Wild Beauty

Africa game reserve Slim PaleySlim Paley photo

While it would be a bit of a stretch to say that “Sauvage” is having a Moment right now (being that its popularity never seems to wane)

Sauvage IS Having a Moment.

leopard print interiorThere. Said it.

black & BrownFrom runway to residence

Sauvagevia French Essence

We just can’t seem to resist The Call of the Wild.

Peter Beard diaries

 Taschen is even re-issuing Peter Beard’s classic collection of his collaged African diaries, originally published in 2006

Peter Beard book

According to Tashchen, the original is now selling for $1,900 (score!)

The new edition will be priced at a more reasonable $69.99

peter beard

A Life in Full


Searching for your Peter Beard?

A python print outfit, sunglasses, a lean-to and a little bit of luck…what else does a girl really need?

Snakeskinvia Tumblr

alfredo-paredes-brad-goldfarb-new-york-apartment-07-study-lgvia Architectural Digest

A chic and cozy blend of earthy tones and textures combine to create this great sauvagey corner


Croc-embossed leather hot off the presses on Tom Ford’s runway this week

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 8.29.39 AM

Burberry Prorsum

From manicures (I’ll pass on the leopard nails) down to our little hooves,

the lion’s not sleeping tonight 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 5.14.48 PM

 Burberry Prorsum Men Fall 2013

givenchy-rtw-fw2013-accessories-07_150458981888Givenchy Fall 2013


Even faux fur is looking awfully convincing these days

I bought the cutest fur vest-no one would ever guess is faux. Except I’ve told everyone. Which is always my issue with faux. I get so excited when it’s done well I end up pointing out to anyone within earshot that it’s fake. Good idea with fur. Not so good with floors & wall treatments.

Kendall Conrad

From Kendall Conrad‘s newest collection, this printed calfskin wrist wrap

African beads Slim PaleySlim Paley African beads


Geometric Sauvage


Erdem Spring 2014

tribal rugCan’t beat the tribal rug for connecting to your wilder shores.

girl with catOr, you know, casually strolling with a wild animal. In chiffon.

burberry-prorsum-rtw-fw2013-details-010_170956347139Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

burberry-prorsum-rtw-fw2013-details-022_171006381523Burberry RTW Fall 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 8.14.19 AMDiane Von Furstenberg Spring 2014

018c2f2a1cd826a48b222d1d828beb2bmore glamping on the wild side

Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne. This year’s Wild Child.

Zebra print wallpaperA sauvage statement in black & white


Burberry’s Ladies Who Lunch Gone Wild

street fashion zebra print pants

Wish I could find these zebra print pants. I’d live in them.



Kendall Conrad‘s new “Siberian Tiger” Pacha bag. Sigh.

zebra rug

A cool interpretation of Sauvage at home.

Karlie Kloss

6 and a half feet of Zebra. Karlie Kloss at Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2014


Tom Ford Spring 2014

Beautiful makeup too.


Christian Louboutin

I know I’ll be dusting off my “vintage” zebra print Marni coat, and happily carrying my newish leopard print laptop case.

See you in the main tent for cocktails!

(FYI; Peter doesn’t like it if you’re late-you’ll miss the sunset :-))

xox SP


*Please note: The Kendall Conrad items are custom, handprinted, ethically raised calf skins from Italy.


  1. Oh my! I have been oooing and AHHHHing through this entire post! I love animal prints, try to have a touch in most rooms. Just a TOUCH. I also wear it in clothes, boots and jewelry. LOVE.

  2. Well, tickle me leopard, you could have made this post for just little me save that I am not quite that self-centered, mais non. Buuut. But. For me, all that you are talking about here is not fashion, it is a staple, just like a good red lipstick (and isn’t it funny how many of us that love well done animal prints also have a thing for a swash of red on the lips?!?). I did love your interpretation and updates. Your eye…well, maybe they need to make a new post for you at the Smithsonian in the “tracking contemporary” division?
    PS. One day when I was feeling veerrrrry cheeky while I was walking in Soho (NYC), I said to a just impeccably dressed, incredibly handsome gent, “Love your suit.” He did a double take to see who dared because it was Peter Beard…

  3. Great post, Slim. I met Peter Beard once at a book signing. He was quite a character! BTW, who designed the bag and shoes that Cara Delevigne is wearing?

  4. Sauvage as in Eau de..still my favourite

    As always some great images ..however my initial thought when perusing the TF show and seeing the first couple of designs was that some armadillos had arrived… oh well he wanted savage or did he?

  5. I wish I didn’t wear out, (yup! I actually wore them down to nothin’) rip and, probably if they were still around, OUTGROW, my leopard corduroy slim fit 1950’s Lucy Ricardo-style pants I bought in the village at a vintage store in the early ’80s when I lived and roamed the streets like a wild animal!! I often thought I should have taken them to a pattern maker and stocked up. They were so cool and fit better than any couture pair of pants I’ve owned since. Thankfully I haven’t given up on buying anything leopard since….or zebra….but I hate snakes! You couldn’t pay me enough to pose with a boa wrapped around my neck!!
    Have a great weekend, SP!

  6. The snake thing…eeeeeeeeek! Love the update, though! Packing for a ladies rally in Italy and have made a few sauvage clothing changes thanks to this post. You keep me up to speed, SP. Thank you. Loved it except for the creature (snake)

    • How funny! I love snakes! (not as pets……I just love them as accessories!) The most terrified I have ever seen my husband is when the little boy across the street had a boa constrictor!

      Whenever they had a party……I would just wrap that snake around my neck…….(I have kind of a long neck); and snakes kind of fit like a choker (but being well fed; it didn’t choke! just posed beautifully!)

      it’s head with the tongue shooting out was right to the left of my chin! Fantastick! Too bad no iphone cameras! Sheesh! It would have gone viral on you tube!

      My husband was petrified! Completely!! He went to the farthest away place!

      It is the only thing in 37 years……that I have ever seen scare him!



      ps I wrote a long comment about Peter Beard…….I wasn’t signed in to Word press….will rewrite. GRRR!

  7. Oh yeah, love this one: the photos are fabulous and your comments are … perfect. (I play a game where I look at your photo and try to guess what you might say before I scroll down: you always surprise me!) So much fun. Thank you.

  8. I have had a love affair with all things animal print for quite some time now.
    Every time I think …really.. you have to give it a rest, I will see and read something like your post, so glam, and know it cannot be. Loved it!

  9. Love this post! Love sauvage! Love that I have kept all my animal prints because , as someone above wrote, they are “staples” like a good red lipstick.

  10. Oh Slim adored this! So many gorgeous things here. Love Peter Beard.
    I just got a zebra sweatshirt from H&M! It’s my new favorite thing.

  11. What a AMAZING post:) your blog Is so beautiful and Im now following on pinterest..hope you follow back.

    Check my blog…with stylish Swedish fireplaces:)

    Have a great Sunday dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor 🙂

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