Yoga, Byron and Simon on Kona

Kona, Hawaii..

Sun sets over the beach last night at Hualalai


King Pigeon Pose that I hope to be mastering soon 🙂

.So… I’ve been to yoga class, in some form or other, every day since we arrived in Hawaii and a few things have occurred to me while my mind was meant to be clear.  Truth be told, I never think more than when I’m supposed to be thought-free, but that’s another  post isn’t it?  At home I practice yoga in a room devoid of mirrors. That’s a good thing, I’ve decided. It helps to keep my mind free instead of worrying about my form and how much my chest wrinkles when I’m upside down. Lord. Let’s just say it’s also a good thing I didn’t pursue that career in Cirque du Soleil.  Which brings me to the entrepreneurial idea I hatched in class today…Turtleneck yoga outfits.  What do you think-am I on to something??


Slim Paley photo                     Hawaiian flowers (photo not enhanced )

This is what I wish I’d been thinking about in yoga class.

I’m also not used to doing yoga with strangers.  It’s amazing how much one person in a class can utterly put you off.  This morning there was a man that bore a striking resemblance to Simon, the Brooklyn husband on Housewives of NY.  Perversely, I couldn’t shrug off the notion that he actually was Simon, right beside me here in Hawaii…achieving far better Warrior poses than mine and ruminating over which mini Speedo he’d sport apres class.  It ruined my whole Chakra, Man.

Simon from Brooklyn

Sadly, What I was thinking about in yoga class



Meanwhile, back at the beach, I finished Byron in Love completely horrified.  And I didn’t come without my bags packed-I read Benita Eisler’s Byron; Child of Passion, Fool of Fame several years ago.  But unless my memory fails me-which is more than entirely possible, Eisler either soft pedaled the whole “sister-wife-incest-triangle- thing” or I was simply another of the endless legions of both sexes that preferred not to see past the legendary beauty of Byron, both in face and word, to the truly cruel and damaged person that he was. How did I not remember that he was born with a severely deformed club foot?  Such an ironic twist of fate for an otherwise perfect physical specimen. One can’t help but wonder if he wouldn’t have been a far more decent person if he could have traded a little genius and beauty for a normal foot.  But ah…The Fates…few poets ever wrote about them as beautifully as Byron.

This poem, in which he laments the loss of his physical powers to draw those he loves to him,  was written on his 36th birthday. He died less than a year later.

(Apologies for the whiplash of including photos of Simon and Byron on the same post 🙂 )

‘Tis time this heart should be unmoved,

Since others it has ceased to move;

Yet, though I cannot be beloved,

Still let me love!

The fire that on my bosom preys

Is lone as some volcanic isle;

No torch is kindled at its blaze-

A funeral pile.



Slim Paley photo

Hualalai Beach


One last thought I had during Shivasana-I could live in a tropical place in a New York minute…

Couldn’t you??

Tomorrow-a 7:00am hike down to a waterfall




  1. That last photo is amazing! Makes me want to jump on a plane and fly there! And totally agree that having a “Simon” in a yoga class would be very distracting and not in a good way.

  2. Turtlenecks? Hmm…, I don’t know, I kind of like the outfit Mr. King Pigeon is wearing. Enjoy your waterfall hike, sounds fun!

  3. You made me laugh today. Ewww…Simon. Next to me. In YOGA class. I would not be able to concentrate either. Maybe you can scope the room out next time before hand to see if he shows up before deciding to take the class. The rest of the photos are beautiful. And Lord Byron is one of my faves, and yes, he was dreamy. [club foot and all]

  4. Your post keelt me! I never ‘thought’ more than in yoga class – mostly about what I was going to have for dinner as soon as I got home. You obviously shot the picture of that Simon fellow with a telephoto – thank you for that. Any closer would have been painful.

  5. I think you are on to something with the turtleneck yoga shirt. I spend my entire class worried about what others are thinking about me, is my shirt up, am I doing the pose right, why am I sweating so much, is anybody else, should I be thinking this much and on and on. As you can see my yoga brain isn’t there yet.

  6. Mmmmm …. the Four Seasons Kona. I grew up vacationing on Kona and I think I NEED to stay there someday.

    I hate doing yoga in front of people, too. I always do it at home ( and when people ask me where I do yoga, I’m like, “uh, I don’t go to classes.”

  7. All that’s needed in the first photo is a chilled glass of something tropical, fruity and alcoholic! What is it with Hawaii this week? You’re there and two of my neighbors are there, also! (And we live on the East Coast) Wishing you Simon-free yoga classes the rest of your week!

  8. That chair in the first picture looks like it was reserved for me. Would love to be there.

    Hualalai Beach looks marvellous.

    Enjoy your time there.

  9. OMG that dude looks EXACTLY like Simon. That is truly hilarious. I love that you took a picture of him without him knowing. You are a Slim-erazzi. lol.

    • Sorry to mislead you L.E.- That IS actually Simon in a photo from one of the episodes.
      Although something tells me “Yoga Simon”‘s beach attire would be just like “Brooklyn Simon”‘s.
      Too small, too tight.

  10. Do your boys realize that Megan Fox is staying at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai right now? ….well you might want to tell them

    • Well, ya, but she just got married here yesterday so somehow I don’t think they’re in there with much of a chance!

  11. First off really lovely pic of flowers( as always)
    love doing yoga in Hawaii, but don’t like doing it with a group of strangers either
    Other exercise is okay in groups, but yoga needs focus you can’t be seeing slimy
    Mirages around every corner without slipping a disc or falling out of Tree pose

  12. Oh wait I had no idea about Byron either now I must have the book
    Did you download or have a book????

  13. Simply stunning. You were born to write for sure. Your photos are nothing less than brilliant.Thanks for sharing it all with us , oh yes sense of humor is Crazy , in a great way. Enjoy the rest of your week . Until next time ox

  14. Where does your mind wander while reading Slim Paley? Never mind the yoga! One thought at a time? Never! I’ll tell you what I was thinking while drinking in the beauty you have captured with your camera….. our President has spent significant time in that unbearably beautiful place in the middle of the sea. He knows and feels and understands all that water and what it sustains. Can’t he DO something!!!! Someone PLEASE – stop that oil!

  15. Very entertaining post, albeit a bit jarring discordant in the combination of subjects it somehow felt oddly familiar to the ponderings of my own mind. Going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks myself and hoping for entertainment to match yours. Beautiful photos.



  16. A gentle FYI about the “orange blossomed” trees – they are the flamboyant Royal Poinciana (Delonix Regia) with beautiful feather, fern-like leaves. The blooms are spectacular! Blessed are we to have a 30 ft. specimen to the side of our front yard which is profusely putting on a show for us. Below the tree, the petals are scattered over the lawn like confetti. It’s elegant canopy is like a wide-spread umbrella of shade – all the while soft blossoms falling with the breeze. Just wanted to share with you. Loved your photos.

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