much as I do )

In honour of the occasion I’m sharing my very, very most favourite vintage dress with you.


890A5851Vintage seed pearl and rhinestone cross by Stanley Hagler

I pull this out whenever I feel I’ve plummeted too far into Ugg-ville.

890A5873Believe it or not, with the right jewellery, a belt, and a black or indigo slip beneath it becomes quite boho.

L1150043Lady Sybil would definitely approve.

Lady Sybil; “Golly, my corset’s tight. Anna, would you be an angel and loosen it a bit?”

Lady Edith; “The start of the slippery slope”


Mr. Carson and the Earl of Grantham discussing the issue of Lady Sybil wearing Uggs under her tea gowns


I can’t wait to chat.

Will you be following along on Twitter? I will-so much fun! Don’t you wish we were watching it with Martyn Bullard from M.D.D.’s?!


Oh, PS. For new readers or just in case you missed it, you might like this post;

“A Night to Remember-100 Years Later”


Red & White Stripes (Part IV?)

It could even be part V

In any case, it’s that time again!

When I drag you all along on my capricious love affair with Red & White Stripes.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 5.32.59 PM

Remember these from yesteryear?

Marc JacobsShe could be a little happier about carrying that bag, couldn’t she?

013fullscreenPerhaps the models weren’t too thrilled about their hair. Seriously. I could have done the hair for this show.

And don’t worry… your computer hasn’t developed dandruff. It’s snowing!!

I always forget about this cute WordPress feature and I’m charmed when it returns every December.

A happy little vignette

L1140587and even happier strawberry cakes at Fauchon in Paris this summer


View from a cafe in Fecamp (1904) by T.F. Simon via Bloomsbury Life

Someone got their bold on

L1140351A beautiful example of turn of the century red & white wicker at the Marches aux Puces in Paris

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013


L1140581I even found red & white striped macaroons in Paris.

Damn. You can find anything and everything in Paris.

You know what I love? The grandness of the pillars with the down-homeness of the red & white stripes & bamboo-a bold combo in its own way.

_VIE0235.450x675Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013

02-paper-straw-wreath-mdn-65136761DIY Straw wreath instructions HERE via Woman’s Day Magazine

and lastly, take just a minute to watch this beautiful video

PS. Would it be overly precocious to add a red & white striped hot air balloon to my Christmas Wish List?

Up, up and away…


Loco For Rococo

Well, just as I predicted (genius that I am) while 1/2 the country is elated this week, the other half  is deeply in need of some botox right between the eyebrows.

Sorry I can’t help you with that (Virtual Blogging Botox Party?!) but I can offer some completely over the top, nothing even vaguely tethered to reality escapism for just a couple of minutes.

If you’ve picked up  just one fashion magazine lately no doubt you’ve clocked the fierce force of ornamentation, brocade, bling, bang & baroque that assailed the runways this Fall.

Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Balmain, Alexander McQueen, and Valentino were only some of the big boys that pulled out all the stops with needlepoint and pearls.

Seriously I don’t even want to think about how much these jackets must cost (or how much they weigh for that matter…couture as exercise?)But the exquisite workmanship and beauty  cannot be denied.

Unless of course you’re a dyed in the wool “Grunge” devotee’

In which case these Celine sandals from Spring ’13  might be more up your ballroom

I admit, chances are very slim we’re going to see anyone wearing most of these, but it’s certainly Fantasy Fashion at it’s best.

Speaking of Baroque, Rococo and Fantasy…When I was in Paris a few weeks ago I saw John Malkovich in the Hotel Costes restaurant. (Well, actually one of my girlfriends spotted him-literally the first SECOND we walked in. She’s rather genius at that. She can also read a guest list upside down. In French) It took me a minute or two before my one lasik-ed eye was able to confirm that yes, indeed it was J.M.  He looked, you know, pretty good, pretty cool & pretty louche, much how you would expect John Malkovich to look holding court in a french bar at 1:00am. Afterwards, my friends had a little visit with him and said he was utterly charming. Don’t ask me why I didn’t go with them. If it had been Sawyer I would have.  Anyway (sorry-this is getting so long!) when I got home to Santa Barbara a friend called and said she was having some people over to watch “Dangerous Liaisons” and would I like to come. Would I??!

Do you remember how GOOD that film was and can you believe it was made in 1988??

Does this jog your memory?

Of course we’ve had several films with similar sensibilities since then

Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” comes to mind. It was beautiful and fun but didn’t even come close to the naughtiness and wit of “Dangerous Liaisons”

Marie Antoinette’s bedroom at Versailles

Alexander McQueen


Valentino. Magical, right? I love thistles.

Subtle Baroque by Bottega Veneta, Fall 2012

Balmain Fall 2012


I think Dolce

Dolce Fall 2012

Karlie Kloss in Dolce & Gabbana

Judith Leiber minaudière

Balmain- wow. I would just hang this on my wall and touch it every day.

Nicholas Kirkwood

and possibly my favourite coat of the season from Fendi

The moment Malkovich realizes she is completely in his  power is staggeringly good. The dude can act.

Valentino. I love the way the metal studs hip up the needlepoint, don’t you?

This has to be a Tim Walker photo, right?

He loves those boots

Happy Day to you and give yourself a treat and watch “Dangerous Liasons” again.


(any uncredited images via Tumblr or Google, Kate Blanchett in first Vogue image)